Howard Jay Aldrich

by C.J.

I have a lot of heroes that I look up to, but the one that sticks out to me the most is my grandpa, Howard Jay Aldrich. He is 58 years old and is currently living in Spring Hill, Florida. That is where I was born. I have known him all my life and he is by far the best grandpa a kid could have. Most holidays we go down to Florida and spend time at his house. I think that helps us keep in touch and builds our relationship. I love their house because it has a pool and in Florida it gets unbelievably hot!

My grandpa takes my family on his boat to an island where we dock. I always love going there. Something he taught me is to never give up. Two years ago he got in a car wreck and he hasn't walked since. My grandpa is in a wheelchair. He has had a number of surgeries and yet he still hasn't given up on himself. I am named after him and we both look alike. My middle name is Jay just like his. Everyone says that I have his hair. He taught me how to work hard, which goes back to never giving up. He takes me to McDonald's by boat, which was the coolest fast food drive through ever. The restaurant is in Clearwater, Florida. I used to go there a lot too!

My grandpa is different from Hades because he has compassion. Hades was mean and angry! He also kidnapped Persephone to take her to the underworld. My grandfather shows compassion everyday as he takes care of my grandmother, great grandparents, and grandkids by babysitting. He always puts others in front of himself. Although he has been through many obstacles in his life, he still has time to be a regular man and a wonderful grandpa to me.

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