Helen Keller

by Kaylee from Cortez

Helen Keller is my hero and she did something I will never forget. She encouraged people to work hard no matter what and always believe in yourself.

Although she was blind and deaf, she tried to help people like her. For example, she taught Braille, so blind people could read as well. Helen was born on June 27th 1880. Her dad was Arthur Keller and her mom was Kate Keller. Helen's dad fought in the Civil War. Helen got sick one day and it made her blind and deaf. Helen followed her mom everywhere. Helen made up over fifty signs of her own. Helen's family knew Helen needed help, so they called Alexander Graham Bell. He said he would send someone. Later he called and said he was going to send Annie Sullivan.

At first Helen turned Annie away. But finally Helen made a lot of progress. Helen was so famous she got to meet the president and people made a museum of her. Helen lived a good life and because of braille, Helen was a good success and she makes me believe in myself. Helen's smartness makes me think I'm smart.

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