Essays on the Theme of Heroism

John Glenn and Allen Diefendorf

by Laura from Mill Valley

I think a hero is someone who is committed to what they believe in, who is brave, and has ideas that will change our lives to make it better. A hero doesn’t have to be someone famous. In fact, most heroes are everyday, ordinary people.

Allen Diefendorf was my great Uncle. He was a hero to me because he had courage and strength. He is an unsung hero. He was in the US Air Force and was a fighter pilot. He was patriotic and devoted to his country. He received an Air Medal with 5 Clusters. He also got a Bronze Star Medal for fighting in the Vietnam War. When he retired he became a school bus driver.

John Glenn is a hero to me because he risked his life for his country several times. He first was a test pilot and later an astronaut. He had a Air Medal with 18 Clusters. He was the first American astronaut to orbit the earth in space. He is very courageous. In fact, he is going on the Space Shuttle and at 76 years old, he will be the oldest astronaut. John Glenn was not only a pilot but also a politician when he retired. He was the US Senator from Ohio.

These two patriots had many achievements as heroes. I would categorize them both under courage, goodness, and bravery. They were committed to their country. They both received medals and awards for the hundreds of combat missions in World War II. They are two different heroes, one is famous, and the other is not. That just proves that anyone can be a heroes.

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