Hiccup Horrendous Haddock 3

by Julia from St. Clair

Hiccup (Google images)
Hiccup (Google images)

A hero is a person we see as a role model. People define heroes by their choices and qualities they have. By definition a hero is brave, loyal, clever, and does the impossible. My hero is someone who will risk everything they believe in to do what is right. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock 3rd fits the qualities to be my hero.

Hiccup is a teenage boy who lives in Berk. This is a little village filled with people who are strong and they each want to protect their town from dragons. The people there are muscular, strong, and basically it is a very Viking like place. Hiccup is the total opposite of everyone. He is not muscular or strong and he doesn’t even look like a Viking.

Hiccup is not like any Viking out in the island of Berk. He can't kill his wounded dragon that he was supposed to kill. Most Vikings would have killed it, but Hiccup couldn't. He quoted "I can't kill dragons". He spoke this to his father, when his father wanted him to go fight the dragons in the tournament.

Another quality that is heroic is that he is clever. Hiccup drew a picture of Toothless when the dragon wasn't injured. He drew up a fake wing that Hiccup made from scratch and actually worked.

Hiccup is brave in a way that no other man was at the time of need. He went up into the sky and fought the king with just Toothless. He ended up killing the king, and losing his leg in the process. One quote that Hiccup's father said "Thank you for saving my son" he said to Toothless when he protected Hiccup from the fall.

Hiccup and Toothless
Hiccup and Toothless

Heroes are people we see as role models. People define heroes by their choices and qualities they have. I picked Hiccup as my hero for what decision he made about what he was thought was right, but turned out that it wasn’t. Some might not agree with my choice, but anyone who is as brave, smart and compassionate as Hiccup deserves to be described as a hero.

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