Who is your Hero?

Tate C. - 4/30/2019 12:58:56 PM
My hero is: Alsiha E.. My hero is my mom Alisha. She has always been there for my and that is only one of the many reasons she is my hero. She has worked hard her whole life even when she had me she work twice as hard. She has also cared for me my whole life like when I would fall she would help me. And she has always motivated me when I'd fall off my bike she would say " Get up and try again." and that is way she is my hero.

Makena K - 4/30/2019 12:58:45 PM
My hero is: Brad K.. My hero is strong. Not only strong but tough lover. I chose my dad because he is honest. He reminded me that when saying thank you, you have to look them in the eye, to truly show you mean it. My dad has showed me, to have fun you have to work for it. He will spend nights in the field to keep the cabin in the lakes. So in the summer we can spend time there. And have our fun. Brad is also a great story teller. When he comes home from someplace. He will come back with a story. On of my favorites is when, it was to wet in the fields and his tractors were stuck. He came back with pictures. They were crazy cool. My dad has many characteristics. And I love him for it.

Syerah V.M - 4/30/2019 12:58:24 PM
My hero is: My Mom. My mom is my hero because she is very supportive and she is nice to me, she respects me, and she also is there when I need!

Tracy J
MOC-Floyd Valley
Brayan C - 4/30/2019 12:57:23 PM
My hero is: Mrs. J. My hero is very smart. She is an English teacher also known as Mrs. J. She is always in a good. It is a good thing that she is always in a happy mood. She is also very competitive. I am also competitive. She is a very good and happy person in general

carter - 4/30/2019 12:57:18 PM
My hero is: Grandpa ed. He is 72 and was in the army for many years of his life, but unfortunately his brother died in war while in the military. After he the army he meet the love of his wife, Nattily Brummel. Now 20 plus years later they live in Sioux Center living a good life.

Sarah M. - 4/30/2019 12:56:51 PM
My hero is: Sam M.. Sam has showed kindness, honesty, responsibility, generosity, and many more wonderful character traits. He has been a really amazing role model to me and many others. While he might not notice the many things he does great, people that surround him in his life do. He is not flawless however. He makes many mistakes, but when he makes mistakes, he takes the time to fix those mistakes and make it right. Sam is not perfect, but he is a wonderful hero.

Irving R. - 4/30/2019 12:56:02 PM
My hero is: Erika I.. Great

Eden K. - 4/30/2019 12:56:00 PM
My hero is: Craig B.. My hero is my grandpa. My grandpa is my hero bacasue he get through everythong some how he is open and wilol do anything he can to help you . He is restrited a little bit for the fact that he is in the wheel chair and also has a feeding tub, venalater, and also he has a trake. He was also dignost with kennedys disease. He was in the hostpital for like a year soild and got through it he is a open honest person.

Dominic schmitz - 4/30/2019 12:55:18 PM
My hero is: Tonya S. She is kind and generous and loving and provides for the family

Alyssa M. - 4/30/2019 12:53:19 PM
My hero is: Karen M.. My grandma, Karen, is my hero because of all the things she does for me, my family, and other people. She brings us food even thought we don't kneed it. She bakes food for strangers and my family. She does many more thing that are hero like, but those are a few of them.

Ava M. - 4/30/2019 12:53:13 PM
My hero is: Josh M.. My hero is my dad and right now we are all having some tough times. My dad was diagnosed with cancer not to long ago and just had his surgery. He's doing much better but I chose him as my hero because he cares for me like no other! He has helped me, cared for me, been motivation and encouraging to me and others! He is the best dad I could ever ask for!

Hunter B. from Orange City, Iowa/ Christian, U.S.A. - 4/30/2019 12:53:02 PM
My hero is: Penny B.. My hero is my mom. She is a single mom. She works a lot of hours every week. My mom week after week makes sure that I respect everybody how I want to be respected. She makes sure that I am always asking help from God to make sure I am keeping a healthy relationship with him.

Jackson Feenstra - 4/30/2019 12:52:46 PM
My hero is: My mom/ Stephanie Feenstra. She is very nice and very giving. She works very hard and does good things for other people.

Irving R. from Orange City, Iowa, Unites States Of America - 4/30/2019 12:52:13 PM
My hero is: My mom. Great

Caroline Benjamin - 4/8/2019 11:31:55 AM
My hero is: Ellen DeGeneres. Despite her fame and fortune, Ellen still remains down-to-earth. I admire her for advocating for animal rights, being true to herself, and giving back to others.

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Samiran Roy Chowdhury from Kolkata, West Bengal, India - 3/19/2019 8:51:03 AM
My hero is: My hero Cristiyano Ronaldo . Sir you arè my favourite

Army Strong Captain
Telah Sprinkle from East Spencer, North Carolina, United States - 3/9/2019 1:26:57 AM
My hero is: Firefighter/Soldier Matt Hildebrant . This man is from a small town in North Carolina called Concord. He is the Captain at East Spencer Fire Dept. On Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 3rd, 2019, this man became not only my hero bt a hero to my family as well. Around 12 pm I called 911 reporting that my son, who had severe medical conditions, was having trouble breathing. As I was suctioning his mouth and nose there were large amounts of blood, is oxygen level had hit as low as 27%. My son had lived for 21 months with these medical issues so I knew the procedures to take in a time like this until help arrived. He was requiring A LOT of breathing support. Within 15min, maybe not even that, of my call to 911 this man opens my door and yells "East Spencer Fire Department". I quickly motioned for him to head upstairs where I had my son laying flat on a small pillow. I began to tell him Dawson's medical history, list of medications, and the key events Dawson has or has had prior. As he takes his vitals he takes note on everything very attentively. This was the first time this particular Depart. had been to one of our calls because we had just moved into the area the week before. The EMS workers came in we rushed to the ambulance and to the nearest Hospital to stabilized and airlifted to the Hospital we were more familiar with, Levine Children's Hospital of Charlotte. After a 2-day fight in PICU, on Feb. 5th, my son lost his battle. That Friday, the day before my sons funeral I took 3 white roses to the Dept. as thanks and to invite them to his services the next day, which he and his partner both attended. This Captain and his crew have made a huge impact on our family, as he has dealt with similar issues in his own life as well. He has also been an open ear and gave tips on how to deal with PTSD. This Captain will forever hold a spot in my heart as he responded to my son's "Last Call".

CarrieOa from Buffalo, US, US - 2/13/2019 3:20:34 AM
My hero is: CarrieOa.

Carrie Underwood is my favourite US singer. She is young, beautiful and charming female in her 30s. Her strong voice takes me away from all issues of this world so I can enjoy my life and listen songs created by her mind.
Ms. Nevreanschi's hardworkers from Rujnitsa village, Ocnitsa district, Moldova - 1/10/2019 7:01:37 AM
My hero is: Ion Lazarenco Tiron.

A man from a small country made enormous effort in the name of peace. The person who I admire is a wonderful man who of course did something special, difficult and may be impossible for some of us. I heard about this great personality on the radio, about Ion Lazarenco Tiron. He was not a professional swimmer, he taught himself using the You tube, he didn’t have a trainer and had the smallest support team and budget, but in spite of them, he swam the seven most dangerous straits on the globe in the first attempt due to his power of mind. Ion Lazarenco Tiron was born on January 22-nd, 1978 in Braviceni, Orhei district, Republic of Moldova, living in his country he liked to swim in laces and rivers but was never dedicated to this kind of sport. In 1997 he moved to Ireland and worked as a bus drive, for 20 years he has been living there with his wife and two children. In 2011 being inspired by Nejib Belhedi, who swam the entire 1,400km of Tunisia’s coastline to build bridges of peace not only in Tunisia but in conflict zones around the world, likewise Tiron decided to swim the Dniester River to unite people in good and bad times. Another motivating factor for Ion was to raise money for orphans and children with disabilities in Moldova. It made Ion to pass the challenges, but for this he worked very hard, first off all to train himself he swam the ice mile in the Wicklow Mountains, after that he decided to swim across the Strait of Gibraltar, completing it in four hours and 41 minutes, English Channel in 13 hours and 34 minutes, the third swim in the challenge, making the journey across the North Channel between Northern Ireland and Scotland in 16 hours and 23 minutes. It was one of the most difficult of the Ocean’s Seven because of freezing water, unpredictable weather and Lion’s mane jellyfish. Next he swam from San Pedro in Los Angeles to Santa Catalina Island at midnight. In October 2016, Tiron swam the Molokai channel in Hawaii in 18 hours and 11 minutes. During the fifth swim, he tackled 25m waves, big swells and sharks while being stung by man o’ war jellyfish. In 2017, Ion took on the Tsugaru Strait before facing the final swim across the Cook Strait between the North and South Islands of New Zealand. In 2018, he completed the entire Oceans Seven challenge. He is the first person who have completed the challenge from Moldova, the second from Ireland and the eighth in the world. He is a brave person and a very kind one, because he donates a lot of things: clothes, shoes, toys and appliances for poor, disadvantaged children and elders. This fact captured and surprised me because there are a lot of people in all countries in the world who have much more money, but they think only about themselves, unfortunately… Ion Lazarenco Tiron is not the same, he is not very rich, so he took a credit to build a football field for children from his native village to awake their passion for sport. He is the person who keeps his promises, when he was swimming the seven most dangerous channels he promised that he’ll visit the most saint, Athos mountain, and he did it. He changes himself, his mind, his feelings, he was amazed of the fact that people don’t need a lot of things to be happy like the monks on the mountain, they don’t need a lot of food, they live with their faith and he tries to do the same. Ion Lazarenco Tiron is a great personality, a good example and a big inspiration for me and perhaps for others too.

Just a fan from Massena, Ny, USA - 1/6/2019 9:21:37 PM
My hero is: Stanley M. Lieber.. Mr. Lee has always been my mentor. I grew up in very hard time. From verbal to physical abuse. When I could I always read a comic. Being the first time or 100th time, they still got me through a rough day. I'm hoping that Mr Lee's idea for teachers and entainers takes off. That would be great. I hope that this generation of children get to know of Stan Lee's writing and more. To know he is one of the greatest writers there were.

EJdaf from Buffalo, US, US - 12/31/2018 1:52:35 PM
My hero is: EJdaf.

Elton John is my favourite piano musician of all time. 

Travis(L) with son, TJ Christmas, 2017
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Jan Hardy from Billings, Montana, United States - 12/25/2018 12:31:29 PM
My hero is: Travis Iverson.

Travis is a hemiplegic who owns and maintains his own home. He works almost 20 hrs/wk at a hardware store and is raising 2 sons on his own. He drives himself wherever he needs to go, as well as takes his boys wherever they need to be. He uses a manual wheelchair, so he can put it in his car after he transfers to the drivers seat. He has a service dog, Bruno, who is the light of his family's life.

Rebecca Sharpshair from MARSHALLTOWN, IA, - 11/28/2018 7:12:54 AM
My hero is: Jaret Hucks, who owns the Mid Town Motel in Myrtle Beach S. Carolina..

He, with the help of many people, has done awesome things. He took in evacuated families after Hurricane Florence. Please check it out.

Yuri Dawn from Tokyo, Japan - 11/27/2018 7:46:32 AM
My hero is: Caroline Dare.

Caroline Dare is my friend and inspiration for writing. She is a YouTuber and singer, with two EPs out. Her EPs are called "Me" and "Take It Or Leave It". She wrote a song called "Waterfall", and that's one of the songs that has saved me.

Logan Brenton from Nainimo, British Columbia, Canada - 11/22/2018 1:08:24 PM
My hero is: Kaden my friend. HE helped me when I needed help and lost my swimming stuff we were there for half an hour. But he stayed with me.

Jeanne - 11/17/2018 8:42:48 AM
My hero is: Karen pritzker . She has been supporting the work of MY HERO and helped mentor and give voice to so many unsung heroes through this project.

Jaye from tiburon, California, usa - 11/13/2018 2:56:42 PM
My hero is: Molly Burke. Molly Burke is my hero because she has been through a lot and has managed to take this and turn it to teaching younger people. Molly Burke went blind slowly, she first really noticed at around four years old. She was in her friends house and her friend was in the shower so her mom was doing her hair. She was done and waiting to see it this was a dim room and she could not see anything sadly she never saw it and she gave up she said she could see the braid but upsetingly she could not see a thing. So it started as a i cant see in the dim light and turned into the i cant see if you want more let me know at this nuber 4153568775 thank you watch her on youtube shes the best

joe from china, china, china - 11/13/2018 2:53:03 PM
My hero is: my mom. is your mom

Jane playing with the chimps
various websites
Jackson Slaughter from SF, California , USA - 11/13/2018 2:31:03 PM
My hero is: jane goodall . she helped prevent animal cruelty by showing people chimps deserve better and to stop littering other animals can live more freely

Bobby Wasabi from Chicago, Illinos, United States - 11/13/2018 2:27:04 PM
My hero is: Kyle Redford. This hero is a fifth grade teacher. She is very excited and ready to teach her students every morning. She is a hero because she showed us her students websites like this and many more. Thank you for always being happy and cheerful.

Jeanne Meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 11/8/2018 9:26:18 AM
My hero is: Malala. She is a powerful advocate for the rights of all girls to access a quality education.

jaelynn from bellevue , ne, ne - 11/2/2018 9:23:18 AM
My hero is: Mahatma Gandhi. He jsut means a lot to me and my family

Mr. Meir Moza
Mr. Meir Moza
Afsaneh J. from New York, United States - 10/22/2018 3:05:21 PM
My hero is: Meir Moza. Meir Moza has taken on several cases of mine and has been extremely helpful to me during the most difficult time of my entire life. He has literally been there for me 24/7 anytime of the day or night, and that is the most comforting feeling. He cares very much about his clients like they are his family. He is a wonderful person and human being. He has helped so many people and we all love him for it. Thank you so much Mr. Moza. You are a Blessing to so many people!

martin morrow from morphettvale, South Australia, Australia - 10/13/2018 6:34:35 AM
My hero is: my two sons. my eldest son has taught me to persevere in adversity,my youngest son taught me to be patient with everyone. I don't always succeed in my endevours in persevering and having patience but i do my best most times.

Courtesy of Agoto
Agoto from Lome, Lome, Togo - 10/6/2018 9:15:35 AM
My hero is: My dad. He tought me everything. He was of the kind you don't see anymore today. He inspired me and tought me how to keep moving even when the challenge looks impossible to overcome.

Mzeziti crecencia Mwanza
Courtesy of Crecencia
Mzeziti crecencia Mwanza from Zambia - 10/5/2018 9:44:43 AM
My hero is: Chimamanda. She is an African woman writer and activist. She is a role model for most African women. She a brillant speaker and a great promoter of the African woman. She is my mentor.

Mekuanent at the 2018 IEA conference in Senegal
Courtesy of Mekuanent
Mekuanent from Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa - 10/5/2018 9:39:16 AM
My hero is: Emperor Menelik II. He was the one who saved my country from colonialism. He also developped technology in the 19 th century.

MUDIA project
Courtesy of Dennis Erikson
Dennis Errikson from Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria - 10/5/2018 9:06:54 AM
My hero is: KOFFI Anan . He is the former UN Secretary General. He is one of the very few president who stepped down to give a chance the younger generation to lead the country His integrity and dignity really impressed me.

Diakaridia Togola
Courtrsy of Diakaridia Togola
Diakaridia Togola from Bamako, Bamako, Mali - 10/5/2018 8:39:34 AM
My hero is: Conficius. He was a chinese wise man and a philosopher. He made my life easier with his vision. He said "Live as you wish you had lived when you die"

Genevieve at the 2018 IEA conference in Dakar
Courtesy of Genevieve
Genevieve from Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya - 10/5/2018 5:12:05 AM
My hero is: Mum and dad. They allowed me to be the best version of myself in a world that was not designed for me. They work hard and are morally upright.

Ofori Charles Antipem at the IEA 2018 in Senegal
Courtesy of Charles Antipem
Ofori Charles Antipem from Kumasi, Ashanti Region , Ghana - 10/5/2018 4:23:53 AM
My hero is: Mr. Solomon Antipem. Mr. Solomon Antipem is my father. He was a science teacher for 20 years. He was able to inspire me to persue science although the only science tool he ever had was bottle to measure rain fall. Today I have created a science educational toolbox that is enabling 11000 students across the world build their first electrical circuit.

Gallo Diop
Courtesy of Gallo Dioo
Gallo diop from Thies, Thies, Senegal - 10/5/2018 3:35:14 AM
My hero is: Barack obama. Barack Obama is my hero. He never forgot his African origins and we are proud of him. He initiated the Young African Leadeship Initiative. He constantly promoted Africa and Africans. It was not obvious that a guy like that was going to become the most charismatic president of the most powerful country in the world.

Aiden - 9/27/2018 10:51:48 AM
My hero is: Tim Sweeney. The CEO of Fortnite

jordan - 9/27/2018 10:51:16 AM
My hero is: mom and dad. my mom and dad care about me.They help me when i need help.

lashawn - 9/27/2018 10:41:31 AM
My hero is: a hero to me is someone who HELPS people. . i may look up to some of my family unless there's a problem and i look up to god all the time by praying and asking him for the HELP i need , and i look up to my teachers my dad my cousins and my sister and i used to look up to my mom until she passed but i still do:) even though i still listen to people saying shes not here to help i still look up to my mother

Jayla - 9/27/2018 10:40:08 AM
My hero is: My hero is my mom.. My hero is my mom because she breaks her back for me, she works hard, she never gives up, shes smart,funny and, very loving. is always their for me and my sisters even when we do wrong she still loves us. my mom is the most strongest mom in the world and very beautiful. my mom is my hero because she loves me.but my mom isnt just my hero shes my bf/twin/right hand/my world/the moon and back.

ryan - 9/27/2018 10:39:36 AM
My hero is: spider man. He is very brave . His name is Peter Parker he lives in New York . he will jump into a flaming building to save people. He can spin weds and climb up walls. He also as people that Do not like him.

Trevon - 9/27/2018 10:37:02 AM
My hero is: grandmother . I think that why i pick my grandmother is because of the great things she do like help others and pray for family and friends an make the best banana pudding.

Madison - 9/27/2018 10:35:27 AM
My hero is: My older sister . My older sister is hounestly my hero.She has been here through rough times.She puts me in front of everything to talk to me.She has helped me when i had nobody.We talk everyday to check up on each other since she don't live with me anymore.

kadyn - 9/27/2018 10:35:00 AM
My hero is: my hero is my mom. my mom is smart and she is the most kind and she is funny.she puts others before her self.

Jakarlan - 9/27/2018 10:34:46 AM
My hero is: My brother Kelley Joiner. He inspires me, and helps me get through tough things when my dad cant. Also he"s funny, caring, and a lovable person. Then my brother helps me with my homework, and class work i haven't finished in class. Kelley is brave on and off the football field. I look up to my brother as if he was my dad.

rayhan from clermont, amarica , florida - 9/27/2018 10:34:25 AM
My hero is: my hero is my dad. The only reason why my dad is a hero is because he always helps me out with everything.he helps me with my homework every day when i come home form school.

slim shady pokemon go
gunner - 9/27/2018 9:35:32 AM
My hero is: slim shady. this dude is like so cool

Marshal Mathers , eminem , slim shady
google image
connor - 9/27/2018 9:35:04 AM
My hero is: eminem. slim shady is a rapper that has broken many records when it comes to rapping. he grow up in bad spot. some one named Dr.Dre and he gave slim a chance and he blew up and every one loved him.

Tyler - 9/27/2018 9:34:42 AM
My hero is: My dad. My dad gives me every chance to be better in life.he makes sure ill be more athletic and ittelligent. He makes sure i have food and water on the table.he makes sure im healthy. And he makes the best birthday party's .

Adriana - 9/27/2018 9:21:22 AM
My hero is: My mom. She gives me a lot advice and she always helps me with my homework. She really wants me to get good grades,she'll tell me this "don't just work hard,work smart".

Lane - 9/27/2018 9:20:23 AM
My hero is: My mom. She is always on my side,anytime I need help she is right there, and she is just always right there if I need her!!!!!!!!!!

"CR7 my favourite hero"
Becot from Corpeau, Burgondy, France - 9/24/2018 10:22:48 AM
My hero is: Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro.

Cristiano Ronaldo was born in 5th february 1985. He is a Portuguese football player and since several years a buiseness man. This man who tells himself "The Machine" because of the quality to scored a lot of goals is a source of motivation for me because he is a generous and great person. He train hard during training session, he always arrives first and he always leaves the last at practice and always search to improve even if he is one of the best player in the world ! These performances prove this, he won 5 "France Football ballon d'or" (equality with Messi), one European Cup, 5 Champions League and he is the only player to win every individual trophies and every collective trophies and other... Outside the football Cristiano Ronaldo has created his brand "CR7" and holds many Hotels with Pestana Company, but he invests a lots in children's associations and the Isle where he was born, Madera to which he gives money to and contributes to their development.

Hannah Irby from Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States - 9/19/2018 6:20:11 PM
My hero is: Tiara Bryant . My hero is Tiara Bryant and I think she deserves to be a hero because she cared about a lot of people. What I think a hero is a person that cares a lot about you and what you do. Tiara is my hero because she taught me a lot of things. She has been there for me when nobody else was.

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MaKayla Miller from Atlantic, Iowa, USA - 9/17/2018 10:23:06 AM
My hero is: Amanda Miller.

My hero is my mother Amanda Miller. She is a very hardworking nurse and she has a huge heart. My mother would bend over backwards for anyone.

atticus flores from Santa cruz, California, United States - 9/11/2018 12:02:59 PM
My hero is: mom.

is cool

Alex Lindhe from Santa Cruz, California, United States - 9/11/2018 11:58:57 AM
My hero is: my mom. my mom is a doctor and she is my hero because she takes care of me and she helps the world by helping people with there brains.

Bodhi from Santa Cruz, California, United States - 9/11/2018 10:52:07 AM
My hero is: Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford plays Indiana Jones and Han Solo!!!!

Afsaneh - 9/9/2018 7:34:06 AM
My hero is: Edward Palermo Esq.. Its amazing the difference one person can make in the lives of so many clients. That is what Attorney Edward Palermo has been and is doing daily for so many of us clients. When an attorney has over 1,000 or more positive combined client reviews full of sincere gratitude, you know this attorney is someone very special, both as a superb attorney AND a person. Thank you from all of your forever thankful & grateful clients for all you do and for being who you are. You are a very special person Ed.

Kasanita from Auckland, New Zealand - 8/20/2018 5:12:25 PM
My hero is: Katherine Sheppard. Because she is on the 10 note sign and famous

Greg Mashaba from Boksburg, Gauteng Province, South Africa - 7/20/2018 8:26:29 AM
My hero is: Fr Emil Blasser OP. Fr Emil Blasser is the founder of the only Catholic radio station in South Africa , namely Radio Veritas. He has worked under very difficult conditions in his quest to establish the radio station and to turn it into a viable entity. Under the direction of Fr Emil , Radio Veritas has grown in popularity within South Africa and indeed beyond the borders of the country. For listeners in South Africa and the rest of the African continent , broadcast is via the Multichhoice DStv audio chanel 870. Beyond the African continent , there is 24 hour live-streaming on . My personal attitude of Fr Emil is that , very much like Pope St John Paul II and Mother Angelica ( the founder of the Alabama , USA-based Catholic station EWTN , he has always been prepared to bear immense suffering in the form of ill-health , ridicule , contempt and lack of support by affluent South Africans , with much humility and grace as he consistently strove to spread the good news of the Gospel . If ever one were to witness a saint in the making , one only needs to look in the direction of Fr Emil. I feel privileged that God has found me worthy to be in the company of this great priest and to count him as a spiritual director, a friend , a brother and an educator. May God bless him richly for his service to the Church and to the people of South Africa.

Esther Wojcicki
jeanne r meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 6/10/2018 12:48:39 PM
My hero is: Esther Wojicki. She is a leader in the field of education. I highly recommend her book, "Moonshots in Education."

Katheryn Schlicht from Midlothian, Virginia, United States - 6/1/2018 11:08:58 AM
My hero is: Emma Watson.

She is a famous actor and played the role of Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, and he personality reflects her character in Harry Potter

kaka from reedly, california - 5/30/2018 10:55:55 AM
My hero is: mom. well my mom is fun

Bob Ross at his finest
Abigail Taylor from Midlothian , Virginia, United States - 5/30/2018 10:55:46 AM
My hero is: Bob Ross . He is a good painter and he is my inspiration. He also motivates me and enlightens my day.

Mia Gooch from Midlothian, Virginia, United States - 5/30/2018 10:37:54 AM
My hero is: Anne Frank. She was an amazing young lady who helped us all

Isaac Lee from richmond, Virginia, united states of amarica - 5/30/2018 5:25:57 AM
My hero is: Annmarie Williams. she is cool

my father.
Pauline DE BUF - 5/23/2018 7:15:49 AM
My hero is: My father . My hero it is my father. I was fascinated always by his courage. I have a relation very fusional with my father, He is crazy, always spirit to do stupid things with me. It is a model of courage, intelligence and kindness for me. He never lets it bring down, yet there to help the others ... It is him who taught everything to me. I have so much memory with him, it is incredible. I love her so much. He lived so many things which I can only respect him. He in always known how to find the words to comfort me. When I was a child I often made him poems or drawings... He always has me tell to keep head up when that goes not. He is also a big sportsman, everything on Sunday he makes some running, he is not first but him finished always his path. We also share the same passion for the arts, we have that in the blood. It is him who taught me the bases of the drawing. When I was a child, we had a room reserved for the paint, in this room he has had the desk of my father there and a seat. I sat down of this seat and I watch at him painting, it was wonderful quite the paints which he made. Thank you dad for all that you were able to make for me, I loves you.

Sugam from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/16/2018 8:04:12 AM
My hero is: Mother Teresa.

My Hero By:Sugam A hero helps others, even if they get hurt themselves . They always persevere, despite what may bring them down. They believe in what is right. Finally, they are always courageous . My hero is Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa was born August 26, 1910, in Skopje, Macedonia. She died on September 5, 1997, in Kolkata, India. She got taught in India for 17 years. Additionally, her real name is Anjeze Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She had a dad, a mom, a brother, and a sister. She worked as a teacher, a missionary, and more. She also won the nobel peace prize in 1979. Mother Teresa was very helpful. She devoted her life for caring for the sickest and the poorest. But, this wasn’t that easy. She herself didn’t have a large amount of support, and she had even had to beg for food herself! But, she still didn’t give up. Suddenly, she got very sick since the last 2 decades of her life, but that didn't stop her for caring of the poor and sick. Mother Teresa believed in what is right. She quit her job as a teacher because she thought it was the right choice helping the helpless. She also thought god (Jesus) will think it is the right choice to help the helpless. She showed empathy in the people she was helping. She always was courageous, to. She always did her job even though she got sick, and she faced many challenges. Mother Teresa is a hero to me because she went through a lot doing the right thing. She made her life into helping others. She thought it was the right choice and worth it. Thank you for reading my hero essay.

Emily from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/16/2018 7:52:03 AM
My hero is: Helen Keller. I think that a hero is somebody who will do anything for somebody else. If they see a problem in the world, the try to solve it however they can. It might be as little as smiling at somebody who's has a rough day. But no matter what they do, a hero is perseveres and tries their best. A hero has a lot of courage and is humble. They make a difference in the world, most of the time without meaning to. They are smart, either with education or what is right. They have been in tough situations, and are dedicated to making them right. My hero is Helen Keller. Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880. Her mother was Kate Adams Keller, and her father was Colonel Arthur Keller. Her sister was Mildred Keller. After she got a disease that is now thought to be scarlet fever when she was one and a half years old, she became blind and deaf. Helen often had temper tantrums and threw fits. Then, on March 3rd, 1887, Anne Sullivan came. She was a young graduate of the Perkins School for the Blind. Anne wanted to teach Helen words. She gave Helen a doll and signed d-o-l-l into her hand. Helen quickly learned how to do the hand signs, but she did not understand what they meant. Anne saw this and went out to the pump with Helen. As water flowed over Helen’s Hand, Anne signed w-a-t-e-r. Helen suddenly understood that w-a-t-e-r, or water, meant this flowing liquid. She quickly learned the names of other things and the alphabet. She began writing, and, at the age of ten, she learned how to talk. Helen went to speech classes at the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and attended the Wright-Humason School for the Deaf. Helen attended Cambridge School for Young Ladies in 1898, and she went to Radcliffe College in 1900. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree cum laude in 1904. She was the first deafblind person to earn this degree. Helen was a writer and has written many books about her life. She was an activist and protested for equal rights. Helen was had amazing perseverance. She was incredibly smart and she found ways to do everything that she needed to. She tried hard to overcome her challenges and found ways to do things that worked. She could not see, but she used a braille typewriter to write articles and books. She tried her best at everything she did. She tried super hard, and she accomplished so much because of this. Helen Keller was so courageous. She had a lot of things that were difficult to do, and she still did them. She had a voice that was hard to understand, but she spoke in public anyway. She wrote books and spoke out about women's rights. She was also humble. She didn’t brag or do things to be famous, she did things because she believed in them. Helen Keller is an amazing person. She had a lot of difficult things to overcome, but she overcame them and went on the become an activist. She could have been a nothing, but instead Helen decided to be a hero. She is a truly amazing person. I want to be like her because she was very strong and persevered. She had a lot of challenges, and she still did amazing things. Thank you for reading my hero essay.

Lucas from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/16/2018 7:50:38 AM
My hero is: Stephen Hawking. My Hero By:Lucas Brand A hero is someone who uses wisdom other than violence. Someone who perseveres. A hero is creative. A hero is giving. A hero is intelligent.A hero is someone like Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 (1-8-1942). He died on March 14, 2018 (3-14-18). Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, United kingdom. He died at Cambridge, United kingdom. His age of death was 76. He was completely paralyzed at age 21. He was a paralyzed theoretical physicist and went to Oxford college. Stephen Hawking has 3 siblings: Mary Hawking, Edward Hawking, and Philippa Hawking. There is some information on Stephen Hawking. Stephen Hawking persevered. When Stephen was paralyzed, it didn’t stop him from becoming extremely smart and going to an incredible college. He persevered his way through a 76 year life. Stephen Hawking was giving. He helped educate others, and gave them a learning experience. Stephen Hawking helped and inspired millions through perseverance and giving. Stephen Hawking was very intelligent. He added to the world of science, discovered many things, and went to an amazing college. He was fearless. When Stephen Hawking was paralyzed, he didn’t let it bring him down. He didn’t care, he didn’t let it scare him or let kids make fun of him. Stephen Hawking showed no fear, and he was incredibly intelligent. Stephen Hawking is my hero because he inspires me, and taught those in need. He didn’t let people get in his way of becoming smart, even though he was paralyzed. If I could ever be anywhere near as intelligent as him it would be a dream come true. Thank you for reading my final COG project.

Henry from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/16/2018 7:47:28 AM
My hero is: The Wright brothers. I think a hero is someone that invents or does something that changes people's lives while persevering. Also a hero is brave and learns from their mistakes. My heroes are the wright brothers. Orville Wright was born August 19, 1871 in Dayton, Ohio and died on January 30 1948 in Dayton Ohio. Wilbur Wright was born April 16 1869 in Millville, Indiana and died May 30 1912. While in High school Wilbur intended to go to Yale, but suffered a facial injury while playing hockey. That facial injury prevented him from continuing his education. Then in 1892 they opened the Wright Cycle Shop in Dayton. When the Wright brothers took up flight they already had knowledge on how to build machines because of the Cycle shop. The Wright brothers had to persevere a lot. They persevered whenever one of their wing designs didn’t work out. They also invented the technique of wing warping. Before they succeeded they took a glider they had developed to Kitty Hawk, NC, that glider crashed because of wind. Then they went back to the drawing board , and the next glider worked. They used that design to help succeed with the Wright Flyer. The Wright brothers changed people’s lives by inventing the airplane. Imagine if you were in New York and wanted to get to Berlin Germany, you would have to take a boat and then car. But since the Wright brothers invented the airplane, now you only have to take plane. The Wright brothers were brave because they knew that Otto Lilienthal died while riding a gider because there was a sudden gust of wind. They knew that this could happen, in fact the day they flew on a windy day, The wright brothers learned from their mistakes an example of this is: they went to Kitty Hawk, NC to test out a glider they had produced, it crashed. The Wright brothers went back to the drawing board and made changes to the design like increasing the wing size. It improved but was impossible to control. They made a third glider and was easy to control and could sustain lift. The Wright brothers taught me that anything is possible and that things do not go right the first time, and also that perseverance is key. I hope that when I grow up I could be like them. Thank you for reading my essay.

William from Dublin, Ohio, United States - 5/16/2018 7:47:17 AM
My hero is: Dr. Jeffrey A. Cianchetti. A Hero is a man or woman who demonstrates giving or doing something for others. A hero persists. A hero could be a kid, a hero could be be an elderly man, a hero could be someone who doesn’t even intend on becoming a hero. A hero saves lives, helps others, and does good things for those in need. Someone like Dr. Jeffrey Cianchetti, who I know as my very own grandpa. Dr. Cianchetti was born on June 26, 1949 and is still alive today in good health. He attended Case Western and and the University of Akron for his undergraduate degree, but got his PhD at Ohio State University. He worked as a ER doctor for -- years. He is married to my grandma, Angela, and his kids are Andrea, the oldest and my very own mom, Anthony, the middle kid, and the youngest, Alena. As an emergency doctor, he spent lots of time saving lives. He couldn’t spend as much time with his family. He gave his time to help those in need. That is trait of a good hero. Also, he never intended on being considered a hero. He studied hard and did his job. He was a hero! He saved lives and helped people, but never considered being called a hero. Heroes need to persist. That is what Dr. Cianchetti does. When someone is rushed into the hospital and has a terrible injury, it can be a challenge to find a way to help. But when all hope is lost, my grandpa perseveres and helps people. Everyday of his career. That’s not all though. He has saved countless lives, helped many people that needed help, and always tries hard. Thanks for reading about my hero Dr. Jeffrey A. Cianchetti. I think he perfectly demonstrates the characteristics of a hero. He studied when his friends went to parties and in the end looks like the work paid off. He has saved many lives. I hope you agree that this man is a hero.

Haruka from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/16/2018 7:46:33 AM
My hero is: My Mother. My Hero By: Haruka from Dublin I think a hero can come in different shapes and sizes, and do something to benefit others in many ways. What I’m trying to say is, I think heroes can be a hero in different ways. I think a hero is willing to put someone before themselves, and care about them more than themselves. Some words to describe my hero is, caring, forgiving, thoughtful, and loving. While the list goes on to explain my hero, I would have to say my mom would be my hero. Here are some information about my mother. My mother used to work the same job as my father in Japan, but when we moved to America for my father’s job, she quit and now she just stays home and cleans the house. Our family isn’t that big. My mom has a little brother who has two kids, and my father has a little sister who just had a twin baby and also has a little girl. My mother’s birthday is March 10th. All of her education was in Japan, so her English is not so great. However, she supports me in Japan and in America. Like I have mentioned before, I would describe my mother like loving and caring. First, she is loving because when my cousin left her house,my mother kindly let her in even though she already took care of me and my dog . This showed she loved my cousin like it was her own daughter. Second I think she is caring because when my dad’s grandma (My great grandma) she gave her flowers not minding the fact that she barely knew her and also gave her a good luck card. When I saw this I could see how my great grandma was smiling and thanking my mom. This told me she cared about everyone too. All of this proves she is loving, and caring. The other two words like forgiving and thoughtful is another way I would describe my mother. First she thinks about her family more than herself. I know this because, when I forgot wash my gym clothes in Japan, even though it was 11PM she still washed it for me and woke up around 5AM to check on it. This example shows she cares about not only me but everyone in her family.Second I would describe her like forgiving because one time my dog accidentally knocked over a glass cup and my mom just told him it was okay and forgave him. I knew I would have gotten mad, but seeing her told me she was very forgiving. These examples show she is caring, and forgiving. Because of all the examples above, I think heroes can come in different shapes and sizes.Like I have said before I would describe her like, caring, thoughtful, loving, and forgiving. She encourages me to keep believing and love yourself no matter what you are going through.She has never stopped believing, and I look up to her because of it. All of this concludes that my mother would be my hero. Thank you for reading my hero essay.

Lucas from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/15/2018 8:32:59 AM
My hero is: Roald Dahl. I believe a hero is someone you look up to and admire. They can be admired for their achievements, courage, or something else. Heroes can be anyone. People with disabilities that persevere, athletes, and in this case, authors. My hero, Roald Dahl possesses these four character traits, bravery, creativity, resilience, and perseverance. I truly believe Roald Dahl possesses these traits. Roald Dahl was born on September 13, 1916 in Llandaff, Wales. His parents, Harald Dahl and Sofie Magdalene Hesselberg, were Norwegian immigrants. He grew up with five siblings. He had four sisters and one brother. When he was older, he joined the Royal Air Force during WWII. After his plane crash-landed, he recovered and became an author. His books include: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, and many others. He died on November 23, 1990. Bravery. I think Roald Dahl showed bravery when he joined the Royal Air Force. Many people would probably be scared to risk their lives for their country. There is a likely chance that you will lose your life. But Roald Dahl was brave and he took a risk. I guess that’s another trait. Taking responsible risks. Another trait he shows is perseverance. He didn’t just give up on life when his plane crashed. Instead, he became a bestselling author! By 2016, 10.4 million books written by Roald Dahl have sold. Roald Dahl possesses a LOT of creativity. He made up a lot of wacky words, like snozzcumber (BFG), Vermicious Knids (Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator), Oompa Loompas (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and many more words! He made up a lot of characters, too! The Trunchbull, the Big Friendly Giant, Willy Wonka, etc. His books are so imaginative. Imagine flying a glass elevator into space, imagine getting plucked from your bed by a giant, and imagine crawling into a giant peach and finding giant insects waiting for you. His imagination is so crazy! Roald also shows resilience. His sister died at age 7, his wife had a stroke, and his daughter died also at age 7. He didn’t just stop writing amazing books, he continued to write. Roald Dahl is a hero to me because of his resilience, bravery, creativity, and perseverance. I really want to be like him. This is why Roald Dahl is my hero.

Estella from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/14/2018 8:39:41 AM
My hero is: Christopher Reeve. My Hero By: Estella from Dublin A hero doesn’t have to be somebody like Superman, or the Flash. Heroes don’t have to have magical powers. They are motivated by what their heart says is right. A hero possesses traits like courage, and passion. They must also possess perseverance, and caring. My hero is Christopher Reeve. Christopher Reeve was born on September 25, 1952 in New York City to Barbara Pitney and Franklin D’Olier Reeve. While his mother was a journalist, his father was a teacher, novelist, and scholar. He also had a younger brother, Benjamin. He had various stage and television roles before becoming the star of Superman and its sequels. In 1995 he became paralyzed from the neck down following a horse-riding accident. He then founded the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation in 1998 to promote research on spinal cord injuries. Christopher Reeves was famous as an actor. He is known as the first Superman! He died on October tenth, 2004 because of heart failure. Heroes have traits that signal they are heroes. Christopher Reeve has traits like passion and perseverance. A symbol of passion is how after he had a fall. He got up and founded the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation in 1995. Christopher himself was paralyzed the neck down in a horse riding incident. He was passionate about improving lives of people with spine paralysis, by researching this. His perseverance came in when he fell in his horse riding incident. Determined to walk again, he worked hard on rehabilitation. By 2004, Christopher Reeve had regained sensation in 70% of his body, had moved one of his fingers. In water, his arms and legs. He never gave up hope and kept trying, to accomplish founding the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, and to be able to somewhat move! These are some of the hero traits Christopher has. Reeve also has the traits courage and caring. He had courage to try to move again, and speak out for things like stem-cell research. He had courage to start an organization. He had passion and perseverance. Although he was not able to move from the neck down, Reeve continued to travel, do public appearances, and serve as a voice for the paralyzed in the United States. He also showed caring. He made a role model for people. He cared for people in situations like him, paralyzed from the neck down. He did this by providing a opportunity to research spine paralysis with the Christopher Reeve Foundation. Because of these qualities, Christopher Reeve is my hero. He showed and demonstrated things like courage, passion, perseverance, and caring. He inspires me to keep going. To also be considerate to others, and more. Even though he fell in a horseback riding event, and got paralysis from the neck down, he persevered. Also, he founded the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, to make people similar to him feel comfortable. He powered through challenges. Christopher Reeve wasn’t just a hero, he was the Man Of Steel. Thank you for reading my hero essay!

Aiden from Dublin, Ohio, U.S.A - 5/14/2018 8:39:40 AM
My hero is: Dennis Slawson , My Grandpa. A hero is a person who helps or supports people in a good way and not in a bad way, they can be anywhere and help anyone. I believe a hero should possess kindness, courage, fairness and honesty all of these traits would define a hero. I chose my hero to be… my Grandpa. My Grandpa worked in the Air Force and was stationed in Korea for a few years and then was discharged after 6 years of working. He went to Bishop Ryan High School and was born in Buffalo. My family was very emotional when he died at the age of 71. He died in a hospital while he was sick. My family has a lot of Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters and Grandparents so there was lots of family and friends at the funeral. I choose kindness and fairness for my traits to talk about. My Grandpa possesed kindness because when we went over to his house he was always nice to us when we stayed there he made us breakfast, lunch and dinner, also he would hug us a lot when we came and left. For fairness when we played games he always played fair and gave us extra turns to have more fun as he said. He would also play fair and not argue about unreasonable things during games. My other two are courage and honesty. For courage my Grandpa stood up for our family and friends always. He also would help you up if you fell down, he was a real helper to our family until his passing. For honesty he was always honest when he spilled something or dropped something, he would never lie, never blame something on anybody or hide from telling the truth. My Grandpa is my hero because he was always honest, kind and reassuring to anybody. My Grandpa means a lot to me because he’s in my family and everyone in my family I care about. I want to live up to his standards by being nice, kind and loyal. Thank you for reading “My Hero Essay” Sincerely, Aiden Slawson

Emmett from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/14/2018 8:39:40 AM
My hero is: Albert Einstein. A hero is a person that can do something good for a community that will change someone’s life. A hero should be persistent, be doing the right things, do things to help people, and should be confident A person that shows all of these qualities is Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was born on March 14th, 1879 in a town called Ulm, Germany. He died on April 18, 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey. He died at age 76 with 3 kids. Before that, Albert Einstein went to four colleges: ETH Zurch, the University of Zurich, the Complutense University of Madrid, and the Unversity of Rostock. Although he quit school at age 15, he was theoretical physicist and won a nobel prize for physics in 1921 at age 42 years. Albert Einstein shows the trait persistance becuase he failed many times in trying to become succesful. For example, he failed 7 times before proving that E = mc2 was accurate. He also did the things right for him by quitting school because he knew he could teach himself and had to help his family. Albert Einstein did things to help people by inventing things such as the Einstein refrigerator which is an absorption elevator that only runs on a heat source. Albert Einstein also shows confidence by believing he could prove that E = mc2 was accurate. Albert Einstein is my hero because he did so many things to help develop more knowledgeso we know what we know about different things today such as Einstein’s theory of relativity. I want to live up to Einsteins help to the world today and contribution to human knowledge. Thank you for reading “My Hero Essay.”

Taylor from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/14/2018 8:39:39 AM
My hero is: MaryAnn Oehlerking. My Hero What is a hero? A hero can be many things. In my definition a hero is someone who makes a positive impact on someone's life. Heros display many characteristics that include effort, kindness, inspiration, and belief in others. My hero is MaryAnn Oehlerking. MaryAnn was born in 1991, and is now 27 years old. She was a gymnast growing up, and finished her gymnastics career as two-time All American Division 1 gymnast at Ball State University. She now coaches at Gym X-Treme gymnastics in Lewis Center, Ohio, but before she was competitive director and head coach at Bismarck Gymnastics Academy in Bismarck, South Dakota, and Vail Gymnastics Center in Vail, Colorado. MaryAnn shows many characteristics of a hero. Two of them are effort and belief in others. MaryAnn shows effort as she was a former gymnast who went through a lot including splitting her toe open on the beam. She also displays effort by helping gymnasts become better when they don’t think they will, and helping gymnasts overcome injuries toughly. MaryAnn also shows belief in others. She always has belief that someone can do something if they put their mind to it, even if they think that they can 99.9% can’t. MaryAnn doesn’t just display those two characteristics. She also displays kindness and inspiration. MaryAnn displays kindness as she helps others in tough situations, and always believes in others. She always tells us that today just might not be the day, but she still pushes us hard to be the best. She also displays inspiration. She displays inspiration especially to me because I want to have all of her gymnastics successes and hopefully more someday. She inspires me to always try hard and never give up hope even on the toughest of days. MaryAnn Oehlerking is my hero because she always reminds me to be my best and one day I want to be just like her and have her success and maybe more. Thank You for reading my work.

Zachary from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/14/2018 8:39:39 AM
My hero is: My COG and 6math teacher, Mrs. Christman. A hero is hardworking. A hero is someone that does the right thing without thinking. A hero is courageous, and they get back up when their down. My hero is my COG and math teacher, Mrs. Christman. I know Mrs. Christman is hardworking, because she won’t stop trying to teach something, even if we are completely clueless about what she is trying to teach. She will keep finding new ways to teach us, like when I was completely clueless with algebra and she found a fantastic way to teach it. Mrs. Christman also automatically will do the right thing, like it's helping a kid who needs it. Mrs. Christman is courageous, and I know that because she has to go to school 180 days a year and deal with us. If that's not courage, than I don’t know what is, because I can’t imagine dealing with myself, let alone 23 other kids. But somehow she manages to get through it and that is the definition of courage. So, because of all of her great qualities, amazing personality, and eagerness to teach. I want to have all of that, and that's why I look up to Mrs. Christman. Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Sinead from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/14/2018 8:39:38 AM
My hero is: Wilma Rudolph. A hero is someone who is just an ordinary person who wasn’t intending to be a hero and then something happened or occured that made them a hero. They are passionate, courageous, humble, and they persevere. A hero that I think has all of those charistics is Wilma Rudolph an American track and field athlete. Wilma Glodean Rudolph was born on June 23rd 1940 in Saint, Bethlehem, TN. 54 years later she died on November 12, 1994 at Brentwood, TN. Her Education was at Tennessee state university. Wilma was a track and field athlete, and had four children; Yolanda, Djuanna, Xurry Eldridge and Robert Eldridge jr. Wilma was married to William Ward (1961-1963) & Robert Eldridge (1963-1980) . Wilma Rudolph was stricken with double pneumonia, scarlet fever and polio as a child, she had problems with her left leg and had to wear a brace and was very courageous. But she won 3 gold medals in the olympics. She persevered through her rough time and conquered her fears becoming the youngest member of the U.S. olympic track and field team. Wilma never boasted, bragged, or talked about how hard her life was because she was humble. She could of just given up at that point but she kept on pursuing her dreams and working toward her goal. Wilma rudolph was one of the most recognized track and field star and she is definitely a hero because after she had all of those diseases she still kept of going. I think any kids with illnesses shouldn't let that stop them, they should be brave and most of all courageous. Thank you for reading Wilma Rudolph.

Alexandra from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 5/14/2018 8:39:16 AM
My hero is: Rosa Parks. My Hero By: Alexandra Jansnsen A hero is someone who helps somone in need and stands up for what is right. A hero must be: Couragous, Respectful, Honest, and Trustworthy. Hero’s aren’t always people who try to be a hero, they can have no clue that one day they’ll wake up and become a hero. Personaly my hero is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was born on February 4, 1913 and died on October 24, 2005. Rosa went to school at Montgomery Industrial Shool for Girls. Rosa Parks worked as an activist to fight for African-American’s rights. Rosa Parks family includes, her mother: Leona McCauley, her father: James McCauley, her brother: Sylvester McCauley, and last her spouse: Raymond Parks. I think that Rosa Parks is a brave hero because she took the risk of getting thrown in jail just because she wanted all black people to be equal with every other person on earth. By taking that risk she made every black person one step closer to being equal. A hero should be trustworthy, and I think that Rosa Parks was a trustable person because she never let anyone down because she said that she wanted all the African-Americans of the world to be equal with the white people. And then many years later her dream came true, the segregation between black and white people stopped. Another reason why Rosa Parks was a hero is because when she went to jail she didn’t even object to breaking the law because she was an honest person and she was proud of herself. When Rosa Parks refused to get out of her seat to let a white man have it, most white people thought that was unrespectful, but Rosa Parks was being a respectful hero because she stood up to her race. Rosa Parks is my hero because she was brave to risk everything she owned, just to let her people be free. I don’t know if I could do somthing like she did. Thank you for reading “My Hero” story!

Youth for Human Rights
Youth for Human Rights
Anthony Pouw from Los Angeles, California, United States - 5/13/2018 8:36:12 AM
My hero is: Youth for Human Rights. Youth for Human Rights are actively working to bring about an awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Many young heroes around the world are using this knowledge to make the world a happier and safer place for all, educating adults on how to do it. See to learn more about your human rights.

Ada Lovelace
Hailey Beck
Hailey Beck - 5/9/2018 9:20:08 AM
My hero is: Ada Lovelace. My hero is Ada Lovelace because she is strong and does not give up and I hope she will be known more than just a computer scientist

Anthony Pouw from Los Angeles, California, United States - 5/8/2018 9:18:48 AM
My hero is: Criminon.

Another Criminon Success I just heard about. "Today I've been sober for four years! It all started when I landed in prison and was introduced to Criminon. I was high when a friend of mine was like "Bro, look at you! in prison, still getting high"...At first I didn't want to address my addictions because I felt like getting high was getting by (I got ten years to get through.) I did want help though to be a better person. I started with a Personal Integrity course. I loved it! I liked it so much that I stopped getting high. When I finished it I picked up this Overcoming Addiction course and I now "get by" sober and have no desire to ever go back to the drugs!" Criminon helps criminals to find their way back to achieving happiness and regaining self-respect.

Kaleb from athens, alabama - 5/3/2018 8:22:38 AM
My hero is: Prometheus.

He is cool

mariah from deforest, wi - 5/1/2018 8:52:36 AM
My hero is: Iqbal Masih. he has gone to many places because he wants to be heard because he wants child labor to stop but at the age of thirteen he was shot.

This is the picture of Ahmed Shukairi
This is the picture of Ahmed Shukairi
princess nina from Ghardaia, Algeria - 4/30/2018 2:56:49 PM
My hero is: Ahmad Mazin Alshugairi. Every rule has an exception, and the "success story" of Ahmed Shukairy, the most famous program in our Arab world, Khawar, is one such exception. The beginnings of "Ahmed Shuqairi" features the life of a young man who is not committed to prayer and smokeless, and did not have a meaningful message and clear features, but it is thanks to God other than the fact that culminated in the "success story"

Anthony Pouw from Los Angeles, California, United States - 4/30/2018 11:21:43 AM
My hero is: Criminon.

Criminon is an organization that works to rehabilitate criminals and uses the booklet "The Way To Happiness", among other things, to educate criminals on the subject of morals. Here is a recent success. "What I got the most out of Criminon was reinstating good morals in my life. I was blessed to have my mom in my life who taught me right from wrong. But because of a lot of other negative influences in my life, I became lost in my anger and pain. During my life of crime on the streets, I began to forget about these morals and only applied them to my family and close friends on occasion. Coming to prison these morals of kindness, respect and the golden rule became nonexistent. I didn't care for anyone, the world revolved around me. As the years in here passed by, the more my moms voice faded. All the counseling and advice she gave me was gone. Doing this course helped me remember who I was and what I was taught at a young age. As I did the course work my mom's voice became louder. Now, I am very conscious about respecting others, treating them with respect, being kind and to stay away from criminal behavior regardless of how petty it may be." The Criminon program utilizes the research discoveries made by American author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard, who had personally worked as a Special Officer for the Los Angeles Police Department in the late 1940's. Mr. Hubbard discovered that every criminal career began with the loss of self-respect. When a man could no longer trust himself, only then did he become a real threat to society.

Demitrios - 4/30/2018 7:19:51 AM
My hero is: Jesse Owens. He is SUPER fast he died on March 31 1980 and was born on September 13 1913!

Denny Steps - 4/25/2018 8:19:20 AM
My hero is: Katie Sterling. Centerfielder for Widener University #3

Diana from lihue, hawaii, hawaii - 4/16/2018 12:58:00 PM
My hero is: Andrea kam. She is awsome and nice

Elen - 4/6/2018 10:58:23 AM
My hero is: Helen Keller. i love it.

me if i were her
grace from sacramento, russian, california - 4/5/2018 12:04:34 PM
My hero is: Serena Williams. I love Serena Williams i mean like she is the greatest tennis player iv ever known. i mean like if i were to be anyone i would be her

Mohamad Al Jounde, Mohamed Sidibay
Kids Rights
mohamed sidibay from Maplewood, NJ, United States - 3/27/2018 3:36:33 AM
My hero is: Human Rights Activists.

My heroes are activists who stand up to evil without fear for their lives. They are the Syrian refugees who I have met while here in Jordan. Their vision and dreams of the future gives me hope. Mohamad Al Jounde is one of them. Undeterred by his status as a refugee, he built a school in his camp in Lebanon to make sure children remain in school.

Emma Gonzalez at March for Our Lives - DC. 2018
Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty Images
Jeanne Meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 3/24/2018 8:37:58 PM
My hero is: Emma Gonzalez and all the young activists who stand up for their right to live without fear of gun violence..

Emma Gonzalez is a survivor of the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and spoke volumes today at the March for Our Lives in D.C. with her 6 minutes of silence for her classmates that were killed. She will never forget, she will never stop fighting to all children are safe from gun violence in school. Follow her on Twitter.

Payge - 3/11/2018 11:14:52 AM
My hero is: My dad, Scott.

he is very helpful and is kind to anyone he might see during the day.

Conan dressed as a union soldier reenactor
Vincent - 3/8/2018 11:56:04 AM
My hero is: Conan O'Brien. He's one of the funniest, talented, and most charming people on earth. Former valedictorian of his high school, twice president of Harvard's National Lampoon, beloved Simpsons writer, and late night host, Conan is an inspiration to us all. His talk show will put a smile on your face with his sharp wit and good humor.

Joey Hexamer - 3/8/2018 8:41:14 AM
My hero is: My Brother. My brother thinks about others and he wants to help them. My brother is a really kind person like I said. He will help anyone I know it. He has a lot of friends and they would also like to help them.

Brycelyn from Alton, Iowa, us - 3/7/2018 2:13:52 PM
My hero is: great grandpa. He just recently had a major back surgery and he just keeps trying! I think he is really awesome he just keeps trying! He is so strong and he loves us so very much.

Ciana Van Donkelaar - 3/7/2018 10:40:37 AM
My hero is: Cherie Van Donkelaar. Cherie is my mom and does a lot of things for me or to help me and she rarely complains. She is a very loving person and she is understanding. She will never stay mad at me for long and I know she will always love me.

Kylah Beltman - 3/7/2018 10:39:28 AM
My hero is: Mr.Aalbers. He was my 4th grade teacher that hekped me a lot with my grades and school work. in 3rd grade i did not do so good at wrighting and reading i had to go to speach class and wright down to know what is going on in my book the begging middle and end of each chapter. when i got in 4th grade I he helped me in what to do. in 5th grade i got to do it so well that i got to do it on my own and i got out of all of the classes to wright and read right.

Brenna - 3/7/2018 10:39:25 AM
My hero is: My Dad. My dad is my hero because he rescued me from falling off my bike when I split my chin open and he is always there for me and I love him.

Maddie pottebaum - 3/7/2018 10:36:36 AM
My hero is: My mom, Ang. My mom is a leader in many ways. My mom was a leader by teaching me to do all kinds of stuff. My mom is fun to play games with like speed and she always wins but I'll catch up and beat her. My mom is fun to play basketball with she will always say i'll always beat you but like I said i'll will catch up someday and I have beat her before. And that is why I chose my mom as a good leader/mom.

Kipp Huss - 3/7/2018 10:33:40 AM
My hero is: My Dad. He is one of the funniest, generous, and helpful dads in the world. My dad is important to me because he is the reason why I'm here and he is harsh on me to learn my lesson and kind when something bad happened to us. My dad means the world to me, and no one can replace him

Jayson - 3/7/2018 10:33:27 AM
My hero is: Austin Rohrs. He is a very nice guy that does a lot with me and for me. He likes to play football and likes to wrestle. He is a hero because he loves to communicate with people in a good way and wants the best for everyone. He was in 4-H and showed cows, pigs, goats, and sheep. Austin Rohrs is my most favorite person.

Ben Oldenkamp - 3/7/2018 10:31:29 AM
My hero is: My grandpa Dean. My grandpa was in the Vietnam War. He saved a lot of people. I think he is awesome and very nice.He is very special to me.

Kadyn Mulder - 3/7/2018 10:17:10 AM
My hero is: My Dad David. My dad was in the army. He served in Irac for 11 months. And he has been there for me just about for everything.

Destiny - 3/7/2018 10:09:25 AM
My hero is: Stephen . He let a down syndrome wrestler win a match but win for trying

Destiny - 3/7/2018 10:06:42 AM
My hero is: My brother . when he was wrestling he let a down syndrome

Kiera Brenneman - 3/7/2018 6:49:23 AM
My hero is: Mr. Starkweather. He is kind, always wanting togive, and he always keeps his hopes up. Mr. Starkweather is a good inspiration to our world to help make people happier and make the world less violent.

Tatiana Stetsenko from Kharkiv, Ukraine - 3/1/2018 11:05:31 AM
My hero is: Igor Vozniy. This person is a headmaster of our school. He is a teacher of history. He inspire and engage pupils to study . He is an excellent example of a real man and a great leader.

Park Shin Hye
Park Shin Hye
Joy80426 from Taichung, Taiwan - 2/27/2018 6:39:45 AM
My hero is: Park Shin Hye.

She is a actress,singer and host in Korea.She is very beautiful.She have performed in DOCTORS,The Heirs,Pinocchio and You're Beautiful .Those are my favorite perform.And she is low-key to do good deeds.

Ariel Lin
Wendy1050144 from Taichung city, Taiwan - 2/27/2018 12:39:17 AM
My hero is: Ariel Lin.

She is very beautiful and nice. She is 'flawless goddess'. She is famous for her fine acting.

meadow from East Liverpool, Ohio, United States - 2/20/2018 10:27:18 AM
My hero is: John Arthur Johnson/ Jack Johnson. he was first black man to be a boxer in the united states

Karen from Norman, us - 2/14/2018 12:34:46 PM
My hero is: karen a.k.a my gran mom.

When i was born my mom could not take care of me so she asked if my gran mom could take care of me and she did - she gave me shelter, food, and showed kindness to me. Right now she is trying to find my dad so i can meet him - even i think he will never show up

HAR from los angeles, Norman, city - 2/14/2018 7:18:30 AM
My hero is: Pete Maravich. HEs cool

urban umek from Slovenia - 2/8/2018 6:45:10 AM
My hero is: Nicki Minaj.

My hero Nicki Minaj is great. She is one of the best rappers in the world right now, she is also called the rap queen. When I heard one of parodies on her song I said to myself that I must listen to the original and once I heard it I fell in love with her music. Before I heard about her I did not like rap music I hated it, but from the day I heard one of her songs I started listening to rap music. But she is not just a great singer she is also a very nice person. Once one of her fans said if she would pay his bills for his fax and she agreed. Since then she had been helping people with money for their faxes. And when I heard about this I liked her even more and this is when she became my hero.

Roger Federer
Pei-i Lin from Taichung City, Waipu Dist, ?? - 2/6/2018 6:17:18 PM
My hero is: Roger Federer. He is a Swiss professional tennis player and just won his 20th Grand Slam title at the Australian Open. This is an unprecedented record and Federer earned it at the age of 37.

Dave Grohl
Foo Fighters
Vincent - 1/17/2018 10:58:27 AM
My hero is: Dave Grohl. Dave Grohl is a one of the nicest and most talented musicians in rock and roll. Dave is the former drummer of Nirvana and front man for the Foo Fighters. He's funny, down to earth, and a great inspiration to us all.

Jeanne Meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 1/17/2018 10:55:05 AM
My hero is: The MY HERO Team. they have built a beautiful archive of stories art and films that celebrate the best of humanity

Jerrilyn Jacobs - Media Arts Educator Award
Jeanne Meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 1/8/2018 9:28:36 AM
My hero is: Jerrilyn Jacobs.

She has been mentoring students at Taft High School for over a decade teaching media literacy and production. We honored her this year with the MY HERO Media Arts Educator Award. Here is short film one of her students made about her.

Dot and Jim
Jeanne - 1/8/2018 9:21:55 AM
My hero is: My uncle.

Jim has been a guiding light to me and so many others. Love this man and his beautiful family.

Elon Musk
Anthony Pouw from Los Angeles, California, United States - 12/27/2017 8:53:35 AM
My hero is: Elon Musk.

I consider Elon Musk to be a very special individual and I greatly admire him for what he is doing and ACCOMPLISHING toward achieving his goal to make Man a multi-planetary species. He is truly a visionary who is true to his own ideals and beliefs. He has achieved many things despite an incredible amount of opposition and negativity from naysayers and people who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. He built Tesla into a success. He has now built Space-X into a successful and viable company. What I also admire is his willingness to allow others to participate and become part of his goals and visions. Our species, our planet is benefiting very much from what he has done and continues to do so. Thank you Elon.

A Charming Woman from Taiwan
Jillian from New Taipei City , Taiwan , Taiwan - 12/23/2017 10:53:30 PM
My hero is: Jolin Tsai.

Jolin Tsai is a beautiful woman who has worked hard to achieve her goals. In addition,she always helps people.She is the person that I admire the most. Moreover, she is such a great super star that everyone should follow her steps.

Hue-Ru Huang from Taipei , Taipei - 12/21/2017 10:34:22 PM
My hero is: Mryang ???.

I think he is the world 's funniest English teacher,he will not only a foreign language, the domestic rarious dialects he also. He is an English teacher at YouTube. He likes to blend Chinese dialects and English together and give different styles of English. Why is he a hero in my mind ?That's because he told me the power to learn. His unique accent brought me joy.

Taiwan siger Crowd Lu
hard working and positive
Dora Chen - 12/21/2017 10:33:56 PM
My hero is: ???Crowd Lu.

Crowd Lu is a singer-songwriter. His songs always make me feel happy and relieve stress. Then he often live-Instagram to talk about his life or his philosophy of life and the latter is the value of his live-Instagram. His talking makes me know that I should struggle a lot for my life and distribute positive energy to every body instead of negative energy. Crowd Lu changes me a lot, because of his talking. l will never be affected by gossip, just be myself!

The pride of Taiwan.
She is kind and humble.
Connie Luo - 12/21/2017 10:08:44 PM
My hero is: ??? Kuo hsing-chun. She is a female weightlifter. She claimed a 58kg gold medal, and broke the world record at 2017 Summer Universiade. She is considered the pride of Taiwan.

Chen Shuju
She is kind
Megan Liu from Taipei, - 12/21/2017 10:07:09 PM
My hero is: Chen Shuju. Chan Shuju is a Taiwanese vegetable seller,and she is also a philanthropist in Taiwan. She donated nearly NT $ 10 million to help other people. So I admire her very much.

My friend and I
A kind friend.
Yu-syuan - 12/21/2017 10:05:34 PM
My hero is: My friend Peiyu. She is a kind-hearted girl who always stays with me when I am upset. We even talk about everything and do everything together. She never complains about my shortcomings but accepts my defect. I hope this relationship can last forever.

Faker-My hero
He is a really talented player.
???Monica - 12/21/2017 10:04:14 PM
My hero is: Faker. Faker is a LOL video game player,who is so famous that the whole world know him.And the reason why he became my hero,is because he tried really hard to improve his own skill,and even he failed the game,he won't give up.I love his attitude when he face the challenge,so he is my hero in my whole life.

The flash
The flash
Vava from Taipei, Taiwan - 12/21/2017 10:01:15 PM
My hero is: The flash.

He saved a lot of people in central city. He used well his speed well. His name is Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, the Flash.

My Hero
Gary Wu from Taipei, Taiwan - 12/21/2017 10:00:39 PM
My hero is: Jabs.

Jobs, who created iPhone, is my hero. He affected everyone around the world, making us have a fast and convenient life.

Television's Father
Wu Yu Chen - 12/21/2017 9:52:52 PM
My hero is: John Logie Baird.

John Logie Baird invented the TV. There are many TV show around our life and that show always make people happy. Therefore,I think he is my hero.

Like a boss
He is very handsome
Tony Chen - 12/21/2017 9:49:54 PM
My hero is: Darvish Yu. He is a good guy. He is a good baseball player in the world,and he is very handsome.

???Kathy from Taipei, - 12/21/2017 9:36:26 PM
My hero is: Mother Teresa. She's a woman who gave her entire life in service and sacrifice

Tzuyu Chou
So beautiful
??? - 12/21/2017 9:33:59 PM
My hero is: Tzuyu Chou.

She is so beautiful, she grabbed my heart, she is my angel and I love her so much.

L. Ron Hubbard
Anthony Pouw from Los Angeles, CA, USA - 12/14/2017 1:01:24 AM
My hero is: L. Ron Hubbard.

The many books that he wrote and the technologies he developed in the field of the humanities has helped me enormously to be a better and happier person. He has helped me to help others become more able and happier in life. He has helped me to be a better student. He has helped me to help others become more able and happier. His booklet “The Way to Happiness” has taught millions of people what they inherently know to be true, but were not conscious of : 21 precepts of happy living. These are things that I apply in life. He is my Hero because he not only sought a world without Insanity, Criminallity and War but he developed practical tools that people could use to help themselves and others turn this into a Reality. I am today, who I am, thanks to L. Ron Hubbard and the many others who embraced his knowledge and wisdom to help me follow my own adventure of personal discovery and enlightenment.

Mohamed Sidibay
Mohamed Sidibay from Maplewood, NJ, USA - 12/13/2017 7:39:57 AM
My hero is: Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela believed that one loses the purpose of life when one remain silent in the face of injustice. To him, life is about service. Not service to oneself, but to your local community and the world.

emily guerra from miami, florida, USA - 12/12/2017 3:44:24 PM
My hero is: mrs.chavano.


Ndeye Maty gaye from Dakar Sénégal , Dakar , Sénégal - 12/11/2017 9:14:10 AM
My hero is: Martin Luther king .

Martin Luther king est un grand pasteur américain il fait le fameu discours:i have a est parrain d'une école de jeune fille à Dakar

Mariama from Dakar senegal, Dakar, Senegual - 12/11/2017 9:12:40 AM
My hero is: Cheikh anta diop.

Cheikh anta Diop était un grand savant sénégalais.

Ami ciss from Dakar, Dakar, Senegal - 12/11/2017 9:11:13 AM
My hero is: My hero is Leopold Sedar Seghor. C'est le pere de la nation senegalais. Il etait un grand poete. Il a ecrit l'hymne national du pays

Chris, Finn & Lani Lee
Christopher Lee
Wendy Milette - 12/6/2017 10:31:44 AM
My hero is: Lani Chris and Finn Lee.

My daughter Lani, her awesome husband Chris and my grandson Finneas are a great source of inspiration and joy! They appreciate nature and are all very adventurous just like me!!!! Yay for family!

Fern and her kittens
Wendy Jewell
Wendy Jewell from Canada - 12/6/2017 10:26:46 AM
My hero is: Fern and her kittens.

Fern appeared during the summer as a feral cat and several months later she had kittens! As we live in the country it’s good to have cats around and now we have not only Fern but also Maggie, Walter and Guillermo. They bring such joy and laughter every day!

Great grandma
jeanne meyers - 12/4/2017 9:24:03 AM
My hero is: my mom, Dorothy Meyers..

When I is was in 2nd grade my mom went back to school to get her Masters Degree. She turned our large dining room table into a game board that she was developing called GLOBO - -- that was a way of teaching geography like Bingo. The game was to help children learn geography and it brought a curiosity about the world to me....My mom has taken me and my children on adventures, together we have walked on glaciers, she has written love letters from Machu Picchu, and been there for her family time and again in her 90 years of life. I am grateful for all the good times. I love being with her and her great grandchildren. To see so much love and life and generations come together --- is so moving. I love my mom.

lita from coldwater, michigan, united states - 10/31/2017 4:37:25 AM
My hero is: lucas .

he is the best person ever

Pam Wicks,Nepal with Rabin on laptop delivery
Susan Brown of Laguna Beach
Rosalind Russell from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 10/18/2017 9:46:59 AM
My hero is: Pam Wicks.

Pam Wicks is well known in Laguna Beach for helping many people and organizations. She is a music teacher for one, provides music for the Neighborhood Congregational Church weekly with some big events selected throughout the year. For R Star Foundation which I can speak on, she has selected and provided gifted musicians whenever requested. She officially is our music rangler. Pam runs a chanting group on Wednesday's each week at the church, sometimes a weekend evening is selected for an added circle. At these meetings she tells of the work of R Star, and has brought in funds a number of times for R Star. Last year she raised enough funds we were able to purchase not one, but 4 Kindles for the children. Kindles are not common in Nepal whatsoever. They are wonderful incentives to teach reading in English skills to the children On a personal quest of Pam's, she traveled with many to both India and Nepal. She traveled with a laptop computer along with her friend Susan Brown who did likewise, and gifted them to Rabin Sitaula for the Top of the World School - Nepal, elementary, we have in the Kavre District. She is helping the children in a rural village become more proficient in what will assist them in life both locally and internationally! This is what I call a HERO! One who does more for others without hesitation, even those she doesn't know and likely will never meet.

Nathalia G. - 9/1/2017 9:11:14 AM
My hero is: My mom.

My mom is my hero, because she's a person i trust and i can relieve on. Also she's a person i be myself around with. My momma knows me the best, she knows when something wrong.

Kelvin zheng from Kansas city, Kansas, The United States - 9/1/2017 8:07:05 AM
My hero is: Tarzan. The reason why this person is my hero is because Tarzan was a strong kid and his father never accepted him. But his mother did and raised him to a fully grown adult. When his father died, then he accepted tarzan as his son.

Myrissa love dawn from Kansas city Kansas, United states - 9/1/2017 7:59:06 AM
My hero is: My dad. My dad has always been there. For example he wakes me up for school because I sleep through my alarm ??. And he takes me where i want to go. What exactly makes him a hero because he help me with everything like he checkes my homework and playing basketball ??. Why this makes him a hero is he's alway been there for me when I needed him.

In 2nd hour at school
Mrs.days class
Madison english from Kansas city, Kansas, America - 9/1/2017 7:42:10 AM
My hero is: Ian somerhalder. Ian somerhalder is my hero because he saves dog and I love dogs to death.He also saves people who thinks they aren't good enough people who don't like who they are.

Myrissa from Kck, United States - 9/1/2017 7:39:01 AM
My hero is: My dad . My dad has alway been there fir my he takes me places where i want to go and he wake me up for school because i sleep through me alarm

Myrissa - 9/1/2017 7:31:34 AM
My hero is: My dad . My dad has alway been there for me. For example he awlay wakes me up for school because i always sleep through it and he take me places he what to go.

Mame Cheikh Seck
Ciurtesy cheikh darou seck
Cheikh Darou Seck from Dakar, Dakar, Senegal - 8/31/2017 3:56:16 AM
My hero is: Mame Cheikh Sadiaye Seck.

Mame Cheikh is my hero. He's a kind and gifted person. He is my son and he is 23 years old. He's the hero of the neighborhood. He's always out in the neighborhood helping people fixing things in their house. Most people come home asking after Mame Cheikh because they want his help. And he does help with good heart. People appreciate him for his supportiveness and generosity. That's why he's a true hero down there.

Ndeye maguette teasing her mom
Courtesy of Cheikh Darou Seck
Cheikh Darou Seck from Dakar, Dakar, Senegal - 8/30/2017 11:55:53 PM
My hero is: Ndeye Maguette Seck.

Ndeye Maguette is my last born daughter. She is gifted with a good nature, always laughing. She likes teasing people pulling ar their sleeves or talking to them in that kinda undecipherable language of hers. Still people can make out the gist of what she's ttying to say. She's cute.

Tayir Seck in hus great moments
Courtesy of Cheikh Darou Seck
Cheikh Darou Seck from Dakar, Dakar, Senegal - 8/30/2017 11:47:34 PM
My hero is: Tayir Seck.

Tayir is my three years old son. He is a son, a friend and a buddy. We hang out tigether when I come home from work. We are always together because he follows me everywhere I go. He collects his shoes the minute he hears me say I want to go somewhere. Like all children of his age his hobbies are smartphones and video games. He likes cars too. Not the toys, the real big ones. He always asks questios about cars. One thing I like with him is whenever he sees a SUV pick up in the streets, he shouts: "Dad, should buy that one!" This is why Tayir is my hero.

Issa Kouyate, founder of Station House project.
Courtesy of US ambassy
Cherif Khoury from Dakar, Dakar, Senegal - 8/28/2017 7:32:28 AM
My hero is: Issa Kouyate. Issa Kouyaté.. He's from Dakar. He first came to St Louis working with project Abraod. When he finished his work with project Abroad, he worked at "Hotel Residence" in saint louis . Issa noticed that at the hotel people threw away throw lot of food. He asked the director of the "Hotel Residence if he could give this food (leftovers) to the Talibes ( street children) . The first day he took the food to the talibes at the railway station where they hang out there was about a 100 children who came to eat the food (bred chocolate, rice and fish and other.) That day inspired him to set up a social center named "Maison de la Gare", (Station House) where he tries to provide better living condition for these kids. Everyday Issa works hard to succeed in his mission. Now Issa is known for his life saving project and his work has been acknowledged by the World as Issa has been nominated CNN hero.

Judge Davison watching swimmers
Wendy Jewell - 8/18/2017 8:24:18 AM
My hero is: Judge Keith Davison.

Recently widowed Keith Davison built a backyard swimming pool at his home in Morris, Minnesota for all the neighbourhood kids to enjoy. After 66 years of marriage his home was so unbearably quiet after losing his wife that he decided to bring back some laughter and joy. A real win win!

Jeanne Meyers
My hero project
Cheikh Darou Seck from Dakar, Senegal - 8/18/2017 4:58:01 AM
My hero is: Jeanne Meyers.

Jeanne Meyers is the co-founder and Director of the MY HERO project. She has dedicated her life to celebrating heroee around the world and to connect people by helping them work together and bring the best in them. Jeanne has brought a tremendous and radical change in my life and the life of so many people she helped become betteer. She isan angel and a true hero. Shés my hero and my inspiration. All the people who know me know THE MY HERO project. All that is possible because of Jeanne Meyers. This is why she is my hero.

Lizette, Jahkai and Jahmar Milette
Wendy Milette
Wendy Milette from Davenport, Ca, Usa - 8/16/2017 9:58:04 AM
My hero is: Jahmar, Lizette and Jahkai Milette.

My son and his lovely wife are excellent parents; kind, nurturing, affectionate and giving to our precious Jahkai Manuel!

Jeanne Meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 8/16/2017 9:32:59 AM
My hero is: Anabelle Vo.

She has been helping mentor teachers and students using technology. She helps run the MY HERO Film Festival and has made some beautiful short films for MY HERO.

Eva and Yoel
Jeanne from Laguna beach, Ca, USA - 8/9/2017 9:03:42 AM
My hero is: Eva and Yoel Haller.

They inspire me. Strong, resilient, lovers of art, passionate supporters of women's rights and children's rights. Love to be with these two.

Wendy Jewell from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 8/9/2017 7:48:24 AM
My hero is: Nature and especially flowers.

This Stargazer Lily blooms every summer and it brings such joy to all who are lucky enough to see it.

Alton Brown
Mi from Los Angeles, CA, USA - 8/8/2017 7:48:41 PM
My hero is: Alton Brown.

Alton Brown is everything that an artist could ever be - cook, cinematographer, musician, cookbook author, and TV personality. Brown is the creator and host of Good Eats!, a TV show that demonstrates the science behind cooking in the most intriguing and entertaining way.

Stephanie Cole
Jeanne Meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 7/25/2017 1:44:20 PM
My hero is: Stephanie Cole.

she is a champion working to make sure that MY HERO is great resource for educators around the globe. She has been managing the project for 16 years. God Bless Stephanie Cole!

Cheikh Darou Seck. from Dakar, Senegal - 7/23/2017 9:58:27 AM
My hero is: Jeanne Meyers.

Jeanne Meyers is the co-founder and Director of the MY HERO project. She has dedicated her life to celebrating heroee around the world and to connect people by helping them work together and bring the best in them. Jeanne has brought a tremendous and radical change in my life and the life of so many people she helped become betteer. She isan angel and a true hero. Shés my hero and my inspiration. All the people who know me know THE MY HERO project. All that is possible because of Jeanne Meyers. This is why she is my hero.

Me and Cedar at a Rescue Dog Cafe in NC
Emma Camille - 7/12/2017 1:42:43 PM
My hero is: My Cedar Pup . Cedar teaches me strength and resilience ever day. Two years ago she was paralyzed in her back legs by a stroke. Through all the struggles she still smiles and makes her way up mountains. She constantly reminds me to embrace the beauty of life and remember how strong we all are! And she is a source of infinite love.

Nancy Poss-Hatchl
Wendy Milette
Wendy Milette from Davenport. , California, United States - 7/12/2017 11:56:31 AM
My hero is: Nancy Poss-Hatchl. My Moma instilled in me the values that govern my life. Respect for all people, reverence for nature, passion for mysticism, and a fervent desire to show kindness to every human being. I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with her as my Moma.

Wendy Jewell
Wendy Jewell from Toronto, Canada - 7/3/2017 11:36:33 AM
My hero is: Rheya.

Rheya is an Australian Sheppard that came into my daughter's life just when she needed a true friend with no judgement! What a blessing she has been, not only for Slater but for all who meet her.

Nic Vujicic
Trey Carlisle from Monterey Park, CA, USA - 6/6/2017 6:21:07 PM
My hero is: Nic Vujichich. Nic Vujicic was born with no arms or legs. In his childhood he didn't believe he would ever have a bright future due to his condition. However, he later found inner strength in his faith and started to believe that he could overcome his limitations. In high school he gave his first motivational speech to his peers. He was moved as people came up to him in tears, thanking him for inspiring them. Vujicic is now a world renown motivational speaker, inspiring kids across the globe to not let their challenges and wounds in life affect them. He is ALSO a surfer, husband, and father.

Mohamed Sidibay
jeanne meyers from laguna beach, ca - 5/31/2017 9:51:36 AM
My hero is: Mohamed Sidibay. He has embraced education as a force for positive change. Having been a former child soldier he has taken on the challenge of working for the rights of all children to have a right to an education. He has been helping my hero bring our resources to teachers around the world. He graduated from George Washington University in Peace and Conflict Resolution and has been working with NGO and the United Nations to provide equal access to education for all. He will be attending law school this fall with a goal of becoming a human rights lawyer. MY HERO has been so grateful for his help and leadership over the years.

Nathan and KD Smith
Miss Jamie
jeanne - 5/25/2017 7:32:01 PM
My hero is: Nathan Smith. He has been working so hard to improve MY HERO with his most excellent teammates Anthony and Leon and Vincent and Karen. We are very pleased with the progress and appreciate all of their efforts to make MY HERO a web site that will be enjoyed for students for years to come...

Tara from Seattle, Washington, USA - 5/22/2017 1:57:46 AM
My hero is: Marita Hird. She was born in Victoria, the 25 febrary 1971. She begins her like as a jokey in 1993. She is Austalian. She is in the Australian Paralympic Athletic Team. Her medical problem is quite consistent, she broke her neck in three places. She was advised that she was an incomplete quadriplegic. Then, to recover, she used riding as a therapy. It can be said that riding has saved him somehow, helped him to climb the slope. She is undoubtedly a woman endowed with unfailing courage. In spite of her handicap, she still carries her passion that costs. She is a model for all of us, a model of courage.It gives us a lesson in life and therefore never give up and give up in the face of the harshness of life.

celik amour from nevers, nievre, france - 5/22/2017 1:54:33 AM
My hero is: Muhammad Ali. He was a legendary boxer.He had won the gold medal in the olympic games of 1960.His real name was Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. He is the winner of championship world of heavyweight versus Sonny Liston. Muhammad Ali is known for his style fighting. This slogan was :"Fly like a butterfly, stings like the bee!".Mohamed Ali has become one of the most famous athletes in the world. Incorporated in the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Ali is considered one of the greatest boxers in history.

Micheline from Montcuq, France - 5/22/2017 1:47:30 AM
My hero is: Kathrine Switzer. Kathrine Switzer is an American writer but mostly a marathon runner. She is famous because she is the first woman who participated to Boston Marathon. I admire her so much since equality between men and women is very important even in sport.

Manguier from Urvord, Nier, France - 5/22/2017 1:41:48 AM
My hero is: Zinedine Zidane. World-renowned football player Zinedine Zidane won the World Cup in 1998 and the European Championship in 2000. Nicknamed "el maestro" by the Italians, Zidane is recognized as an unrivaled football tactician . After five years spent under the jersey of Juventus in Turin, the offensive midfielder joined the prestigious Real Madrid club in 2001. The 1998 World Cup gave Zidane a dazzling popularity and raised it to the rank of national hero..

Thomas from LIlle, Nord, France - 5/20/2017 11:52:04 AM
My hero is: Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional soccer player who has set record while playing for both Manchester United and real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985, in Funchal, in Portugal. He begin his professional at Manchester United. IN the 2004 FA CUP final, he scored Manchester's first three goals and helped then capture the championship. In 2008 he set franchise record goals scored. He was bought by real Madrid 131millions dollars, in 2009. In addition to his FIFA world Player of the year award, Ronaldo has also won 4 BALLON D'OR, the golden boot, and was named the UEFA club forward of the year he got other honors during course of this career, he won too European Championships with Portugal team against France. He's an exemple for me for lot of reasons, because he is a best player ever and I like football. Cristiano Ronaldo rescived award of the most generous sport player of the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is an exemple.

thomas from chemy, France - 5/11/2017 7:53:46 AM
My hero is: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional soccer player who as set record while player for both Manchester United and Real Madrid. He was born on February 5, 1985 in Fanchal, in Portugal. He becan his professional at Manchester United. In the 2004 FA cup final, he scored Manchester's first three goals and helped hen capture the Championship. In 2008 he set franchise record goals scored. He was bought by Real Madrid 131 millions dollars in 2009. In addition to this FIFA world player of the year award, Ronaldo has also won 4 BALLON D'OR, the Golden boot, and was named the UEFA club forward his career, he won too European Championship with Portugal team against France. It's an exemple for me because he's the best player have ever seen because and I love seen him because i like playing football. And for conclude he's my hero because he's the most generous football player of the world.

Nickita from Donduseni, Donduseni, Moldova - 4/25/2017 12:12:37 PM
My hero is: Van Gogh. My hero is Van Gogh.He painted beautiful drawings.Most of all I like his picture "Starry Night". I like this artist because he does not have pictures like eveyone else.That's why he's my hero

Brenda Cates from blue springs, mo, USA - 4/22/2017 9:43:35 AM
My hero is: First Lt Douglas Ferguson. I was in fifth grade. My family wanted to be involved . We went out and donated and received MIA and POW bracelets to wear. The young man on my bracelet never came home. And years after his parents died his remains were finally brought home. I still have that bracelet and will always have it. Every single young boy that was sent to that terrible place is a hero. And all the veterans from previous wars. Thank you Ron for your books and your truth!

Jessica from Dublin, Ohio, USA - 4/20/2017 12:27:57 PM
My hero is: My grandpa, Don. A hero doesn’t have to be able to fly, or have mind reading powers. I think that a hero is someone who is brave, always thinks of others before themselves, perseveres, looks on the bright side and has love in their heart. My grandpa, Don, showed all of these characteristics throughout his life. When my grandpa was a child, his parents worked in a small bakery. He loved to run and he was one of the fastest of his friends. When he was about ten years old, he was diagnosed with Polio. Polio is a disease that attacks your nerves. It makes you very sick. In some cases it can make you paralyzed. My grandpa was paralyzed in his back and legs. He was in and out of the hospital for over a year. But he didn’t let that ruin his life. He went to college and became an accountant. Getting Polio was definitely not a good thing, but some good did come out of it. If he didn’t get Polio, he might not have gone to college. The reason he was able to go to college is because his aunt helped pay for it since he couldn’t work a job like his parents. Going to college opened up a lot of new opportunities for him. As an adult, he married my grandma, took care of 3 children and worked as an accountant. When he got older, he unfortunately developed heart failure. He was back in the hospital. He was in the hospital for years. Eventually he was able to go home but he was still sick. He died at home one night. We were all sad that he was gone but happy that he had had a long and full life. My grandpa was one of the bravest people I knew. Once when I was a baby, we went to visit my grandparents. My grandpa didn’t know that I knew how to go down stairs. I was walking down the basement stairs when my grandpa saw me. He cared about me so much that he was about to push himself out of his wheelchair and fall to catch me. This demonstrates three characteristics of a hero. This shows that he is brave, always thinks of others before himself and that he has so much love. When he was in the hospital for holidays because of his heart failure, we would visit him. You could either say that it’s sad he has to be in a hospital for holidays, or you could say that it’s happy that we got to visit him. He always chose to see the happy side of it. This shows that he always looks on the bright side of things. Before my grandpa got Polio, he loved to run and was very fast. Once he got Polio he couldn’t do it anymore. But that didn’t stop him from anything. When he was in college, he played on a wheelchair basketball team. This shows that he doesn’t let his disabilities stop him, and that he perseveres. My grandpa is my hero. He was an amazing person who showed all of these characteristics and much more. He did some great things and affected so many people throughout his life.

Lera from Moldova - 4/19/2017 1:14:55 PM
My hero is: My hero is Harry Potter. Since the year Harry Potter was introduced to the world, he has become one of the most popular characters in the history of literature. He is adored by everyone I know: children, adults and even some elderly people. This orphaned boy has to live with his unpleasant relatives, because he’s lost his parents. He attends the Hogwarts School where they teach him different magical tricks. In fact, it’s a place where he studies wizardry. In total, there are seven books about the boy, all written by an incredibly gifted author - Joanne K. Rowling. In most chapters he fights the evil Voldemort, who was responsible for the death of his parents. All books were pictured on the screen and I should say that the films are as interesting as books. In fact, Harry has two best friends as stated in the story. Their names are Hermione and Ron. Some people prefer reading the books, but I liked the movies more. There are many moving moments there, such as Harry’s dance with Hermione, friends’ support in hard times, etc. Thanks to J. K. Rowling the story is impactful and catchy. I’m sure it brightened many children’s life. “Harry Potter” books were written for people of any religion, race or nationality. Perhaps, that’s why it has become the world’s best-selling series. It’s important that throughout the novel the writer brings out some vital topics, such as the choices which we make in life or the directions that we take. These choices determine the individual character of the main hero. In my opinion, watching the movies or reading the books about Harry Potter, children learn many invaluable lessons. Apart from that, the story is full of humorous moments.

LALY V from Nevers, Bourgogne, France - 4/14/2017 3:06:09 AM
My hero is: My hero is Penelope Leprevost. Penelope Leprevost is a French rider. She was born on the first August 1980. In 2006, She wins her first title : Champion of France with her Horse : Karatina. In 2008, with the arrival of jubilée d'Ouilly in her club, she participates to her first Nations Cup with the French team and takes away that of Zagreb. She begins to work with Michel Robert, who becomes her mentor. Her good results allowed her to be selected for the European championships of Windsor with the same horse. En 2012, she went to Olympic Games, she had no medal because she fell, while she had been crowned vice-champion of the world in 2010. In 2013, she won the final pf the Nation Cup in teams in Barcelona. In 2014, With Flora de Mariposa (her horse) she is a vice-champion of the world by team in the World Equestrian Games. She is my hero because, there is not a lot of woman in the riding high level, furthermore I find her course exceptional. :)

Laura.F / Clara.C from Imphy, France, France - 4/14/2017 3:00:22 AM
My hero is: Laura Flessel. Laura Flessel-Colovic was born 1971 in Guadeloupe. She's married at Denis Colovic. She is a fencing player, and she begins fencing at the age of 6, she's french.She takes away her first successes on the world scene in 1995 by ending on the third square of the World championships of The Hague. She wins 5 Olympic medals and she is six times world champion and once champion of Europe. She's called "wasp". She is an ambassadress of the campaign Stand Up For African Mothers of the AMREF Flying Doctors, the godmother of Handicap International, Ambassadress of the NGO Plan France31 and godmother of a girl in Haiti today. Her project on the long term is to send fencing in cities and disadvantaged places. She based the Ti' Colibri association which has for vocation to promote fencing. Thanks to her action, this one was able to offer ways and equipment to clubs arranging few resources.

Cooper from Winchester, VA, USA - 4/5/2017 7:04:33 AM
My hero is: Grandma Penny. My grandma was named Penny and was born in 1947 in Lamesa,Texas. When she was a kid she had a kind and fun personality. Her favorite thing to do as a toddler was play with her dolls.She was kind to her and sister Candy. Candy is my great aunt with skin cancer. Penny and Candy play a lot but read a lot too. Her mom was named Memo and she was very nice. At about the age of 4, she started to read and she still loves it. When she was growing up her beloved job was being a mother. But when she grew up her first job was flight attendant but she didn’t like that job she became a 6 grade teacher. In 1977, she had my mother but at this time she was still a 6 grade teacher. She got divorced a few years later. She had a boyfriend this year but she broke up with him. I never seen that grandpa before. I only seen him when I was a baby. All I remember is that he was a college professor. But after a few years later she retired from her job and supported her daughter in college and when my mom had my brother, she started hanging out with us. Some of her heroic qualities are like how she raised two amazing kids all by herself. But the problem with her is HOW MUCH SHE TALKS!!!!

Zachary from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:50:47 AM
My hero is: Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith is an amazing hero. He was a religious hero of the Mormon church. He was born on December 23, 1805 and died on June 27, 1844. He was the first modern day prophet of the restored Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Joseph smith grew up in a one room cabin with a huge family. When Joseph Smith was 14 he had a vision. He told his family but they didn’t have the same beliefs as him. Later on his brother Hyrum helped him. That vision he had at 14 lead him to translate the Book of Mormon. He was extremely brave, and selfless. He found the brass plates, a religious document of Mormonism. And restored the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He had to be extremely brave to do this because many people didn’t believe what he was teaching and hated him for that. People tried to kill him he was even thrown in jail by them, some even tried to steal the brass plates. A part of the brass plates called the book of Lehi is still missing. After he got the plates and the Urim and Thummim a tool use to translate the plates, he was able to translate the plates so we can read them today. After this he started the church and taught from the book of Mormon. He also had to be selfless to teach other people while risking his own life. He died on June 27, 1844 by murder from an angry mob. He dedicated his life to sharing and protecting the Book of Mormon. That is why he is an amazing hero.

Audrey from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:49:06 AM
My hero is: President Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was definitely a hero. He was a very brave man. Lincoln was the 16th President from April 4, 1861 through April 15, 1865. Lincoln was brave and had courage because he led the American Revolutionary War. Also, while he led the American Revolutionary War he also was sacrificing his life, by leading it. He must of had patience during the war too, because it isn’t like he would go out and they would be waiting for him ready to fight! He was caring, and had many friends that liked him because he was nice to them. Friends, such as, Joseph Gillespie, William Seward, William Butler, Noah Brooks, and Abram Bergen. Lincoln is known for his honesty, because everyone could trust him and tell them the truth. Lincoln was really tall, his height was 6’4. That might not sound too tall, but he wore a top hat that was really tall and made him look much taller! Lincoln’s average weight was about 180 pounds! What!?! Yup, 180 pounds! Some of Lincoln’s favorite foods were, oyster stew, apples, cheese and crackers, and nuts. Lincoln managed to abolish slavery, be self educated, be part of the United States House of Representatives! He did a LOT in his life, before he was assassinated. Lincoln was assassinated on April 5, 1865 by John Wilkes Booth. He must’ve been very focused because you just CAN’T lead a war if you aren’t focused! He was selfless, because if you are leading a war, it isn’t JUST peace for you, it’s for the rest of the country you are fighting for! Abe Lincoln is one of MY heroes because he was brave.

Josie from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:46:58 AM
My hero is: Neil Armstrong. Neil Armstrong Neil Armstrong has been an inspiration to me in several ways. He was the first man on the moon with the quote “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio on August 5th 1930. When he landed on the moon, it inspired people everywhere to believe they can do something if they put their mind to it. He inspired me because if someone can land on the moon in a spacesuit almost no gravity and in freezing temperatures, then I can definitely land on a radiated planet with frozen waters. (my goal is to be the first woman on mars.) Neil Armstrong passed away on August 25th, 2012 living to be 82. Neil Armstrong was brave, courageous, and daring. The reason why I say this is because he, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins took a chance on not coming back from the moon. While he was on the moon Neil collected samples and took pictures. one of which was his footprint. The spaceship they used was the Apollo 11. They landed in the pacific ocean, west of Hawaii. After they landed, they were put in quarantine for 3 weeks.

Penny from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:38:41 AM
My hero is: Clara Barton. Clara Barton is a hero of the american Civil War for creating the American Red Cross. THe Red cross provides emergency assistance, disaster relief and education in the U.S.A. She got named “ANgel Of The battlefield”. She was not only a nurse but she was a teacher, and Patent Clerk. she never got married because she was so busy with her jobs. She was born on december 25, 1821, at North oxford massachusetts u.s.. She died on April 12, 1912, at glen Echo maryland u.s. .clara Barton's father was Captain Stephen Barton, a member of the local military and a selectman who inspired his daughter with patriotism and a broad humanitarian interest. clara’s mother was Sarah Stone Barton. clara had four siblings. Wanting to serve her country, CLARA went to the railroad station when the victims arrived and SHE nursed 40 men. When she went to the battlefield she brought a four mule team pulling a wagon of supplies for men on the battlefield, injured ones. At the beginning of the civil war, she collected and distributed supplies for the Union Army. She and her assistants received and answered over 63,000 letters and identified over 22,000 missing men. Subsequently, Barton read A Memory of Solferino, a book written by Henry Dunant, founder of the global Red Cross network. are THE WEBSITEs I COPIED MOST INFORMATION FROM.

Miley from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:36:30 AM
My hero is: Passengers and Crew of Flight 93. On September 11, 2001, a Boeing 757-222 was hijacked. Two other hijacked planes had been crashed into the Twin towers, and another was heading for the Pentagon. The hijackers overpowered the flight crew about 46 minutes after takeoff. Although the specific target is unknown, it is believed the hijackers were heading for the Capital Building or the White House. Several passengers and flight attendants were able to make phone calls and learned that other planes had been hijacked. Many of the passengers made an attempt to control the plane. In the process,the plane crashed into a reclaimed strip mine in Stony Township. Vice President Dick Cheney learned that flight 93 had crashed in Pennsylvania and is reported to have said “I think an act heroism just took place on that plane.” I believe he is correct. List of passengers and crew. Many people gave up their lives for others on September 11. Here is a partial list of the people who died. CHRISTIAN ADAMS LORRAINE G. BAY TODD M. BEAMER ALAN ANTHONY BEAVEN MARK BINGHAM DEORA FRANCES BODLEY SANDY WAUGH BRADSHAW MARION R. BRITTON THOMAS E. BURNETT, JR WILLIAM JOSEPH CASHMAN

Jackson from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:33:59 AM
My hero is: Alex Morgan. Alex Morgan is a famous soccer player and sum consider her the best soccer player all time.She was born in San Dimas, California.She grew up in the town of Diamond Bar with her two sisters Jeni and Jeri. Alex attended the University of UC Berkeley there she played for the California Golden Bears starting in 2007 to 2010.Then played for the Western New York Flash. Alex played for many more teams and when they were she never lost hope this led her here.

Lauren from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:32:04 AM
My hero is: Col William H. Dabney,USMC Rrt.. Col William H. Dabney,USMC Rrt. Commanding Officer,HQBN,HQMC,HH was born in New Brunswick, Canada on September 28 1934. His mother was Mary Hennessey Wagner and his father was Victor William Wagner but, his mother remarried Hugh Keane Dabney on May 5, 1945. He was raised in Panama and Gloucester County, Virginia. When he died, he was a retired Marine Corps. Before he died, he went on missions. He had many missions in Vietnam. He was awarded the Navy Cross.

Lynnea from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:28:55 AM
My hero is: Mary Lou Retton. Mary Lou Retton was an Olympic gymnast. In 1984 she was the first female gymnast to win gold on all around. She got a perfect 10 twice in the Olympics. The scores are decimals on how you do in your routine the highest score you can get is a 10 that is like perfect. The highest all around score you can get is a 40 and that is all 10’s it’s reallllllllllllllly hard to get! The scores are decimals on how you do in your routine the highest score you can get is a 10 unless you are in the Olympics that is like perfect. She was very strong too! She was an Olympian in 1984. A national sports survey found Mary the most famous athlete in America. She has four daughters, a husband, mother and father. She stopped doing gymnastics in 1985. She was sixteen when she was doing gymnastics. She inspired my mom because my mom did gymnastics too and she was really good! She is a hero because she inspired me because she was a gymnast and I’m one, too!

Trey from Winchester, VA, USA - 3/31/2017 8:24:17 AM
My hero is: Kelli Marie White. Kelli Marie White was born January 31, 1999. When she was young, her parents separated. Her mother, Jessica White later married Rick White. He adopted Kelli and became her biological father. Kelli had three schools she went to in elementary. That didn’t affect her at all. She has always had all A’s and B’s. She received a leadership award in 5th grade out of the entire grade. One thing that hurt her in school was that her BFF moved in elementary school. In high school she moved back. Kelli is currently in the National honor society. In basketball Kelli was not much different. She played AAU basketball for 8 years. In 8th grade she broke her collarbone and didn’t come back to basketball until she started high school.For sitting out for so long she won an award. She played high school basketball for Millbrook until her junior year. For her junior and senior year she played basketball for Sherando. She won MVP award at Sherando. She was one of the top rebounders in the division. She will be going to Shenandoah university and wants to master in occupational therapy. She is a great sister and role model. She is also a role model for me in basketball.