Literary Heroes

Harry Potter

by Karlina from SMAN 5 Bandung

Harry Potter is my hero, because I like him very much and I like the novel. Harry Potter inspires me in many ways. I like his way in solving his problem and his friend’s problem. I can imitate his kindness to be applied to other people in life.

When I read the novel, I am very happy and want to read it more and more. This novel makes me as if I were in its world. For example, when Harry Potter fought with Lord Voldemort, it seemed that we saw the events in our own eyes.

Harry Potter draws me closer to Allah than before, because when the first time I read the novel, 'Quiditch competition', I wish I were in heaven. So, if I want to be in the heaven, I must be closer to Allah, by praying in the mosque, fasting on Mondays and Thursdays.

The author of this novel is J.K. Rowling. She is very famous and inspiring me to write something. I even read her biography, and find her career was not easy, because the publisher had refused her stories. But, at the time, she was not hopeless and did not give up. It motivated her to write better and better.

I think most people in the world like Harry Potter and so do I, because he has so many fans and he gets a lot of money from his movies. Now, he becomes the second richest teenager in the world. It appears that her movies are very famous and are loved by most teens around the world.

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