by martina from rob

Hypatia is my hero, because she was the most respectable woman of her time. Her image is still alive after 1500 years.

In the ancient world woman's place in public was subordinated. There were not many educated women. In spite of that, Hypatia had become the greatest women scientist of the ancient world.

She is one of the more romantic figures in science. She was the daughter of Theon, a mathematician who taught at the great school at the Alexandrine Library. She traveled widely and corresponded with people all over the Mediterranean. We know of her only through her letters.

She taught at the school in Alexandria, Egypt. Letters written and addressed simply to the philosopher were delivered to her. She taught mathematics and natural philosophy. She is credited with the authorship of three major treatises on geometry and algebra and one on astronomy. She invented several tools: an instrument for distilling water, an instrument to measure the specific gravity of water, an astrolabe and a planisphere.

She died violently. She was dragged to her death by a mob who pulled her from her classroom into the streets where they peeled her to death with oyster shells.

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