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by Alexander from Riley

To win the War, to overcome the enemy upon the fields cannot alone ensure the Victory in Peace.
Haile Selassie 1 (
Haile Selassie 1 (

"Until all Africans stand and speak as free beings, equal in the eyes of all men, as they are in the eyes of heaven; Until that day, the African Continent will not know peace."
Emperor Haile Selassie I quoted these words to the United Nations in response to the invasion of Italy into Ethiopia. Emperor Haile Selassie I was one of the last standing emperors of Ethiopia. He ruled with devotion, imagination, and perseverance. He was constantly reforming and coming up with ways for both Ethiopia and Africa to progress forward. Emperor Haile Selassie I has set an example for all African leaders through his actions, leadership, and foreign policy.

"It is us today. It will be you tomorrow"- Haile Selassie.
Haile Selassie's actions more than exemplified this quote. He was constantly reforming and rethinking solutions to modernize and help his country progress. A common issue today with many African leaders is the exact opposite of this quote. Instead they try to care for themselves today and not worry about the youth of tomorrow. Haile Selassie sensed that for his country and Africa to succeed, he would need to focus his efforts to help improve education of the youth. Many African leaders acknowledge that an education can help eradicate and bring someone out of poverty. One of Haile Selassie's goals was to modernize Ethiopia through a strong media system of newspapers and phones etc. He knew that to connect the western world with Africa and Ethiopia, he would need to modernize and create a strong media.

Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah, and a lion representing Ethiopia's national animal
Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah, and a lion representing Ethiopia's national animal

"Leadership does not mean domination."-Haile Selassie.
Haile Selassie led with this principle during the years he ruled. When Haile Selassie was in rule, he created Ethiopia's first constitution in 1931 proclaiming all people equal in Ethiopia. Much of Africa has been ruled recently with domination through violence and segregation. Haile Selassie outwardly rejected all these things, believing peace cannot be won through a war. He stressed unity and nondiscrimination, something Africa is now learning to do. Haile Selassie led the pan-African movement in which he encouraged and rallied African leaders to regain their countries from colonization. Through this movement he created the African Union. The African Union now plays a major role in Africa. Without it, many African leaders and countries could not come together and support each other to better benefit common everyday problems in Africa.

Haile Selassie was world renowned for his friendship with many widely known foreign leaders such as former president Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Queen Elizabeth. He showed that many that it was acceptable to befriend outside nations and colonial powers such as the United Kingdom. Many African leaders today either completely shun Western nations and support or are too widely open to Western investment and support. Haile Selassie created a balance of these two things. He welcomed foreign investment and support, yet at the same time he renounced colonization and challenged many of the Western ideas and colonial powers in Africa. Many African's can now see that it is acceptable to welcome outside investment yet at the same time, there must be a balance in which Western involvement can only go so far.

"To win the war, to overcome the enemy upon the fields cannot alone ensure victory in peace"-Haile Selassie.
Haile Selassie truly lived what he said. He spent a dedicated lifetime focusing his efforts to improve and educate the generations to come in Ethiopia and Africa. He believed that violence and war were not the answer, but a creator of many problems. Many will remember the uncountable feats that he had accomplished in his lifetime. He has given all African leaders an example and model through his actions, leadership, and foreign policy.

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