Halle Berry

by Cameron from Westerville

Halle Berry was born on August 24th 1966 in Cleveland, Ohio. She was born in the Cleveland City Hospital. Her full name is Halle Maria Berry; her parents named her after a department store in Cleveland called Halle Brothers. Halle’s mom name is Judith. Her fathers name is Jerome. She also has an older sister named Heidi. Halle had a rocky relationship with her dad because he left Halle and her family. Her dad is dead but her mom is still living.

Halle attended Hesket Middle School. People thought Halle was adopted because she was African-American and her mom was white. That hurt Halle’s feelings. People in school called her “Pug nose” and comments like that also hurt her feelings. When Halle was 17 she won the 1984 Miss Teen Ohio beauty pageant. In 1998 she was also one of People magazines “50 most beautiful people”.

Halle attended Cuyahoga Community College where she earned her degree in broadcast journalism. After college she continued to model and enter beauty pageants. Halle was first heard of by winning a few beauty pageants. Acting was the next career move in her life.

In 1991 Halle had a breakthrough role in Spike Lee’s Jungle Fever. Early in her acting career Halle played in smaller films like Strictly Business, Boomerang, and the Flintstones. In the 1990s Halle continued to play in many movies and get more popular. Starting in 2000 Halle played Storm in the blockbuster X-MEN movies. This was the start of her big time movies.

In 2000 Halle won an Emmy and Golden Globe for her role as Dorothy Dandridge. Her role in Monsters Ball won Halle an Oscar for best actress in 2002 as well as a BAFTA award. She is the first and only African-American actress to ever win an Oscar for best actress. Halle is still an actress today, but she models for a makeup company too.

Halle has been through tough times in her life that she has had to overcome. One of her boyfriends punched her in the head and she lost 80 percent of hearing in her left ear. She’s been married 2 times and divorced both of her husbands. After her first marriage with David Justice she was so depressed about her divorce she wanted to take her own life away.

Halle’s life has still has its ups and downs. She adopted a girl named India when she was married with her first husband. She also has a biological daughter named Nahla with French-Canadian supermodel Gabriel Aubry. Although she is happy with her kids, she is currently in a custody dispute with Gabriel over Nahla.

Halle has diabetes which means she has to watch her diet. That doesn’t stop her from eating junk food and treats. Her favorite treat is ice cream. Her favorite junk food is salt and vinegar and chips and her favorite top meal is grilled tuna with garlic mashed potatoes. She also enjoys hobbies like roller-blading and shopping.

Halle Berry is my hero because she is committed to a lot of things like her movies. She doesn’t give up on anything. She is very caring for her family and has a good relationship with her mother and is very cooperative with her too. Halle is a hard worker to me because of her diabetes and her movies. She is an inspiration to me.

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