Amy Gierman

by Alexis Reinert

"All children are champions." - Reggio Emilio

My hero is Miss Amy Gierman. Miss Gierman’s birthday is October 22. Miss Gierman is my computer and art teacher. She is smart, funny, has hope, and has patience, which is a good quality to have because she loves to teach.

Miss Gierman currently lives in Vassar, Michigan with her parents until she gets married in October of 2005. Then she will move in with her high school sweetheart of 8 years, Chad. Miss Gierman then will be called Mrs. Baldwin.

Miss Gierman has had many childhood dreams as all children do. Her career dreams were becoming a dancer, photographer, pediatrician, and the one she fulfilled the most is becoming a teacher. Miss Gierman has also had dreams of having a loving husband, a strong family, and living a happy and healthy life.

Miss Gierman has pursued her dreams by going to Alma College and becoming a teacher. She has taught many classes including pre-K in Millington, preschool in Frankenmuth, kindergarten in Saginaw and Alma, 1st grade in Ithaca and Alma, and 6th grade in Alma. Her favorite grades to teach are the ones right here at St. Paul. We give her a challenge.

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I hope you enjoy this essay about my wonderful teacher who does so much.