Literary Heroes


by Anthony from Farmersville

I choose Godzilla as my hero. I choose him as my hero because he never gave up on the human race. He is brave and courageous, he risked his life for everyone. Even though people tried to kill him he never stopped protecting them.

Godzilla is a giant mutated lizard. He became that way through bomb tests in the 1940's. My hero lives in the ocean and travels the world. He travels the world peacefully and no one knows where he is or when he will show his face again.

My hero lived from the 1940's to the present. No matter how hard they tried they could not kill the beast they had created. My hero made a difference because he proved that just because you look some way doesn't mean you are like that. Even though they tried to kill him he never stopped trying to protect them from mutated monsters.

My hero is a hero to others near and far. He travels the world protecting everyone. He fought mutated monsters to save civilization. My hero will put his life in-front of others he would die before he let millions of people die.

No matter how much they hated him he never stopped protecting them. Even though they tried to kill him he still fought with them against the monsters that threatened the human race. He fears nothing and will keep going until he physically cannot go on. These are only a few reasons i choose Godzilla as my hero.

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