Who is your Hero?

My mom
Vasilciuc Gabriela from Flore?ti , The Republic of Moldova, The Republic of Moldova - 5/19/2024 8:23:49 AM
My hero is: Mother.

My hero… I would like to tell you about my hero, who is my mother. With her help I can fulfill my wishes and goals. Thanks to her, I became what I am now. She always encouraged me no matter what situation happens. She is understanding and strong. She always understands me and is there for me when I need her. She always guides me on the right path and will never wish me any harm. She treats me like a princess and fulfills my every wish. In my eyes she is the most perfect. Every time she surprises me with amazing and very beautiful gifts. Mother for me is a word full of love. Many would like a mother like mine, but she is only mine. Sometimes I'm ready to give up, but she guides me to keep going. I love my mother very much and I am grateful to her for everything she does for me.

Bill Gates
Calin Sulima from Flore?ti Town, Flore?ti, The Republic of Moldova - 5/8/2024 7:45:50 AM
My hero is: Bill Gates.

Someone I admire is Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. I admire him because he pursued a career in IT, despite the fact that his parents wanted him to be a lawyer. He started programming at 13 in BASIC, a really old language. Since at that time computers were rare, he had to pay to get computer time, so he and 3 of his friends tried to get free computer time by exploiting bugs so they all got banned from using the company’s computers again. To make use of his time and make money, the 4 students made a programming club that was offering its services to schools to get computer time, then a teacher observed their talent and offered them to work for the school. Till 1975 when they founded Microsoft, Gates got into different business with his friends and enrolled at Harvard in the autumn of 1973 for his extraordinary results on an SAT test (Scholastic aptitude test) he also met Steve Ballmer who became one of the founders of Microsoft and the CEO of the company from 2000 till 2014, succeeding Gates. He made a pancake sorting algorithm as a solution to an unsolved problem which held the record as the fastest version for 30 years. In 1974 Gates worked for Honeywell, then in 1975 he finally dropped out of Harvard and saw the opportunity to start his own company with Paul Allen. During the existence of Microsoft, they created the most popular operating system (Windows) and the well-known office tools such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, and the emailing service Outlook/Hotmail. He is my idol since he used his knowledge to make life easier for everyone and used his money for philanthropic causes and the fact that he built everything brick by brick by himself, with no help from his parents.

My father
Zagorodniuc Alexandru from Floresti town, Floresti, The Republic of Moldova - 5/7/2024 12:40:50 PM
My hero is: Father.

My hero is my dad. He is 37 years old. I consider him, my hero. I like his humor. He teaches me more interesting things. Also, when we are together we spend a beautiful time. He is a driver. Usually, when he goes to work, he takes me with him. He says that when I will grow, he will teach me to drive a car. We are very united. When I have a problem he helps me find the correct solutions. In youth, he played the piano and drums. At the moment, I study at musical school and he helps me a lot. He explains me the things that I don’t understand. Before an exam, he listens to me and shows me my mistakes. He always supports me, he tells me that everything will be fine. We watch together football matches.We have a favourite football club. We have our favourite food. It is ‘’Radauteana soup’’. I consider him, my hero because not everyone can make this. I want to be like him

My grandma
Me ??
Vlad from Flore?ti , Flore?ti , Moldova - 5/7/2024 8:54:35 AM
My hero is: My grandma .

My granma is my mother of my mom. She has short curly gray hair. She isn't too tall and not slim . She has a calm but funny personality.

My dad.
Damian Vatavu from Flore?ti, The Republic of Moldova, Moldova - 5/7/2024 8:51:59 AM
My hero is: My dad..

My hero is my father because he helps my family to have a better future. My father is someone respectable, interesting and funny. He guides us, my brother and myself to the correct path in life. My dad can make different things like: from a bird house to a ladder and more others. He is the head of the family, so no one dares to make him feel bad. He works at a simple job but for others it is hard. When I grow up I want to be just like him as he is, was and will be my hero forever!

Stratu Iulian from Floresti, The Republic of Moldova, Moldova - 5/7/2024 8:50:36 AM
My hero is: Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver competing in Formula One, he currently drives for Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, he has a total of seven championship titles and holds the records for most number of wins , pole positions and podium finishes. He was born on 7 January , 1985 in Stevenage ,Hertfordshire.

my mom
and me
Scutaru Valeria from Flore?ti, Flore?ti, Republic of Moldova - 5/7/2024 8:49:21 AM
My hero is: My mom.

"Self-confidence is the essence of heroism," My true hero is my mother. Mother, this magical and beautiful word with enchanted power, represents the most beloved and beloved being on earth. If someone told me to describe my mother, I would say that:,, My mother is a gentle and beautiful woman. Her hair is long and straight, and her eyes are like two diamonds full of warmth, gentleness, and wisdom. No rose can surpass it in beauty and no snowdrop in delicacy. Her hands are soft hands. Her melodious voice pierces my heart and fills it with joy and happiness, and her gaze is soft and bright. Her soul is full of kindness and understanding. I could say that my mother is an angel sent from heaven to help me overcome the difficulties of life, being by my side when I need support. I promise her that when I become an adult personality, and she will grow old, I will repay her for everything she has done and is doing for me. I will love her, I will listen to her, I will always respect her and I wish her good health, happiness, peace of mind, peace, long life, and everything there is better in the world!

?ura Lauren?iu from Flore?ti, the Republic of Moldova, Flore?ti town, the Republic of Moldova - 5/7/2024 8:45:53 AM
My hero is: My mom.

My hero is my mother. She is the best hero in the world. She helps me with homework and difficult things that I can’t understand. Her main superpower is that she can help me with everything in the world. She is very generous, beautiful, and helpful. I love her very much because she is my mother and she always helps me. She is the best in the world. She is not very strong or very fast, and she does not see or hear very well but one main power she has is to always help me. She is not the best heroine of all, but for me, she is the best. And she is still the best in the family and helpful. I like that she is my mother and she educated me, and taught me to be kind and patient. I am proud that she is my mother and I love her with all my heart and she is my heroine.

Pascaru Sofia from Flore?ti , The Republic of Moldova , Moldova - 5/7/2024 8:44:16 AM
My hero is: My mother .

My mother is a very strong woman who taught me many things about life. She is an extraordinary person in my life. My mom has brown eyes and black hair. She always finds something to work on. She loves flowers and takes care of them. She is intelligent, humorous, cool, and very beautiful for her years. My mom cooks healthy dishes, and very tasty ones, It doesn't happen that we eat the same food for several days in a row. She is an example of strength and perseverance, overcoming any obstacle in her path to make sure we are happy and safe. With patience and understanding, she always listens to me and tries to help me with what she can and guides me in life. We love her very much. I am proud to have such a mother. She is the most important person for me and my siblings.

Bohdan Khmel'nyts'kyi
Bohdan Khmel'nyts'kyi
Marina from Kyiv, Kyiv, Ukraine - 4/30/2024 8:04:44 AM
My hero is: Bohdan Khmel'nyts'kyi.

The 1648 uprising, organised by Bohdan Khmelnytsky, played a crucial role in gaining independence for Ukraine. This uprising led to the creation of an independent Cossack state and established the foundations of Ukrainian statehood. He raised Ukrainian lands for the liberation war against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1648-1657. He stated that his goal was to liberate the entire Ukrainian people from Polish captivity and unite Ukrainian lands into an independent state. That's why he's my hero. He did a lot for Ukraine.

Camila Longoria from Houston, Houston,TX - 4/29/2024 12:01:38 PM
My hero is: Misty copeland. She always has a positive mind and always fights for freedom.

Hamza from Mateur, Bizerte , Tunisia - 4/29/2024 4:58:55 AM
My hero is: Didier Drogba .

Didier Drogba, the Ivorian lion, is my hero because he did many charitable works, such as building schools and hospitals in Cote l voire

Maryem from Marteur, Tunisia - 4/28/2024 12:14:56 PM
My hero is: Lady Diana. Diana spencer known as lady Diana born july 1 1961 in Sandringham and died August 31 1997 in Paris ,is a British aristocrat member of the British royal family

20 "betrayals" and "victories" of Oleksandr Usyk
Do not create an idol for yourself
Oleksandr from Kyiv, Desnyanskiy District, Ukraine - 4/28/2024 9:50:47 AM
My hero is: Oleksandr Oleksandrovich Usyk. He is a Ukrainian professional boxer.

Omar ibn khattab
Karm Allah wajheh
Maram from Mateur , Bizerte, Tunisia - 4/27/2024 11:57:01 AM
My hero is: Omar ibn khattab .

Omar ibn khattab karam Allah wajheh was known for his justice and fairness to people whether they were Muslims or non-Muslims. He was gentle-hearted and strong, and he revealed revelations that agreed with his thoughts. He did not hesitate to make a sacrifice for the sake of God and defend the Messenger of God. He was also known for his courage and the strength of his faith.

Tasnim from Mateur, Bizerte , Tunisia - 4/27/2024 8:51:40 AM
My hero is: BTS ??. They are the most famous band in the world and they performed volunteer work that supported women. I remember that at the beginning of their career they repaired an old man’s house even though they did not have a lot of money.

Mariem from Mateur , Bizerte , Tunisia - 4/27/2024 8:38:11 AM
My hero is: BTS. My hero is BTS. Perhaps my choice be strange to some people,but I chose them as a successful team. They overcome all the obstacles that faced them together. They also instilled hope in my heart and in the hearts of the other people. Besides they had previously succeeded in helping a girl get out of her depression after she was suffering from cancer..

Hamza bouhajja from Mateur, Bizerte , Tunisa - 4/26/2024 11:04:40 AM
My hero is: Didier Drogba . My hero is Didier Drogba. One of his most important works in Cote d'Ivoire is that he opened many schools in his country. He also stopped a civil war indirectly. What is meant is that at the African Cup, the crowd stopped to watch it and say goodbye.

Tomas from Chicago, Illinois, United States - 4/23/2024 12:18:07 PM
My hero is: Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccitini.

Messi is the best futball player of all time and a true hero because other than playing soccer he also helps out charities and groups that are beneficial. He donates money to charity groups and talks to the children sometimes as motivation making him a true hero to look up to.

Adali from Chicago, Illinois, United States - 4/23/2024 11:45:07 AM
My hero is: My mom .

My mom teaches me by example, motivates me to never give up, and is always very supportive. She teaches me to be empathetic and supportive. She is my hero.

Mastoora Sediqi from Chicago, Illinois, United States - 4/23/2024 11:40:58 AM
My hero is: my mother .

My mom is a brave woman who never gave up and stood up for herself and her children. When we faced a horrible situation, she tried to make us feel alright even though she was not okay as well. She played the role of a mother and a father when we were in need of it. She never made us feel like we've lost our dear and loved one person. My mom is the go-to person when I'm sad and she calms me down with her words and makes me feel alright. I love her so much!

Yoselin Lopez from chicago , illinois, United States - 4/23/2024 11:37:47 AM
My hero is: My mom.

I chose my mother as my hero because she works day in and day out to give me and my brother a good education. She is a great woman, wife, mother, friend, partner, sister, daughter, and many other things. I chose her because she teaches me the values of life and how to face life's problems.

Betzy Flores Tapia from Chicago, Illinois, United States - 4/23/2024 11:36:52 AM
My hero is: My doctor . admirable

Chelsea Ramirez from Chicago, Illinois, United States - 4/23/2024 11:36:09 AM
My hero is: My parents.

My heroes are very special because they are unique, helpful, persistent, considerate and they always try to help others. They are my parents.

yasamin from Chicago, IL, United States - 4/23/2024 11:35:24 AM
My hero is: my family .

I choose my family as my hero because they inspire me in good ways and good things.

sofia from chicago, illinois, united states' of america - 4/22/2024 12:20:02 PM
My hero is: nay .

My hero saves me and helps me every time I feel sad

Ny'Cole picture
Zae'lyn Chadwick from Portland, Oregon, United States - 4/10/2024 10:50:13 AM
My hero is: Ny'Cole Lashawne Griffin.

Ny'Cole was an uncle, grandson, godfather, cousin, son, brother, and best friend. He loved and protected his family. He lit up any room when he walked in. he was a protector to many people.

Pheio & Mr. Kitty
Lily from Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 4/4/2024 8:00:48 PM
My hero is: Pheionix.

Growing up, I never really had a hero that I would consider myself close to or someone who directly impacted my life. At least that was until I met Pheionix, or Pheio as I lovingly call him, sometimes perchance irritatingly if you were to ask him. In a few short months of knowing him, I knew that he had changed my life forever. Throughout his life Pheio has faced and continues to face so many hardships, challenges, and obstacles yet despite everything, continues to persevere through it all and remains a kind and loving soul to those closest to him. Before I met him, I cannot say that I truly knew what it meant to be loved and cared for or to love someone so much that my beating heart yearns for them from the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I fall asleep at night. Though he is so far away, even through the many restless nights I face, he brings comfort and solace. With all my heart, I can say that to this day I do not believe I could have made the progress and the necessary changes in my life without his guidance, his warmth, his kindness, and most of all his love. I was broken when I met him and his presence in my life has filled in the missing piece not temporarily, but for the rest of my life. I will always love and cherish him and continue to remember his profound effect on my life. Pheio, you are so incredibly smart, talented, gifted, handsome, kind, nurturing, and loving. I hope that no matter what happens in your life, you never forget that, not even for a few seconds. I know you are not perfect, but to me you are everything that I could have ever hoped for and more. No matter what anyone tells you and no matter how anyone makes you feel, I hope you never forget how special you truly are. I love you Pheio, now and forever for all the days of my life.

Anastasia from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 3:20:34 AM
My hero is: Theo Rose.

Theo Rose is a Romanian singer who helps children with cancer. She supports and encourages them and visits when she can.

Arina from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 3:17:51 AM
My hero is: My mother. My mom is an educator and she educates children. I love her for that too. She is loving,caring, and the list is endless. She is all for me.

Alexandru Tugulea from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 3:13:56 AM
My hero is: Cristiano Ronaldo. I admire Cristiano for his excellent skills in football, for his suuport given to those who live in poor conditions.He is the best footballer.

Vincenzia from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 3:05:56 AM
My hero is: My mother. My mom guides me in everything i do, she is amazing and her beauty reflects in all her actions.

Madalina from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 3:01:15 AM
My hero is: My mother. My mother is my best friend, we try to spend as much time as possible together. We are inseparable and i love her a lot.She is my everything.

Madalina from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 1:45:10 AM
My hero is: My mother. My mother is my best friend, we try to spend as much time as possible together. We are inseparable and i love her a lot.She is my everything.

Adelina Rabovil from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 1:37:01 AM
My hero is: My mother. My mother is the best person on the planet, she raised me , she still does it, her power is limitless, she is the best!!!!

Dumitrita from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 1:33:45 AM
My hero is: My mother. My mother is my hero because she's the best mom in the world, she supports me, encourages me and loves me enourmously.

Andrea from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 1:30:13 AM
My hero is: My grandfather.

My grandfather plays with me when I am sad and encourages me to realize my dreams.

Rogovschi Antonie from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 12:46:29 AM
My hero is: Harriet Tubman . Harriet Tubman fought for her community and helped people to gain equality in front of white people.

Lupu Elisei from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 12:42:36 AM
My hero is: Lupu Elisei.

My father is my hero because he is a good example for me, he supports me and helps me whenever I need.

Alexandru Prepelita from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 12:38:06 AM
My hero is: Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano is my hero because he donated more than 5 million dollars to the people from his native village.

Onoicu Matei from Ungheni City, Ungheni, Republica Moldova - 4/3/2024 12:30:52 AM
My hero is: Amelia Earhart.

Amelia Earhart is my hero because she was courageous and stubborn.

Regina Gudino from San Antonio, TX, US - 3/30/2024 8:52:55 AM
My hero is: Alfonso Martinez Jr .

My father is my hero. He was hardworking and was always there for his family. He loved us unconditionally. He worked several jobs to provide for his family. As his children, we were loved unconditionally. He served his country, he was a medic in the Army. He was extremely intelligent and could fix almost anything. He trusted us to make the right decisions. He is immensely missed. I miss his sense of humor, his laughter and his smile. I was very blessed to have my father. God's gift to me was my mother and father.

Hayden V - 1/11/2024 8:46:30 AM
My hero is: My mom. My hero is someone who makes people feel happy whenever they are around her and she is someone who is just kind in life.

Avah - 1/10/2024 11:34:31 AM
My hero is: My Mother. My mom because she will help me even when times are tough and she doesn't want me to be alone. When she helps me with stuff like homework she is showing me how to understand it better instead of doing it for me. If she is working she will put work aside just to help me or help my brother. That's why she is my hero.

Micah Elliott - 1/10/2024 6:34:44 AM
My hero is: My dad, Greg. My hero is willing to do anything for me. He bought me things that I wanted to have, he took me on special trips, and he has loved me for my whole life. He is truly a hero.

Sean B. - 1/6/2024 9:08:21 AM
My hero is: Mr. Nonnemacher.

Mr. Nonnemacher helps me with my homework and gives me time to have fun and chat with friends. He also loves being with me and others. He chats with me at games and we have tons of fun together.

Skylar VB - 1/5/2024 1:01:04 PM
My hero is: My dad..

My dad is very smart and tells me some stuff about the world. He cleans and stays home with us giving us company and sometimes my dad can be super playful which I love about him.

Marvin Cax Barrios - 1/5/2024 1:00:51 PM
My hero is: My sister Kendra.

My sister Kendra is nice to me and she buys me stuff and helps me with my homework and other things. She takes use to go shopping or go buy ice cream. She gives me good advice too.

Blake - 1/5/2024 1:00:33 PM
My hero is: My Dad..

My Dad is a good example to look up to, and he works hard in life. He is also nice to people and does good things.

Noemi LS - 1/5/2024 1:00:24 PM
My hero is: My cousin.

In 2022 I was having a bad time because of problems in my home and some things that I had. In February 2023, my cousin came all the way from Mexico to the United States just for my mental health. I was so happy when I saw her after 1 whole year without seeing her.

Chloe H - 1/5/2024 12:59:55 PM
My hero is: My hero is my mom Dawn.

My hero is my mom because she is always there for me. She will always go the extra mile even if she has something to do and I could figure it out myself. She teaches me to be kind and love others even if they are being annoying. That is why she is my hero.

Alivia H - 1/5/2024 12:59:07 PM
My hero is: My dad Drew. My dad is very caring, helpful, kind, brave, and a hard worker. He has three children and works a full time job; Drew overcomes obsticals and pushes threw everyday life. He is very caring and always puts a smile on mine and others faces.

Eva S. - 1/5/2024 12:59:00 PM
My hero is: My Grandma, Joy.

My hero, my Grandma Joy, has taught me so many things. Also has given me a lot of good advice. She is someone that I will always be able to look up to.

Peyton W - 1/5/2024 12:58:49 PM
My hero is: my dad Gary.

My dad has done amazing things to get to where he is now even though if my hero is losing money he is still working hard.

Nevaeh J - 1/5/2024 12:58:01 PM
My hero is: Faith my cousin..

She is my hero because she is always there for me. Also I am like her a lot because I have looked up to her. She is my older cousin and she is a girl so she understands me. When my mom needs help or needs a babysitter she is one of them. She is my cousin so I am very close with her.

Peyton M - 1/5/2024 12:57:48 PM
My hero is: My Grandma.

My hero is about 70 years old and she has gone through many things. She is trying to make more people grow in Christ and help other people so they will go to heaven with god.

Cash Saras - 1/5/2024 12:57:36 PM
My hero is: Grandpa Terry.

My Grandpa Terry is kind loves to do things outdoors and is a great part of the community and can make friends faster than anyone I have ever seen.

Jack Koenig - 1/5/2024 12:57:21 PM
My hero is: My mom.

My mom will do everything to just get home after work and she will never make you feel uncomfortable when around her.

Lily K - 1/5/2024 12:55:29 PM
My hero is: My dad Aaron.

My dad is the best. He is not always there from being at work but he is still there keeping our family running. He loves to play battle tech and at least every few months he goes to a state and hosts a big group at fancy hotels or event centers. He always brings little souvenirs home from many different states. That is why my dad is my hero.

Serena from Iowa, - 1/5/2024 12:55:20 PM
My hero is: My mom.

My mom is kind has a big heart and makes me happy.

Ryden C - 1/5/2024 12:52:21 PM
My hero is: Dad-Chad. He is very hardworking and kind. When he want something done he gets it done, and he does a good job of it.

Swiftie - 12/14/2023 11:23:55 AM
My hero is: Taylor Swift. Is she the hero or Anti-Hero? Just kidding!!! She is so generous and slays the day away!

Michael Jackson
Michael jackson
Steven - 12/14/2023 11:23:52 AM
My hero is: Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson revolutionized pop music with his solo career and his career with the Jackson’s in the 80’s and the Jackson 5 in the 60’s and 70’s.

Anthony Pouw from Los Angeles, California, United States - 12/8/2023 7:31:11 AM
My hero is: Any person who seeks to make things go right. People everywhere who handle matters when matters go wrong. The able and capable people of the world who take action and remedy what is wrong and make it right.

Gonzaga from Angola /Luanda, Luanda, Angola - 10/25/2023 7:38:01 AM
My hero is: Melinda Gates. Melinda Gates was born August 15, 1964 in Dallas, Texas and has never forgotten her modest beginnings. Her father, an engineer, realized his family would need extra cash for all four kids to go to college so he set up a cleaning business that Melinda worked in scrubbing floors and ovens. Her parents made it very clear that they all needed to go to college to make it economically in the US. And so Melinda did, receiving a bachelor's degree in computer science and economics from Duke University in 1986 and a master's in business administration from Duke's Fuqua School of Business in 1987. That same year she joined Microsoft Corp. where she distinguished herself in business as a leader in the development of many of Microsoft's multimedia products, including Encarta and Expedia.

Kenneth Leon Koslow
Jeanne from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 7/12/2023 2:33:07 AM
My hero is: Ken Koslow.

He was a the kindest and most compassionate loving man I have ever known. I miss him and think of him often. His wisdom still guides me and I am thankful for the good times we shared.

Albina from Skopje, Macedonia, North Macedonia - 6/2/2023 4:16:50 AM
My hero is: Jeneece Edroff.

This world needs more people like Janeece

My family is fighting with the trash can
Kite from Taichiung, Taichiung, Taiwan - 5/31/2023 6:19:38 AM
My hero is: My Family. Because there are to much trash in the world,so we need to pick them up but only if you want to let the trash disappear,you only need to not use too many plastic bottle or bags.Every time when we go to buy drinks,we always use our own bottle.

My hero is my mon
Always helps me&love me.
Ray yu from Taichung, Nantun, Taiwan - 5/31/2023 6:04:28 AM
My hero is: My hero is my mon. My mom is my hero,she helps me to clean my room.Thanks my mon always be with me.And make me strong.

jay chou from Taichung, Taiwan - 5/29/2023 11:16:31 PM
My hero is: My hero is my GramPa and my Gramma..

My hero is my GramPa and my Gramma. Because they are farmers. I love you Gramma and Grampa

jay chou from Taichung, Taiwan - 5/29/2023 10:44:15 PM
My hero is: My hero is my Grampa and my Gramma..

I love you Gramma and Grampa.  Because they are farmers 

steve irwin
steve irwin
Addison - 5/23/2023 4:52:50 PM
My hero is: steve irwin.

Steve Irwin (also known as the Crocodile Hunter) was an international environmentalist and animal preserver. He dedicated most of his life to the conservation of all animals he came across. Midway through his career, he opened up an attraction park known as Australia Zoo. This zoo was filled with many wonderful animals (even Crocodiles) and a live feeding show, presented by Steve himself. Through many of his adventures, Steve came across many different types of animals. Some friendly and some dangerous. There could have been animals that had fur and wool, or animals with spikes and venom. However Steve loved all animals and made it his life to try and help them and to try to learn more about them. A few years ago in 2006, Steve was filming a documentary at Batt Reef, Queensland, Australia. While he was swimming, he came across a string-ray, which tragically shot its barb through Steve’s heart and unfortunately, Steve died. Steve’s work still lives on today through his family and his many supporters. The zoo is still operational and is supported by countless amounts of people all over the world.

My family is my hero
My family
Nora from Taichung, Nantun, Taiwan - 5/23/2023 9:19:48 AM
My hero is: My family. I have a loving family that makes me feel secure. I love my family and my family loves me!

My family is my hero
My family
Nora from Taichung, Nantun, Taiwan - 5/23/2023 9:17:53 AM
My hero is: My family.

I have a loving family that makes me feel secure. I love my family and my family loves me!

Mom and Dad are my HERO
Mom and Dad
Chen, Yu An (Ian) - 5/23/2023 5:38:58 AM
My hero is: My Mom & Dad. Mom and Dad help me do many things and teach me many things.

Super hero family!
Dad & Mom
YIGU, Lin from Taichung, Taiwan - 5/23/2023 5:26:32 AM
My hero is: All my families are my heroes.. Dad and Mom protect the family.

My mom is shero
Lydia from Taiwan , - 5/23/2023 3:13:03 AM
My hero is: Mom. My mother will protect and take care of me, I love my mother

JAX SHEN - 5/22/2023 9:12:14 PM
My hero is: My DAD. MY DAD is my HERO!! I like it!!

JAX SHEN - 5/22/2023 8:42:03 PM
My hero is: My DAD. MY DAD is my HERO !! I like it!!

My dad is my hero
Yang,chun-hao from Taichung, Nantun, Taiwan - 5/22/2023 5:05:49 AM
My hero is: Dad.

Dad will protect us, will accompany me to exercise, accompany me to ride a bicycle, I like being with Dad.

Julius Xinglang - 5/20/2023 1:05:41 AM
My hero is: Mom. Mom is the best and my hero

Xinglang from Taichung, Taiwan , ROC - 5/20/2023 1:03:54 AM
My hero is: mom. She’s a super woman cause she is the best mom and is able achieve almost anything ~~~!

My family is my HERO
Uma from Taichung, No. 303, Huamei St., West Dist, Taiwan - 5/19/2023 8:46:25 PM
My hero is: My family .

My family helps me do many things and teach me to be a good kid.

My hero
Annie from Taichung City, Taiwan - 5/19/2023 8:06:12 PM
My hero is: My father. My hero plays with me everyday. He never complains he is tired or the games are boring. He helps me whenever I need help. He is my father.

My hero is my mom
Grade 1
Lin yi tung from Taichung, - 5/18/2023 11:53:15 PM
My hero is: My mother.

My mother takes good care of me every day, helping me prepare breakfast, picks me up from class, and help me take a bath. I love my mother the most!

Super Daddy
Super Daddy
Elisa Lee from Taichung, Taiwan - 5/18/2023 7:21:32 AM
My hero is: My daddy. My daddy is my hero. He always protects, takes care and play with us.

My Family is my heros.
I love my heros.
Sunny from Taichung, Taiwan - 5/17/2023 9:13:55 PM
My hero is: My Family. My family is my heros. They can do anything.

My hero
Lainey from Taichung , Taiwan - 5/17/2023 8:08:55 AM
My hero is: My parents and cleaning crew . My heroes are my parents and the cleaning crew.Because my parents work very hard and take care of me every day. The cleaning staff cleaned every place very clean, making the world free of rubbish.

My Super Hero Daddy
Super Daddy
Elisa from Taichung , Taiwan - 5/17/2023 7:39:07 AM
My hero is: My daddy. My daddy always protects and takes care us.

My hero is my mom
Lin yi tung from Taich, Taiwan - 5/16/2023 5:15:43 AM
My hero is: Mom.

My mom is very powerful.

Superman is my hero
Andrew Lin from Taichung, Taiwan - 5/16/2023 4:22:10 AM
My hero is: Superman. Superman is my hero, he is very strong and he can fly. He likes to help other people.

My family are my heroes.
draw by Abby.
Yang, Shu-Yun from Taichung, Taiwan - 5/16/2023 4:17:11 AM
My hero is: My dad is my hero.. My dad is my hero, because he is smart and strong. He take care of me everyday. I love my dad very much!

My family
Life lessons
Chaya from Taichung , Taiwan - 5/16/2023 3:50:59 AM
My hero is: My family .

Thanks to my family to look out for me. Gives me food, gives me clothes, gives me a bed and gives me all over the world love! I love my family!

Louise Finley from WICKFORD, England, United Kingdom - 5/14/2023 11:28:55 PM
My hero is: Cupcake Brown .

She is the most inspirational lovely lady. She deserves recognition. She has helped me through my dark times. Love her xx

Angelina Cruse from McCook, Nebraska, United States - 5/5/2023 9:37:10 AM
My hero is: Jennie Finch. She is the one whom I tend to look up to when it comes to softball or being confident in general. She was also number twenty-seven which happens to be my number as well. So far, I have learned several things from her softball experience.

Abigail Richardson from Oakham, United Kingdom - 4/19/2023 10:49:11 AM
My hero is: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

One of my favourtie novels is 'Americanah' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The novel, which tells the story of a young Nigerian woman, Ifemelu, who immigrates to the United States to attend university, is so beautifully written and gives me a vivid insight into another world. Adichie cleverly and gently dissects and raises awareness about attitudes to race in our modern world.

anonymous from Atlanta, Ga - 3/28/2023 12:32:10 PM
My hero is: myself.

I survived countless times. I was 14, alone, I was abused, hurt, threatened, and offered drugs. I refused. I survived it all, all the abuse, all the torture, everything. For that, I think I am my own hero.

Arabella - 3/24/2023 8:49:11 AM
My hero is: Family, and policemen.

Policemen are very, very good because they keep us from people who are doing the wrong thing.

Arabella - 3/24/2023 8:48:59 AM
My hero is: Family, and policemen. Policemen are very, very good because they keep us from people who are doing the wrong thing.

This is my hero
Dean Boggis from park ridge, New Jersey, United States - 3/2/2023 5:30:40 AM
My hero is: Dean Boggis.

He is amazing and cool and everybody should love him and respect him because he is smart and funny.

Piper from Toowomba, - 3/1/2023 8:58:25 PM
My hero is: St Ursula.

She taught me to always be careful of who you choose

Grandpa Ken
Jeanne from United States - 2/27/2023 8:52:25 PM
My hero is: Ken Koslow. he has been my best friend, my love, my partner, a great supporter of MY HERO, and will be missed by so many. His kindness and gentle nature will be remembered by the many lives that he touched. It is so hard to imagine a future without him, but he was so strong and loved life and the work we were both doing brought him much joy. MY HERO would not be where it is today if it was not for Ken Koslow's guidance and generosity. He touched the lives of members of our community from around the world and hosted and cared for guests - teachers, students, parents, honorees for the last 27 years. He was our angel and now has spread his wings.

Stella Owen from Whiteland, Indiana 46184, United States of America - 2/18/2023 2:25:18 PM

Indiana T SGT US Army World War II Albert Joseph Hessman On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor which caused the U.S. to declare war against the Empire of Japan. At the time the U.S. had a military presence in the Philippine islands with General Douglas McArthur in command. On December 8, 1941, the Japanese began an invasion of the Philippines. U.S. and Philippine armies resisted the invasion for over 3 months. The United States forces were unable to be re-supplied due to the devastation of the U.S. Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor. On December 26, 1941, McArthur ordered all forces into the Corregidor and Bataan peninsula for the defense of the island. Subsequently, President Roosevelt ordered McArthur out of the Philippines to Australia where on March 20, 1942, McArthur made his famous speech stating that "I came out of Bataan and I shall return." On April 10, 1942, the U.S. and the Filipino armies surrendered to the Japanese. This created 90,000 to 100,00 American and Filipino prisoners of war. For nearly a week in tropical heat, Japanese soldiers marched these prisoners to various prison camps. During this march, atrocities were committed by the Japanese soldiers. Falling was tantamount to a death sentence.  Japanese were known to drive their trucks and vehicles over those who had fallen. Soldiers riding in vehicles would casually stick out their bayonets and cut the throats of men marching along the road. The exact march death count is impossible to determine but historians believe the minimum death toll to be between six and eleven thousand. Some estimate a casualty killing rate of between 1 in 4 and two in seven to have been killed in the brutal forcible march. This event came to be known as the "Bataan Death March." After the war, it was determined to have been a war crime. In October 1944 McArthur's vow to return was commenced as the U.S. Army began landings at Leyte, in the Philippines. Thus began the liberation of the Philippine Islands from the Japanese. On January 29, 1945, the 38th Division along with others began landing at Subic Bay on the Bataan peninsula. Units of the 38th Division, Company C, 151st Infantry (of which Albert J Hessman was a platoon leader) experienced fierce 16 days of battle action through heavy Japanese fortifications at Zig-Zag Pass. The Bataan peninsula was secured on February 21st. It was through these battles and taking back the Bataan peninsula that General McArthur dubbed the 38th, "The Avengers of Bataan." His units continued to battle through the Zambales Mountain Ranges including Luzon and into the Sierra Madre Mountain range as well as Corregidor. In recognition of their contributions to clearing the Philippines, the 38th Infantry Division received the nickname "The Avengers of Bataan". Quickly demobilized after World War II, the 38th Infantry Division was reorganized and federally recognized on March 5, 1947, in Indianapolis, Indiana. When Albert Joseph Hessman was born his father, Harry Leo Hessman was 26 and his mother, Martha Mary Hoheisel was 21. Albert Joseph Hessman, the 59-year-old resident of 228 Hollybrook Drive, New Whiteland, died Tuesday night at the Indianapolis Veterans Hospital. Hessman who was born July 29, 1913, in Indianapolis, had resided in New Whiteland since 1957. He married Mary Jane (Smith) Hessman on February 1, 1946, at Vanport, Beaver, Pennsylvania. He retired in 1966 as a gang leader with the New York Central Railroad. He had been an employee there for 30 years. Since that time, he had been a part-time police dispatcher for the New Whiteland department and the County Sheriff's Department. Hessman was a member of the Police League of Indiana, New Whiteland VFW Post, and Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Indianapolis. Survivors include the widow, the former Mary Smith; two daughters, Patricia of Franklin and Stella Joan Owen of New Whiteland; A son Albert J. Hessman Jr. at home. Also, surviving are five brothers, Henry, Leo, Charles, Frank, and John: a sister Rosemary Miller and a stepbrother Brother Thomas F. Corcoran CSC of River Grove Illinois. Funeral services will be conducted at 10:30 a.m. Friday at Our Lady of Greenwood Catholic Church. The burial will be in Forest Lawn Memory Gardens. A Rosary Service will be conducted at 8:15 p.m. Thursday from the funeral home. Three siblings: 1) Patricia Hessman Smith 2) Stella Joan Hessman Owen 3) Albert Harry Hessman. Five brothers: 1) Leo J Hessman ID# 116433986 2) John Joseph Hessman ID# 112281960 3) Henry Hessman ID# 128854589 4) Frank Hessman ID# 128854585 5) Charles J Hessman ID# 192816531. One sister: Rosemary Marie Hessman Miller ID# 233844671.

Rajesh Chaurasia from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India - 2/15/2023 10:04:41 PM
My hero is: Sri Ramanujan.

Sri Ramanujan was a humble person who believed in mathematics as true as GOD and he devoted his life to it. To me this was a very great endeavor, a life of 32 years lived infinitely big.

Usra from Faisalabad , Punjan, Pakistan - 1/26/2023 6:10:37 AM
My hero is: Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H .

Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H is the last prophet of Allah Almighty. And an embodiment of the Holy Quran. His teachings are the sayings of the Quran. Allah loves those who love his prophet. He was a role model for all humanity. He was a complete man. He was a man of polite nature, soft heart, pure mind and pure soul . He was truly a living example for humanity to achieve success in their life and the hereafter.

Harper - 1/17/2023 9:41:16 AM
My hero is: Nicolaus Copernicus. He was the one that showed the Church that the Earth revolved around the sun and not the opposite.

Gracie standing by herself
Julie Nelson
Julie Nelson from Vero Beach, Fl, United States - 1/15/2023 4:23:36 PM
My hero is: My granddaughter Grace.

Gracie was operated on as a fetus in hopes she will have a normal lifespan although she may never walk. Gracie was born with spinal Bifida. She has no feeling in her right leg, no control over her bladder or bowels. She stood on her own without any assistance this past week. Through much work, and 5 years of therapy she took 2 steps on her own. Praise God for her wonderful spirit and never give up attitude.

Kiruhura Nkingi from cedar rapids, Iowa, United state - 1/5/2023 8:46:09 AM
My hero is: Trevor Noah.

Trevor Noah is a hero because not only does he host a very popular show on television but, he is a hero because he developed an amazing sense of humor while overcoming a rough home life and segregation from his country. Noah’s father was white and his mother was black. In South Africa, Noah was born a crime because of apartheid. This caused many dangerous situations for him and his mother. His mother was also abused by his future stepfather as well and almost killed her and even threatened Noah later on. Despite his tough life, he developed a great sense of humor and became very popular in South Africa. He eventually came to America where he was still a popular comedian and eventually became the successor of Jon Stewart, arguably one of the most famous talk show hosts of all time, and took over his position. Trevor Noah is courageous and brave. He was born in a time where he wasn’t supposed to exist and overcame and survived many dangerous situations while still developing a great sense of humor.

Alice from Pickering, Ontario, Canda - 12/31/2022 6:41:27 AM
My hero is: John Cena.

He is widely viewed as a wrestler, rapper, and actor. But he is so much more than that. He has granted more than 605 wishes. 650! I think he is one celebrity that we finally start to see as a hero.

My son and I
My phone
Shannon Petty from Pittsburgh , Pa, USA - 12/27/2022 9:42:39 PM
My hero is: Carrie Fisher .

I suffered from multiple mental illnesses for quite some time and her bravery inspired me to write a poem to try to explain mental illness to someone who can't quite get it. I'm now very sick and before I die I would like to share my poem to honor her

Bicycle Generator Humboldt State University
photo by Gregory Vanderlaan
Gregory Vanderlaan from Orangevale, CA, USA - 11/27/2022 5:20:21 AM
My hero is: Bart Orlando CCAT. He Built Exercise bicycle electricity generators... and Solar Power Cookers using a recycled Satellite Dish... I rode that generator at an Ecology Speech by Derrick Jensen, guest lecturer, author.

Sweet person
Roxanne Winn from Concord, CA, USA - 11/26/2022 3:47:50 PM
My hero is: Cathryn Murray.

She is amazing!!! She is so inspiring and so many people Cathryn a 2020 graduate of Bushnell University, is an exceptional contestant. Not only has Cathryn overcome homelessness and mental health issues, but she also inspires people every day with her positivity and confidence. Cathryn was born in Eugene, Oregon, and returned to Eugene after living most of her life in the San Francisco Bay Area. Cathryn worked for many years as the founder of Global Teen Club International, an international organization comprised of ethnically diverse young people. For her work, she became a "grassroots ambassador" and received a lot of recognition from corporations and organizations. In addition to her career, she worked for many years as a plus-size model. Being in the public eye has gotten her noticed by Tyra Banks, where she appeared on the Tyra Banks Show as a plus-size model. She has appeared in numerous ad campaigns, magazines, and projects, highlighting her curves in a positive light. And in December, Cathryn will go to San Francisco to see her role model, Michelle Obama, at a fantastic event. She will also complete her Master's Degree from Northcentral University in Organizational Leadership.

Footballapami from Liberia, Costa Rica, Costa Rica - 11/22/2022 5:50:37 AM
My hero is: Footballapami.

17-year-old Mukoko has been playing for the main squad of Borussia since 2020. He has 44 matches on his account, in which he scored 11 goals. This season, the forward has played 22 games in all competitions, scored six goals and gave five assists. The England national team will play the first match of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup with the national team of Iran. The meeting will take place on November 21. Also, the rivals of Gareth Southgate's wards in group B are the national teams of the USA and Wales. 

Heaven Smith from Augusta , Georgia, United States Of America - 11/9/2022 8:03:28 AM
My hero is: My hero is my dog Aubrey..

My dog, Aubrey is my hero. Aubrey is my hero because she has been my best friend for all of my life. She knows when I feel down or what my emotions are. Whatever my emotions are, she comforts me. She makes me happy on bad days and when there are good days, she makes them ten times better. She is very loving and she is just very fun to be around. She always lights up the room with joy and excitement. Aubrey is my hero.

Daddy is my H.E.R.O
Duncan and Lauren Presley
Victoria Koonce from Manvel , Texas, United States - 9/7/2022 6:56:48 PM
My hero is: My husband .

My hero does not wear a cape but he does wear a badge, everyday he puts his uniform on to serve and protect our community not knowing whether he’ll come back home to us. One chilling night I got the phone call every wife dreads, my husband had been hurt and taken to the hospital. Not knowing the extent of his injuries, I was picked up by one of his coworkers who drove me to the hospital. There I would come to find out a suspect ran him over with a car and dragged him underneath it, trying to reverse over him but officers shot and killed him to prevent that. My husband was flown by helicopter life flight to our trauma center, where we learned he suffered from 10 broken ribs, broken clavicle, broken spine, broken hip, broken thumb, 2 collapsed lungs which required chest tubes, and a grade 4 splenetic rupture. This was a lot to process as a nurse I just wanted to help, but instead, I was in shock and disbelief, the hospital was no longer my comfort place. I dreaded going, I cried, I asked why, I begged to trade places, but I showed up every day for him. I took a leave of absence from my own job and I was the caretaker for him and our 3 children. Life was hard, living paycheck to paycheck, and feeling helpless, but we went from 1 month in ICU and 1 month in a rehab hospital, to being home. He fought every day. He put in the physical therapy work and he learned how to walk again - there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. He courageously returned back to work, back on the street protecting all of us once again, selfless. All of this and more, once he came home we faced multiple barriers having a 2 story rental home and the only bedrooms and shower were upstairs so we had to bed bathe him and he had to sleep in a hospital bed. We made do with what we had. He then would crawl up the stairs - watching him inspired me. I knew he could do anything. Only to find out our rental house would have mold and our landlord would not fix it, it turned into a legal battle and he even tried evicting us and retaliating against us knowing all we had been through. We had already paid him through renters relief due to the hardship of my husband's accident, but instead, he returned the check and tried evicting us. The judge said he was wrong and the eviction was overturned. We did end up moving because the mold was an unhealthy living environment. We loved our neighborhood and neighbors so much. Because of the outpouring of love and support they gave us during these hard times that we decided to rent 2 houses down from our original home. Fast forward to the 1 year anniversary of my husband's accident and we are dealing with the same issue, mold, in the new rental home. This seems so unreal, but we were told it was a builders flaw, this is so disheartening after all we’ve been through. It seems so unfair all the struggles we’ve had to overcome, we’ve become so resilient. Many of us nominated my husband for the star of Texas award which is given by the governor and he was chosen. He’ll receive his award this week and we are beyond proud! And looking forward to nominating him for a Purple Heart. In my eyes, heroes are everyday people who do extraordinary things. My husband deserves the world. He gives his all to us and expects nothing in return.

Chic Corea
Techiera Glock from Studio City, CA, United States - 8/8/2022 10:21:22 AM
My hero is: Cick Corea. Armando Anthony "Chick" Corea was an American jazz composer, pianist, keyboardist, bandleader, and occasional percussionist.

Deborah from California, United States - 8/8/2022 10:19:36 AM
My hero is: Frances Manuel. Frances was my "Indian grandmother," a Tohono O'odham Native American elder.

Philipp Mevius from Deuschland - 7/12/2022 3:55:33 AM
My hero is: Buzz Aldrin.

Buzz Aldrin is now 93 years old and remains mentally and physically fit. He can remember events from many years down to the day. He has a Twitter account where he reports historical events to the world. The moon landing definitely happened and I believe Aldrin in all the stuff he writes.

Gabriel from Mexico, Mexico, Mexico - 7/6/2022 3:50:36 PM
My hero is: My mom . She's the strongest person alive, she's a fighter and my hero

best mom
free pik
marian from veracruz, VERACRUZ, México - 7/6/2022 11:55:48 AM
My hero is: My mom. She is a normal human being like everyone else, but she loves with all her heart and she does her best to be her best version.

my hero
Anxi junior high school
?? ? from New Taipei City, Taiwan Province , Taiwan years old - 6/29/2022 9:58:43 PM
My hero is: Chen Shizhong.

My hero is Chen Shizhong, he is our Minister of Health and Welfare, he is in control for us during this pandemic, so he is my hero.

Andrea - 6/23/2022 6:11:26 AM
My hero is: My mom.

My mom is the most working woman I have ever met, she has done so much for my brother and myself, I don't know how to ever pay her.

Mohameth Niane from Dakar, Parcelles assainie, Senegal - 6/22/2022 12:20:45 PM
My hero is: Cheikh Darou Seck. Myhero

Hafsa omer from ABU DHABI, GULF, UAE - 5/27/2022 11:36:18 AM
My hero is: Shiekh khalifa bin zayed al nahyan.

Hero Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan  (7 September 1948 – 13 May 2022)was the second president of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Abu Dhabi, serving from November 2004 until his death in May 2022. Khalifa was the eldest son of Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the first president of the United Arab Emirates. As crown prince of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa carried out some aspects of the presidency in a de facto capacity from the late 1990s when his father faced health problems. He succeeded his father as the ruler of Abu Dhabi on 2 November 2004, and the Federal Supreme Council elected him as president of the UAE the following day. As ruler of Abu Dhabi, he attracted cultural and academic centers to Abu Dhabi, helping establish the Louvre Abu Dhabi, New York University Abu Dhabi, and Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi. He also established Etihad Airways.[7] During Khalifa's presidency, the United Arab Emirates became a regional economic powerhouse and its non-oil economy grew.[8][7] Khalifa was viewed as a pro-Western modernizer whose low-key approach helped steer the country through a tense era in regional politics and forged closer ties with the United States and Israel.[9] As president during the financial crisis of 2007–2008, he directed the payment of billions of dollars in emergency bailout funds into Dubai.[7] On 4 January 2010, the world's tallest man-made structure, originally known as Burj Dubai, was renamed the Burj Khalifa in his honor.[10] In January 2014, Khalifa had a stroke and was in stable condition after surgery. He then assumed a lower profile in state affairs but retained ceremonial presidential powers. His half-brother Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan carried out public affairs of the state and day-to-day decision-making of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In 2018, Forbes named Khalifa on its list of the world's most powerful people. Following his death in 2022, Khalifa was succeeded by his brother Mohamed.

My father
Prasca Tamara from Floresti, Floresti , Moldova - 5/23/2022 9:58:16 AM
My hero is: My Hero-my father.

It is said that God could not be everywhere, that is why He gave us mothers; I believe that God could not always keep us safe from danger, so he gave to us fathers. My father's name is Gregory. He is a very cheerful, intelligent and positive person. He jokes constantly and abundantly, it is impossible to pass near him without smiling. He supports me in difficult times, he gives me useful advice, he teaches me to enjoy life, he shows me the right way. Even if we often arrange small verbal fights: we compete, we argue, we have fun with each other, these fights end with explosive laughter. My father sacrifices himself most of the time, turning into a shield of defense against my storms, hardships and fears. In his vigorous arms I lose my mistrust and disappointment. He is my true hero in life, the one who for better or worse is beside me. Through the love and affection that he shows to me, I gain a great deal of confidence that will help me to become a strong woman in future, because nothing can not compare to a sincere compliment from a loving father. Dad managed to do so many beautiful things for me, he was able to overcome so many obstacles, he went through so many events, he saw and heard so many things, Dad, I have so much to learn from you. He is my hero, because only from him I can learn what it is like to live a real life without fear. He is the one who is with me from the first moments of my life. Whenever I need I know that he will be by my side. I love you, Dad!

My hero-grandmother
Racu Raisa
Iana from Flore?ti , Flore?ti , Moldova - 5/20/2022 12:14:52 AM
My hero is: My hero .

My hero was born on a spring day, a warm, beautiful, green day, a day desired by many people, in a month of March on 27 With a small height, with gentle eyes, with a warm smile, she always greets me at her, whether it is sunny, rainy or frosty, this hero is my grandmother, Raisa. In her turn, she is a simple woman, without an important role for the state, but a big role for me. I grew up with her, I grow up with her and I will grow. She is the person who replaced my mother who was abroad all my childhood, even in adolescence. At the same time, I got less attention from her, than from my grandmother. I am now 17 years old and I live with my grandmother because I feel better with her than with my mother or rather, my house is where she is. She gave me all the best, she gave up on it, just to feel good, she gave me a good education and a strong and emotional character. Learned, in another locality, far from home, my grandmother calls me every day and asks me about my condition. And when I come home, she greets me with her favorite food or something she just made. I care more about her than any other family member. No one is ideal, everyone has something that bothers someone else, but I think my grandmother is that ideal that grows every day, that's why I love her My hero - my grandmother.

My mom.
Victoria Leanca.
Constanta Grosu from Floresti, Moldova, Republic of Moldova - 5/20/2022 12:12:44 AM
My hero is: My Hero is my mother..

My mother has always been my hero. She always tried to make my childhood magic. She is the most important person in my life. A woman full of courage, beauty and wisdom. I don’t idolize her life, because my mother has gone through many bad barriers, that made her a super strong woman. She supported me in every way I have chosen in my life. She supported me when I wanted to learn how to play the piano, how to play the violin, how to paint and how to do a lot of other activities. I have never stopped learning from her, because she is so smart, strong, hardworking and friendly. My mother is my best friend. I can discuss everything with her, because I know that she will listen to me and will judge me. Also, I have a lot of things in common with my mother: the eyes, the hair, the skin, the nose, the high, the creativity, the love for books, the love for writing poems, and a lot of other things. For me, she is a blessing from God. My mother is a teacher of Russian, Romanian and French Languages and a Physical Education teacher for her students, and a teacher of life for me. She is a superhero. Yes, she can’t fly, teleport or lift hundred of tons. She can just be everything for me. A hero without superpowers, but with a super heart. Also, she is a hero with great powers in kitchen. She can cook the food very fast and deliciously without a magic wand. She has magic powers in medicine, too. When I am sick, she can transform me into a healthy person with just a big hug. She takes care how I spend my time. She wants that I sleep well, eat well, drink well and do all my homeworks well. She wants me to be the best version of myself. She wants me to be a hero, too. Without my mother, my life is nothing. She always tried to save me from a sad life without a father, because they divorced when I was a little girl. My mother is a person like no other on this planet exists. She is not just my mom, she is my super HERO.

My Hero - Jane Eyre
Valeria Grigor from Floresti, Moldova , Republic of Moldova - 5/19/2022 11:57:21 PM
My hero is: My Hero is Jane Eyre.

I have chosen Jane Eyre, the main character of the book with the same name by Charlotte Brontë, because she is such an incredible, powerful woman. Finally, I’ll talk about this character who inspired me so much by her personality and the way she acts, talks, and how strong and feminist she is. Jane wasn’t really pretty, she wasn’t reachable, but she had a beautiful soul. She wasn’t born either rich or under the luckiest star, but she found the strength to get through all the troubles. She made such good decisions. She taught me how important it is to trust myself, whether I am alone or surrounded by family or friends. She lived in a cruel world, her cousin and aunt behaved very harshly towards her. She is my hero because she taught me to overcome obstacles and to love myself the way I am. She also motivates me to never give up, no matter what happens. Jane reminds me that I can get over my past no matter how bad it was. Her relatives made her childhood miserable, they always teased her and reminded her that she is an orphan and nobody loved her. Due to Eyre I have decided what my destiny will be. I can do whatever I want because I live and it’s my life and should live it as I want to live. Loving and respecting yourself is the key to life, these are two essential things that ensure your independence. Jane Eyre motivates me to be optimistic and think positively. As we grow older we start to understand that there can be something good in any bad thing, it made me realize that life is good and I should learn to be happy and independent. To sum, up I would like to say that Jane Eyre is my motivation, she taught me to love and believe in myself, and she reminded me that I am stronger than I think and I should be proud of myself and never give up. I love this character!

Mike from Austin, Minnisota, Russia - 4/29/2022 7:01:53 AM
My hero is: Harry houdini. He was a magician.

Sweeper's our hero
Romisa manafi
F.L.Flower from Tehran, Tehran, Iran - 4/28/2022 12:10:18 AM
My hero is: Sweeper.

Our city is our home and we must keep our home clean. Because if our city is clean, it will have positive effects on everyone's life. To keep the city clean, we must first follow the tips, one of the easiest of which is not to dump garbage on the ground. In the next step, we have to identify the people who will help us keep our city clean, who are the sweepers. Maple sweepers are very hardworking and working day and night to keep the city clean. Unfortunately, sweepers do not get paid much and do not have a good financial situation. Also, in society, although their existence is obligatory and life-giving, they do not have a good social status and they all see them through the eyes of dirty people with low status in society. But everyone should know that one of the most important roles is played by sweepers. The presence of sweepers makes the city clean, which has consequences, to name a few. When the city is clean, the health of the community improves. Because if the city is dirty, insects, mice and other vermin will attack the city and cause diseases such as malaria or plague. Another benefit of keeping the city clean is maintaining the environment. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. The next thing is the mood of the citizens. Are you more comfortable in a dirty and smelly house or a clean and tidy house? Therefore, the cleanliness of the city also affects the mood of the citizens. Finally, we can mention the attraction of tourists and international companies. The cleaner and more beautiful our city is, the more people are attracted to it and willing to visit it, which has an impact on the economy. And if international companies like the city, and invest in the city, it will create a job market and employ unemployed people. So we can say that sweepers play a very big role in our lives without knowing it, and they are kind of our heroes, and we should appreciate them more and examine their problems and solve them as much as possible.

Ram Shivhare from Gwalior, Madya pradesh, India - 4/20/2022 7:54:25 AM
My hero is: Doctor. The current pandemic that the world is undergoing warrants that this is perhaps the most difficult time we are ever going to face in our lives. It is even more difficult for the doctors who are working tirelessly to ensure that all those that are infected are provided with proper medical facilities. Their contributions and hard work deserve our gratitude each and every day.

My hero
My hero
Chang Yi Ying from Taichung, Nantun, Taiwan - 4/19/2022 6:46:38 PM
My hero is: Traffic Volunteer.

My hero always wakes up before every student, and takes her warning flag to stand by us when traffic lights are on.

Hope floats
Navami Damani
Navami Damani from Kolkata , West Bengal , India - 4/15/2022 5:00:59 AM
My hero is: Hope.

Hope is what I feel is my as well as everyone’s hero in this world today.

Youxuan Liu from New Taipei, Sanxia, Taiwan - 4/13/2022 11:33:58 PM
My hero is: Shizhong Chen.

Shizhong Chen is our Minister of Health, keeping our country safe during this pandemic.

Anissa Ben Abdallah Ayari from Ben Arous, Megrine, Tunisie - 4/7/2022 9:11:23 PM
My hero is: My heroes are my parents. They've spent their lives working hard to make all the people around them happy embracing a respectful and prosperous life while putting themselves at the second line. Their happiness and well-being have always been forgotten while striving for the others' happiness.

Anissa Ben Abdallah Ayari from Ben Arous, Megrine, Tunisie - 4/7/2022 9:10:35 PM
My hero is: My heroes are my parents.

They've spent their lives working hard to make all the people around them happy embracing a respectful and prosperous life while putting themselves at the second line. Their happiness and well-being have always been forgotten while striving for the others' happiness.

Shahram Shahrokhi from Iran
photo shoot by Shahdokht Shahrokhi
Shahdokht from Tehran, Tehran, Iran - 4/7/2022 1:23:55 AM
My hero is: My dad.

My father is a role model of a kind and moral man. He endured many hardships in his life so that his family and children could live in perfect health, security, and prosperity. He is the only love and support of my life. He is even stronger than the mountain.

Cathy Bond
Cathy Bond from Lincoln , AR, USA - 4/6/2022 8:32:50 AM
My hero is: Allison Bond. Here is the story on my daughter and her kindness movement I’m the founder of Kindness through Letters Hello I am Allison and I love spreading kindness to others all around the world I am disabled I am 25 and I’m from Arkansas I love sending love to others even if I don’t know them it’s a huge blessing being able to show God’s love, as well as my love to all these people I send stuff to I, have pen pals from different places all over the world and I handwrite each letter and I spread kindness to each of them I also feel like we need more love and kindness in this world I also want to bring positivity and peace to this world as well and I feel like we need a lot more kindness these days and I do a lot of writing I think it is so much fun I love spreading kindness and peace to everyone. I probably send off thousands of letters each year I’m also a sister to foster kids as my parents run a foster home. I am the 2021 winner of the Rise Award from 99balloons and I’m now a prison pen pal missionary.

Jesus Silhouette
Made by: PranaDesignShop
Serenia Kelly from Texas - 4/1/2022 5:34:35 PM
My hero is: Jesus. I believe that He died on the cross for our sins and any time I need Him, I can call on Him. He makes me feel less alone and safe in this world where there is trouble just about anywhere you look.

Unconditional work
Doctor, police,and every volunteer
Adyaashree Rout from New Delhi, New Delhi, India - 3/28/2022 4:24:11 AM
My hero is: My hore everyone ..

My hero is everyone who is never afraid to fight and give their best to help other people in COVID 19. They are our real heroes who sacrifice their family for us.

Caedon - 3/25/2022 11:16:19 AM
My hero is: Frau. Frau is the best. She always makes class fun. The work can be boring, but the class environment is always one I enjoy. Thank you Frau you! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Andy Tran - 3/25/2022 11:07:28 AM
My hero is: Hans Scholl.

My hero is Hans Scholl. During WWII, he was apart of a Nazi resistance group called The White Rose. He would risk his life and distribute anti Hitler pamphlets around Germany. Sadly he was caught and was executed. He is my hero because I strive to be as brave and courageous as he is.

My mom, my hero!
Alicia W.
Alicia - 3/25/2022 8:36:32 AM
My hero is: My mom is my hero!.

My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I admire her for her strength and positivity. She is my inspiration and I love her!

Fannie Lou Hamer
Tammy Kennedy from Euclid, Ohio, USA - 3/20/2022 10:08:43 AM
My hero is: Fannie Lou Hamer.

Fannie Lou Hamer was a mighty brave woman who put her life on the line for the right to vote for Black people in Mississippi and beyond!

janse from Louisiana , USA, sunset - 3/16/2022 12:46:25 PM
My hero is: Bilaal Rajan.

Bilaal Rajan is a fundraiser, motivational speaker, author, UNICEF Canada's child ambassador, and founder of the Making Change Now organization.

Paisley - 3/14/2022 9:29:12 AM
My hero is: Nathan Hale.

He was a great hero. Nathan Hale was sadly hung and killed by the British navy at age 21 1776 September 22, a  Sunday at 11:00 am.

MY HERO A.K.A. Alisha McCarty
Alisha McCarty, Kelsey Ann Photography
Deviryn McCarty from Orange City, Iowa, United States of America - 3/10/2022 3:48:01 PM
My hero is: Alisha McCarty. Alisha McCarty is not only the best mom ever, but she is a hero, and a role model. Some things I admire about Alisha, is that whenever she is tired or wants to take a break, she always puts her kids and others first. I love all of the laughs Alisha brings to the conversation that just makes the day more fun and interesting! She also has her kids' best interests and whenever they want help with school, or want to play a sport, Alisha will always help them. I could keep going on and on about how much I admire Alisha, but if you were going to take one thing from this piece, it would be that Alisha is not only a great mom and friend, but she is also a great person that gives you the best advice and will make your day better.

gregg from kanas, texas - 3/10/2022 10:20:18 AM
My hero is: irena sendler. she rescued 2,500 jewish children from the warsaw ghetto

Dalton koerselman from iowa , iowa, USA - 3/2/2022 10:14:06 AM
My hero is: John Den Hartog.

The hero is my grandpa and he has helped qualified people that can get a job get a job. For example, he owns a container business and he has hired over 300 people this year I'm pretty sure. his job is to maintain the business and he has done a good job with that in my opinion.

corana viraus helping heros
Balamurugan Mathushitha from srilanka, western province, srilanka - 2/27/2022 5:53:07 AM
My hero is: Doctor, army, police, nurse,.

They fight for us in the coronavirus period to prevent the spread of causation so a salute for them.

Carson Smith from Edmond, Oklahoma, U.S.A - 2/9/2022 10:26:55 AM
My hero is: Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson. Emma Watson is my hero because every day she motivates me to get out of bed and get ready for school she also inspired me to write quotes like “If someone judges you for doing something or loving something, it cause they have nothing to love and is good at nothing.” - Carson Smith. or “A small spark can make a big flame.” - Carson Smith. or “A printer is someone who copies what other people do and already has done, an inventor is someone who makes something new and something no one else has seen or done.” - Carson Smith. and the last one “Black and white are the same thing they’re colors, they just look different.” - Carson Smith. not only that she is my celebrity crush. - Carson Smith

Alexis - 2/6/2022 5:22:58 PM
My hero is: My dad is my Hero. My day is my hero. My day is the most wonderful person I've ever encountered, and he genuinely cares about my well-being. He looks after me, and he is constantly awakened to come and pick me up from work at a later time.

- 2/6/2022 5:00:24 PM
My hero is: Genghis Khan.

Khan made a lot of mistakes but he never gave up. The traits he demonstrated were admirable and I wish to achieve those traits in the future.

Nathan - 2/6/2022 5:00:03 PM
My hero is: My heroes are mum and my friend ( Ayden Gold ).

My mum is my hero because she has always been there for me when I need her the most. My friend Ayden is my hero as he's been there for every single day since the day we met.

My hero
Huynh Phu Phan from Adelaide, South Australia, Japan - 2/6/2022 4:59:18 PM
My hero is: Pink guy.

Not everybody will understand but in my opinion, the Pink Guy is a character whose not afraid of what others think and he is willingly wearing a pink suit that stands out a lot but still walks on the road with pride. I have always been an introvert, that's why to me the Pink Guy is a goal that I want to achieve (except the pink suit).

- 2/6/2022 4:59:00 PM
My hero is: My Step Mum <3.

My Step Mum is my hero as she was there for me through thick and thin. She's always has gone above and beyond for me. Thanks for begin so supportive through everything I do. I love you mum :)

Emma - 2/6/2022 4:58:41 PM
My hero is: My mom is my hero.

MY mom is a doctor for my mental health. She always is by my side, helping me when I need her help. She gives a lot of good advice when I'm feeling down or stressing. In addiction, I really respect her because she always works hard and never gives up. She didn't care about herself. and tries hard everyday to make a good future for her daughter and son.

- 2/6/2022 4:57:09 PM
My hero is: Leo Messi .

Leo Messi is my hero, watching him playing football made me a better player.

Chloe - 2/6/2022 4:54:10 PM
My hero is: Chloe..

Chloe is my teacher and she is lovely.

Rosa from Berlin, Berlin, Germany - 2/1/2022 11:47:14 PM
My hero is: My Mom. My mom is the best person in the world. She birthed me and held my hand when i was sick or sad. She helped me getting through everything bad that happened.

Jayden from Dickinson, Nd, United States - 1/26/2022 9:04:03 AM
My hero is: Antonio castro . He is the best guy you could meet and talk to, he has never been mean to me and even when i lost my father he was still there until I pass he will be my hero

Jerry rice after retirement
Landry from Kansas City , MO, USA - 1/18/2022 11:30:55 AM
My hero is: Jerry rice.

Jerry Rice started off as a normal kid born on October 13, 1962 in Starkville, MO, and as a kid he had a first job as a houseworker then went with his father as a brick mason, and all through his childhood he never played a game of football or anything that had contact. In high school, he played hooky (hooky is a thing where students went out onto the play space without permission) and he got caught by his principal (who was super fast) and then he knew he was going to get in trouble so he ran away and his principal chased after him but got left in the dust so then the principal once he got to his office he called Jerry’s parents and said “he needs to play football” so they said “yes” and then Jerry rice came to play football and when going to college he went to Mississippi Valley State University there he set about 15-20 NCAA records.Jerry had 301 catches for 4,693 yards and 50 touchdowns. Then he went into the draft and signed with the San Francisco 49ers and made NFL records over his 21-year career with the receptions (1,549), yards (22,895) and touchdowns (197) his most famous records and had played in eight conference championships and four Super Bowls he also got 3 super bowl rings. He spent 15 years with the 49ers and then got traded to the raiders and spent 4 years there and then went to the Seahawks and in 2005 he proclaimed his retirement and as a 44 year old he was the oldest wide receiver in NFL history

Any from New York , New Yor - 1/17/2022 7:38:52 AM
My hero is: Quaid e Azam.

I admire him because he wanted the best for Pakistan

Jeanne Meyers from Laguna Beach, California, United States - 1/14/2022 11:49:19 AM
My hero is: Grateful to all at that make MY HERO possible: Our Team, Teachers, Interns, Students, Volunteers, Board and Supporters make the MY HERO website possible.. Together they have been building a beautiful media library with stories, art, short films and music honoring heroes of all ages from around the globe. All are invited to share their HERO story and join our global learning community.

Fatima Tahir from Jubail , Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - 1/2/2022 9:41:56 PM
My hero is: Allama Iqbal .

Allama Iqbal did so much for Pakistan. He helped Quaid-E-Azam in the formation of Pakistan. He also wrote poems. Some of them  are Asraar-e-Khudi, Rumooz-e-Bekhudi and Bang-e-Dara. He had four children: Javed Iqbal, Miraj Begum, Aftab Iqbal, and Muneera Bano. He was born on November 9, 1877 and died on April 21, 1938.

My real hero
Very good
Anum Amin Mohammad from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan - 12/28/2021 5:58:40 AM
My hero is: Quied- e - Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

My hero is Quied- e - Azam because he make our country Pakistan that's why he is called founder of Pakistan and he is also known as father of Pakistan. He suffered through many wars to making our country and he created our country at 14 August 1987.He gives message of Islam to people and her sister also supported him to make create Pakistan. His sister name was Fatima Jinnah. In Karachi Pakistan there is one mazar that is known as mazar -e- quied. Quied- e - Azam born on 25 December 1876 in a house known as wazir mantion and it is Located in Karachi. He suffered through many problems to create our country Pakistan. That's why he is my real hero and I prefer him as my hero.

Ayesha Tahir from Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - 12/22/2021 9:03:31 PM
My hero is: Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). His full name is Muhammad IBN Abdullah(PBUH) He born in Makkah & died in Medina When he was 25 years old he married Hazrat Khadija. The prophet had 11 wives He had 7 children. Qasim , Zainab , Abdullah , Ruqayya , Umm Kalthom, Fatima , and Ibrahim??? ???? When he was 40 years old he became a Prophet ,so he could call people to Islam Prophet Ibrahim had two sons Ismail and Ishaq many of prophets came from Prophet Ishaq's family ,but Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) came from the family of Prophet Ismail. prophet Muhammad was the last prophet for Humans. The prophet has 99 names. I love my hero. I love prophet Muhammad (PBUH)]

Ayesha Tahir from Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - 12/21/2021 11:01:43 PM
My hero is: Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). His full name is Muhammad IBN Abdullah(PBUH) He born in Makkah & died in Medina When he was 25 years old he married Hazrat Khadija. The prophet had 11 wives He had 7 children. Qasim , Zainab , Abdullah , Ruqayya , Umm Kalthom, Fatima , and Ibrahim??? ???? When he was 40 years old he became a Prophet ,so he could call people to Islam Prophet Ibrahim had two sons Ismail and Ishaq many of prophets came from Prophet Ishaq's family ,but Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) came from the family of Prophet Ismail. prophet Muhammad was the last prophet for Humans. The prophet has 99 names. I love my hero. I love prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Ayesha Tahir from Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - 12/20/2021 9:34:17 AM
My hero is: Muhammad. His full name is Muhammad IBN Abdullah When he was 25 he married Hazrat Khadija. The prophet had 11 wives He had 7 children. Qasim , Zainab , Abdullah , Ruqayya , Umm Kalthom, Fatima , and Ibrahim When he was 40 years old he became a Prophet ,so he could call people to Islam Prophet Ibrahim had two sons Ismail and Ishaq many of prophets came from Prophet Ishaq's family ,but Prophet Muhammad came from the family of Prophet Ismail. prophet Muhammad was the last prophet for Humans. The prophet has 99 names. I love my hero. I love prophet Muhammad

kayde azam
he save us
aiza fatima from Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/20/2021 2:41:39 AM
My hero is: kayde azam . Kayde azam is the founder of Pakistan we was born at December 25, 1876 his full name is mahomedali jinnahbia he is the leader of pakistan Jinnah served as the leader of the All-India Muslim League from 1913 until the inception of Pakistan on 14 August 1947.

The power of Imam Ali
Artist Hassan
HABIBA ALHERZ from JUBAIL, Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia - 12/19/2021 2:16:32 PM
My hero is: Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib KarramAllah Wajhah. Imam Ali Karram Allah Wajhah is the one who was known for faith, knowledge, courage, justice, equality and honesty. He is the one who said: “People are of two types, either your brother in religion or your equal in creation.” which were presented at the entrance to the United Nations.

Dr. Shiekh Muszaphar
Khaireena Aliyah from Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/16/2021 8:39:22 AM
My hero is: Dr Shiekh Muszaphar Shukor. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, who was the first Malaysian to go onto space. He launched to the International Space Station aboard Soyuz TMA-11 with the Expedition 16 crew on 10 October 2007. He flew under an agreement with Russia through the Angkasawan program, and returned to Earth on 21 October 2007, aboard Soyuz TMA-10 with the Expedition 15 crew members, Fyodor Yurchikhin and Oleg Kotov. Sheikh Muszaphar was born on 27/7/1972 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He earned a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery degree from Kasturba Medical College, an affiliated college of Manipal University, in Manipal, India. He is an orthopedic surgeon at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Sheikh Muszaphar is an Astronaut, and an Orthopedic Surgeon too. He was selected at the beginning of 2006 for the Malaysian  Angkasawan spaceflight program. He hoped to be able to take various live cell cultures to study during his flight. This makes him very inspirational to me. Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar also has a wife, Dr. Halina Mohd Yunos. He has 6 kids with 2 couples of twins. 3 daughters and 3 sons

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison
Nisreen Al-Trad from Jubail, East province, Saudi Arabia - 12/15/2021 12:30:20 PM
My hero is: Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison is an American inventor who contributed to around 1000 inventions. He became deaf at the age of 12 due to scarlet fever, so he had to leave the school. After that his mom homeschooled him and he was very smart and creative. He was investigating and experimenting most of his time, he faced all failures and challenges until he succeeded in many inventions. The most important invention is the light bulb which lightened our life since that time.

Allu Arjun
Devina Jade from Jubail, eastern, Saudi Arabia - 12/15/2021 2:53:25 AM
My hero is: Allu Arjun.

My hero is Allu Arjun. Allu Arjun is a famous Indian film star. Allu Arjun is a Indian actor who mostly act’s in Tollywood films and in Telugu cinema’s. He is known for his dancing abilities. He also won 5 Film fare award’s. I love his acting. he act's very confidently. And I love Allu Arjun’s every single film. Allu Arjun is also popularly known as Bunny. He was born on April 8, 1983, in Chennai, India. His father Allu Aravind is a famous producer.

Jose Rizal
by andrea
andrea forbes from Jubail, Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/15/2021 2:50:31 AM
My hero is: Jose Rizal. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines. He was the one who led the Filipinos to start a revolution against the Spanish Government to achieve independence and gain control of the country. He is famous for his way of fighting the Spanish Government through writing by exposing the inhumane manipulation of the Spanish Government in the Philippines. He chose to have a silent war and not a bloody war because he thinks it is the only way to achieve freedom

Lana Batman from Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - 12/15/2021 2:49:28 AM
My hero is: Muhammed (PBUH). Muhammad ibn Abdullah was an Arab religious, social, and political leader and the founder of the world religion of Islam. According to Islamic doctrine, he was the prophet of Islam to whom God gave the Quran. Born: Makkah al-Mukarramah Died: June 8, 632 AD, Medina Full name: Abu al-Qasim Mu?ammad ibn ?Abd Allah ibn ?Abd al-Mu??alib ibn Hashim

Maryam.Mohamed from Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/15/2021 2:42:57 AM
My hero is: Mommy and daddy. I Love you h

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison
Mariam Al-Tarawneh from Jubail, East province, Saudi Arabia - 12/15/2021 2:34:39 AM
My hero is: Thomas Edison.

One of the greatest world inventors, he invented more than 1000 inventions, the most important is the light bulb. He was deaf at the age of 12 but he faced all the challenges and succeeded and helped all the humanity

My parents
Yara Eligail from Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/14/2021 7:41:54 AM
My hero is: My parents. My parents are my heroes because they are the people that help me in my life.My dad works hard to bring us money that we live on.While,my mom stays at home with us.My parent are very caring and special to me.

Ryka Sawant from Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/13/2021 6:50:37 AM
My hero is: My Parents .

My parents are my heroes as they teach me life values, who teach me sympathy and empathy for others in bad situations, who give me strength and courage to fight for the rights of the under privileged people around me, who teach me to speak up what is right for justice, who teach me to be honest, caring, brave and to do the right thing.

I love my mom :3
Varnika Lakshman from Al Jubail , jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/12/2021 11:13:08 PM
My hero is: My mom ! .

My mom is my hero, A hero should be selfless, caring, and thoughtful. She is the one who sacrificed a lot for me and my younger brother. She helped me a lot to make me a better person. She taught me lots of life lessons which honestly really helped me. She has saved me from making bad decisions in life which I would later regret. She did a lot of stuff to make me a smart and a good human being. She's a hardworking and brave mom because she never gave up when she crossed through the toughest situations. She always tells me without self-discipline, success is impossible. So I try my best to be a disciplined girl.

halima aden
Hannatu Tijjani Ahmed from Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/12/2021 4:33:24 AM
My hero is: Halima Aden.

Halima Aden is the world, first hijabi model and she got to present the Muslims. She has proven that no matter what you look like, you can still follow your dreams and achieve them no matter what your religion and race are.

Caj on Christmas vacation spirit day
taken december 10 2021
Claire from Gardner Ks., kansas, usa - 12/10/2021 7:29:19 AM
My hero is: Caj Jackson.

My hero is currently in 5th grade. She is super smart and got 250 on her math map. She has been in local musicals. She wants to be a musician and a basketball player. She plays trumpet and now french horn. Her dream is to go to KU. (Kansas University)

Humna Amir from Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia - 12/9/2021 7:19:19 AM
My hero is: Quaid E Azam. My hero is Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He was born in Karachi on 25th December 1876. He was the founder of Pakistan. He received his higher education from England. He was a lawyer by Profession. He worked day and night to get a separate homeland for Muslims of IndoPak. His slogan was Unity-Faith and Discipline. He urged the young generation to get an education. He gave us a great Muslim country named Pakistan. He died on September 11th, 1948, and was buried in Karachi. He was a great leader.

Amelia Earhart, 1897-1939
Samantha Puda from Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/9/2021 3:52:46 AM
My hero is: Amelia Earhart. On the 18th of June, 1928, Amelia Earhart flew across the Atlantic Ocean solo. She made history on that day, for she was the first woman to ever fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Amelia Earhart was an aviation pilot, a field which was dominated by men during her times. She had surpassed all the stereotypes that were present, and had exceeded all the cultural expectations. She had achieved her dreams, no matter what anyone had said, and though I do not desire to become an aviation pilot in my future, Amelia has inspired me to just go for all the dreams I want to achieve, no matter what anyone says. She once said, "The most effective way to do it, is to do it.", and I think that, that is a piece of advice all of us need from time to time.

the best person
Aljazie Alatwah from Jubail, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia - 12/9/2021 12:15:52 AM
My hero is: My grandma. my grandma is my hero because she visited us all the time, even by herself, and I learned a lot of things from her such as manners, praying, learning, and much more I really appreciate everything she does for me, and one day I will pay it back.

Manaal from jubail, jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/8/2021 10:33:52 PM
My hero is: My dad is my hero. My dad is hard working,honest,caring,loving, and most importantly the best dad i could ask for

Darshini Udayakumar from Al-Jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/8/2021 9:40:22 AM
My hero is: My Hero is my family. My Parents are my Hero, they helped in my hard times and made me evolve to be strong and brave, whenever I fell they help to get up to my feet. Therefore, My family is my Hero. Lastly, they are the best family in the whole world and they will always be my Hero.

Me and my parents
me and my parents
Rokaia Hammad from Al jubail, Saudi Arabia - 12/8/2021 9:26:30 AM
My hero is: Me and my parents. Well if I asked who is your hero what will you tell me? some of you will answer ( spiderman, batman and other stuff), but for me, I will pick myself why??? Because I am the leader of myself I am the one who leads myself inside me there is a sound that tells me what is wrong and what is right also if the devil tricked me my parents are around, and they will tell me what's wrong and they are my second heroes. They make me feel that I am safe and, they will tell me the right way.

Sunny from Kaohsiung, Taiwan - 12/7/2021 11:59:32 PM
My hero is: My mom. Every time I feel depressed, there’s always a person that brings me away from the negative emotion— My mom. Whenever I face the obstacles, she always give me constructive suggestions which really encourage me and give me power. She is such a person I can’t live without, hope one day I can be a smart, kind, admirable just as she!

Tiffany from Taiwan - 12/7/2021 11:57:29 PM
My hero is: Romain Rolland. My hero is him because he once said a quote that influenced my life a lot. “There is only one heroism in the world: to see the world as it is, and to love it.” I had a lot of expectations for how the world is and yet turned out disappointed. But this quote reminded me that no matter how the world is, there is always something for us to feel and be touched.

My hero
You are hero in my heart
Jack - 12/7/2021 11:54:50 PM
My hero is: G.E.M.. Her music has accompanied with me for a long time. When I was in low tide, it encourages me a lot. She lets me like to sing a song ,and makes me like to listen Chinese song. Also, her show or video can let me be joyous. She is my hero.

Roy from Kaoshiung, Taiwan - 12/7/2021 11:50:01 PM
My hero is: No Party For Cao Dong. This is a alternative rock band in Taiwan. It started in 2012 year. And its instruments includes two guitars,one bass and a drum. I fell in love with them immediately when I listened to their song in first. Their songs always inspire my spirit and make me feel satisfied. You should try to listen to their songs and you'll love it.

Patty - 12/7/2021 11:48:47 PM
My hero is: My parents . My parents are my heroes , they teach me a lot of skills and useful strategies. They also spend a lot of time taking care of me since I was born.I can’t imagine how much they have bring for me until now.

Ghen - 12/7/2021 11:45:18 PM
My hero is: MY MOTHER.

My mom dedicate herself making dinner, doing houseworks, taking care of all the family members for her whole life.

June from Kaohsiung, Taiwan - 12/7/2021 11:38:17 PM
My hero is: My grandmother. Grandmother took care of me for three years. She is no doubt the most important person in my life. Both of my parents had to work with no time to take care of infants. Since they did not have any trust in babysitters, they asked my grandma to take care of me. Luckily, she agreed. Although she could have enjoyed her retirement life much better without the bother of an annoying toddler, she readily complied with all her heart. I grew up in Heng-chuan, a little town at the southern tip of Taiwan and it has the freshest air and the most beautiful scenery of the island. Grandma took me around town to visit her friends, singing songs all day long. I was her best audience and always gave her the biggest hand after her performance. With that experience, I have been able to make friends easily, an important personality cultivated under her care. Grandma seldom complained about the hardship of looking after me, even though I had been under the weather quite often. Moreover, she has taught me to tell right from wrong and never to lie to others. Though she doesn’t have much formal education, she certainly is an honest and passionate person. Grandma is handicapped, but her optimistic view toward life has inspired me more than any others. Grandma could only work as a hard laborer and earned meager income. Still, she tried her best to give her children decent education and they all have good jobs. She surely has a bigger heart and stronger will than most of us. I miss the wonderful childhood in the lovely little town. Her story will live on, admired by generations to come. She has shown everyone the way toward life: if you make every effort, you will succeed. She is always the hero in my heart.

Never give up!
Fallon Taylor is awesome
Kyra Banrhardt from Ridge crest California, California, California - 12/2/2021 2:07:04 PM
My hero is: Fallon Taylor.

Fallon Taylor is very awesome and I want to be just like her! I have been around horses all my life and I love barrel racing.

Abdul Sattar Edhi
Edhi foundtion
Aleena Muhammad Alam from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan - 11/29/2021 5:47:31 AM
My hero is: Abdul Sattar Edhi.

My hero is Abdul Sattar Edhi. He was a Pakistani humanitarian, philanthropist and ascetic who founded the Edhi Foundation, which runs the world's largest volunteer ambulance network, along with various homeless shelters, animal shelters, and rehabilitation centers, It runs the world's largest volunteer ambulance service. Abdul Sattar Edhi is an angel of mercy. He ran a foundation that helped orphans, the elderly, the abused, and disabled. He was loved in Pakistan because he offered help to anyone without judgment. Abdul Sattar Edhi once said "My religion is humanitarianism which is the basis of every religion." Abdul Sattar Edhi is my hero.

I don't need any hero because I have my brother.
Tamima Shakeel Ahmed from Karachi , Sindh , Pakistan - 11/28/2021 3:07:03 AM
My hero is: My hero is my brother .

My brother's name is Maaz. He is like a best friend to me . Whenever I am sad, he makes me happy. I really enjoy it when I am around him. He's my inspiration because he manages his time really good, he always keeps his focus on his goals and he takes care of everyone. He is my support system. He keeps encouraging me. He made me learn how to play football, cricket, and how to ride a cycle. He is the one who made my childhood full of paints (colourful). When no one was there with me he was. My brother is the best person I know.

My hero/sister/eeman
Azal Aijaz Ali Khowaja from Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan - 11/27/2021 9:16:48 AM
My hero is: My hero is my sister (EEMAN).

My hero is my sister. She is a really supportive elder sister. Her humble nature really influenced me to be like her and the one thing that impresses me every time is she will always reach out a person she will see in the trouble. She is a independent girl. She is always there when i need her, she helps me with some of my problems. She is the one to whom if I will go in midnight with any of my problems, she will tell me the best solution to my problems. She always shares everything with me and trusts me with her secrets. I wish her a happy and healthy life.