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by Alexander from Springfield

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My Hero (

Hi my name is Alex and I would like to share with you my hero. His/Her name is Green Lantern and he is everything that shows us he is worthy of being called a hero. The first quality he/she has is being courageous because every day he/she goes out into the world risking his life. Also, while in the heat of battle fighting his/her enemies. Then, another quality is that he/she knows when to ask for help. This is an easy identifiable human trait. Finally, with the help of his/her local superheroes he's ok and saves the day.


Green Lantern I feel is the best super hero because of his/her abilities. His abilities include flight,being able to lift any tangible object, teleport, read minds, walk through walls, turn invisible, generate plasma bolts, and create force fields. Now you may be thinking I didn't know that but believe me I haven't even tapped into the abilities. Also, Green Lantern can be a girl too because it just depends who obtained the power ring. The power ring is GL's source of power, pretty obvious. 2 famous GL's are Kyle Rayner and Jade, Kyle is a boy and Jade is a girl. So, you see Green Lantern is a pretty sweet hero. Bet you didn't know this stuff!

The first Green Lantern was Alan Scott whose power came through magical properties, but it is with subsequent Green Lanterns that most people are familiar with. These Green Lanterns originate from a distant planet named Oa. On this planet is a race of beings known as the Guardians of the Universe. A highly intelligent and powerful race, these creatures wanted to help bring order and justice to the universe.To do so, they created an energy source known as the Central Battery, an energy source comprised solely of willpower alone. The Guardians also created a device called a Power Ring, which could tap into the power of the Central Battery if the user had sufficient willpower. The wielders of these Power Rings were champions of the universe and were to protect and help those in need. The most noted of the Green Lanterns was Hal Jordan. Hal was the greatest of the Green Lanterns, but was also the one responsible with destroying the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps as we know it. After draining the Central Batter to get enough power to bring back millions from the dead, Parallax entered Hal and they emerged as Parallax.The Corp was decimated and with only one Guardian left, Ganthet, the Guardians appeared to be on the brink of extinction. Ganthet traveled to Earth and had to quickly find a replacement Green Lantern with the last known Power Ring. This fell upon Kyle Rayner, freelance artist, to do the job. John Stewart, an architect was later chosen as a backup for Kyle.


Relating to the book The Hero's Trail by T.A. Barron, Green Lantern was a hero to others near and far because of his special powers to help others in need. Also, he is a hero to others close and far away because on a daily basis he gives up his life for others so they will have a safe life. My hero fits this definition perfectly, specifically when Alan Scott faced Pallatrax and that was in outer space. Now that's far away! Another reason he fits the bill is because GL fought off Sinistro when he was destroying GL's own Coast City. With these reasons I say that Green Lantern was a hero to others near and far away.

Throughout existence Green Lantern has been mocked and insulted. In my opinion he is the most underrated superhero of them all. Just think about what would happen to the world if Green Lantern wasn't there to stop evil; the world would diminish into nothing. Ha, I want to see what you think about him then. Also, Green Lantern has survived through the 1940's to the present; if he wasn't a true hero he would be dead. In conclusion, I hereby state that Green Lantern is a true hero!

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