Hua Mulan

by Lydia from Newmarket


In ancient Chinese history, there were lots of heroes, but most of them were men. The reason is that men's social status was higher than women's in the ancient time of China. Women couldn't join the army and were only allowed to do housework. They couldn't do anything except for staying at home. Hua Mulan should be recognized as a hero because she joined the all-male army to replace her father’s position. It was really hard for a woman to make this decision in ancient China. She is my hero because she showed filial obedience for her father, made a contribution to her country and was brave.

Hua Mulan joined the all-male army to show filial obedience for her father. It was not peaceful and there were many wars in ancient China, so the royal administration requested all the men to join the army. Mulan’s father also accepted the mission. Even though he was very old, he still wanted to protect his country. Mulan couldn't bear to see her father join the army like this because her father was too old to be in a war. She cut her hair and pretended to be a man. Long hair was very important for a woman in ancient China. They couldn't have short hair. By the way, she didn't want to marry because she wanted to look after her father. She was worried about her family because her father was too old and her brother was very young. She just cared about her family and never thought about herself. She was very kind-hearted and she decided to join the all-male army to replace her father's position.

Hua Mulan was a hero because of her courage. She was so brave that she could do something dangerous and difficult. She lived in the same camp with the other men. It would damage her reputation and it was bad for a woman, but she didn't care about this thing because she knew it was necessary. She had to consider herself as a man. She not only lived in the army, but also had the same training with the other men. It was very hard for a woman to do that. Mulan knew kung-fu and she was outstanding in her army, so her general asked her to fight against the leader of enemy by herself. She was very courageous and defeated her enemy easily. After that day, she became very famous and popular in her army. Everyone respected her for her courage and independence. She was the model of her army and her friends were learning from her.

Although Mulan was a woman, she wanted to make a contribution to her country. Mulan's father was very patriotic and she was like her father. She also wanted to protect her country. The weather was very bad when Mulan and her army fought against the enemy. It was windy and snowy, so they had to battle with the winds and snow. It was very hard, but she never gave up. Finally, they defeated the enemy and they recaptured their trench. She went to the palace in a hurry and she almost didn't sleep. She needed to look after the security of the emperor because the enemy would sneak attack at night. She tightened security at that night and she caught all the enemies in the end. The emperor was so happy that he decided to reward Mulan. But she didn't want anything except for going back home and looking after her family. Actually, Mulan broke the law at that time. As a woman, she couldn't join the army. If anyone discovered that she was a woman, she would be killed by the law. Even though it was very dangerous, she still wanted to protect her country and fight against the enemy.

Hua Mulan was a hero who showed filial obedience towards her father, wanted to make a contribution to her country and was brave. She was my hero not only did she have an outstanding personality, but also she would do anything which she thought was right. Even though she was a woman, she was an exceptional soldier. She was also so brave to join the all-male army to replace her father‘s position. Although it is very peaceful now, we don’t need to join the army like Mulan. We should still learn from her bravery and spirits. In our daily life, we need to focus on our studies and prepare for looking for a good job in the future. I believe that it is necessary for us to learn from her strengths. She will stay in my heart forever and I think that her spirit can encourage me to grow up to be a brave adult.

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