Theodor Geisel

by Adriana

Dr. Seuss is a hero for writing over fourty-four picture books and being an awesome author. He went through tough times and happy times. He is a kind and determined man who devoted his time to write these books. Dr. Seuss achieved his goal of becoming a great author. He had an interesting life.

Theodor Seuss Geisle -a.k.a- Dr. Seuss was born in the year 1904 and died in the year 1991. In his lifetime he wrote over fourty-four books that have been translated into more than fifteen languages. These books have interested children to start reading all around the world. Before Theodor started to write he lived with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Seuss Geisle, his older sister Marnie and his younger sister Henrietta in Springfield, Massachusetts. Later, Theodor married his first wife Helen Palmer who he met in college. After her death in 1967, Theodor married his second wife Audrey Stone who he met in Hollywood. Theodor Seuss Geisle had an interesting childhood.

Theodor Seuss Geisle went through many challenging obstacles in his lifetime. Some were devastating deaths and some were horrible wars. In Theodor’s childhood, his eighteen-month-old sister Henrietta caught pneumonia and died shortly. When he was older in the 1950’s, his mother died. In the year 1967, his first wife Helen Palmer also had died from a disease. After Theodor’s first wife died, World War Two began and in that war Theodor’s grandfather died aswell. In the 1970’s,Theodor received the news that he had throat cancer and died on September 24,1991. Theodor Seuss Geisle fared devastating obstacles in his life.

Three character traits that would describe Dr. Seuss are determination, kindness and creativity. One reason why Dr. Seuss has determination as one of his character traits is because he never gave up writing his books, even during the most difficult times in his life. Also some of the people that he thought would support him didn’t believe that he would get any of his books published, yet he persevered. During Dr. Seuss’s life he wanted never to disappoint anyone, especially his father because he always wanted him to be happy. That is one reason why Dr. Seuss has kindness as one of his character traits. Dr. Seuss is of the most creative author. He wrote and illustrated his own books and came up with the funniest rhymes ever. Dr. Seuss is creative, kind and determined to write his books. Dr Seuss Geisle contributed many things. For example, he dedicated his time and effort to write over fourty-four books. Also he contributed his love for writing and drawing to make these books the most enjoyable to read. He also contributed most of his lifetime to finish his books so that children can read and enjoy them. Dr. Seuss is a hard workingman.

In conclusion, Dr. Seuss Geisle went through happy times and tough times. He contributed many things and had a memorable lifetime. He wrote over fourty-four books and accomplished his goal of becoming a great author. Dr. Seuss is a hero!

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