George Washington

by Luke
from Pinehurst Elementary School

What president helped to write the U.S.Constitution? My hero! What president served as the first president of our country? My hero!

George Washington is my hero because he is known as the father of our country. He was one of the most important leaders in the history of the United States. He created the U.S. Army that fought and won the Revolutionary War. If it weren't for George Washington's leadership,the colonies wouldn't have gained their independence from England.

George Washington played an important role in the writing of the the United States Constitution. Even though, he had retired to his plantation and had no desire to attend the Convention, he went because his support was needed to get the people to accept a new and stronger form of government. At the Constitutional Convention, George Washington was elected and served as the president.

He is also known as the Father of our country because he was the first president. While serving as president the first time, many important world events took place. Washington signed the bill that provided money to run the goverment by placing taxes on imports, plans were approved for the U.S.Capitol, the Bill of Rights were added to the U.S. Constitution and Congress created a national mint.

My hero has been honored in many different ways because George Washington has contributed a lot to our country. He will always be remembered as the "Father of our Country".

Written by Luke, Pinehurst Elementary School,third grade student, Pinehurst, North Carolina

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