Helena Rubinstein

by William from Bronx

Through the years we can see there have been many heroes and Helena Rubinstein is one of them. Helena’s name is legendary for all of her work and dedication to work, and doing the impossible for women.

Rubenstein is a hero for a lot of reasons. First of all she created job opportunities so women at the time could depend on themselves. She created a business for women, something that was considered ridiculous at the time. She helped women all around the world to feel better with the way they looked.

She was a hard and dedicated worker. Because of that, she prospered in business. She used to work more than fifteen hours a day. She used to do anything to help her  business progress. She dedicated all of her life to working in her business. She even forgot about her family to work in her company. Helena didn’t stop working until she died.

Another thing that characterizes Rubinstein was her devotion to helping other women. She built a foundation to help women to study because she thought that learning was the way to progress. She was really worried about the welfare of Israel. She was generous with money contributions to the foundation. Her money was dedicated to building a good future for women.

Helena’s is a hero because she sacrificed herself to show other women that they could make it in the world of men. Her money was given to women who didn’t have financial aid, to go to school. She changed the way women thought - that they were supposed to stay in the house and not go to work. Helena Rubinstein is a role model for all the women.

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