Horia Cretan

by Paul Szabo from Al. Papiu Ilarian Highschool Dej

My Romanian Hero
Horia Cretan (
Horia Cretan (

My hero is a Romanian man who moved in the United States and due to his courage under certain circumstances, became the hero of a lot of Americans, who have also nicknamed him the "Good Samaritan" or the "Savior Angel. "His name is Horia Cretan and he lives in New York, where he owns a shop in the very building that was in flames.

When he saw what was happening outside, he didn't hesitate, but simply took action. First he tried to save an old man on the 4th floor of the building, but the latter refused Horia's help, being under a state of shock. The Romanian savior broke the window very fast, so that the apartment should be ventilated, and then jumped to another window, where a boy could barely scream for help. Horia rushed to the place where the scream was coming from and took the boy out of the room.

"When I took him in my arms he didn't breath and his head fell back. He scared me so badly that I wiped his mouth and nose with a corner of the curtain and I pressed him several times on the chest. Then he opened his eyes. That was a great moment!" said Horia.

It is almost unbelievable that the American-Romanian hero went through a similar experience when he was lived in Romania, when he saved his own sister from a fire.

After his deed, some of the American television channels invited Horia Cretan in their shows. While he participated in one of the TV shows, he took advantage of the moment and asked his girlfriend to marry him. That was also a brave gesture to do it in front of thousands of TV viewers.

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