Hayao Miyazaki

by Shimada from Sriracha

Hayao Miyazaki ( ())
Hayao Miyazaki ( ())

What did he do?: His name is Hayao Miyazaki. He made a lot of famous movies like 'Totoro' and 'Ponyo' and he has experiences of War. He made movies about his experiences and told people about War. Also he made about 65 kinds of short movies, long movies and TV animations. He stopped working as a movie maker in 2013. His last movie was also about War.

my neighbor totoro  ( ())
my neighbor totoro ( ())

Why did I choose this person? When I moved to International School most of the people knew about "Totoro" and "Ponyo". I was very surprised at it and very proud of Miyazaki. His movie is very fantastic and makes us happy. Also his movie tells us about something. For example, the "Totoro" was about a fairy which lives in forest. It tells us we need to protect nature. Also "Ponyo" was about fairy which lives in the sea. In the sea in that movie there was so much trash, like cans, bags... so it tells us why we shouldn't throw the trash in the sea and should protect it so that fish can live. () ()

PONYO: This movie is about the boy who lives near the sea and the fairy that lives in the sea. One day the boy was playing with a toy by the sea and he found the bottle, there was the fish in it. He brought it at home and he helped the fish, but accidentally he cut his finger on the glass and the fish licked his blood. From that time the fish became able to speak language and the boy named it Ponyo. However, the fish's father didn't it allow to live with humans and tried to get back Ponyo into the sea, but when he got Ponyo, Ponyo could speak and had legs and arms. He was really surprised and Ponyo said " Ponyo will be back to Kousuke." Kousuke is the boy who found Ponyo by the sea. () ()

TOTORO: Totoro is also about the fairy. There was the family that moved the house near the forest. Their mother was sick and lived in hospital. There were two girls and they went to the forest and found Totoro. When the younger girl lost the way in the forest and met Totoro, she asked it "What's your name?" and it said "Totoro" That is why its name is Totoro. After that she told it to her father and grandmother, but they said we've never seen anything like it before and it can only seen by children. The sisters were very happy about they could meet Totoro.

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