Harry Tao

by Thu from Bradford

Whatever you do, don't forget that you can believe in yourself. You can do anything to make a better tomorrow.

I was lucky enough to come in this country. Harry gave me a chance of a new life and many opportunities. The greatest future is waiting for me to explore! After school hours, he taught me to read and write in English. On the weekends he took me to the shopping mall to buy new clothes. He was my sponsor, he was my friend, he is my hero and he's also my dad.

Harry was born in South Vietnam. He went to school at Rach Gia South Vietnam. Harry's wife's name is Nhan, me and my younger brother Khang are his family. When he was young, he played the jumbai drum.

Harry had many influences and obstacles. On April 30, 1975 North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam. In school he only learned what they wanted him to learn and how. That's why thousands of students dropped out of school. They could not learn the way to be. All individual businesses had to be closed, no one was allowed to do any trade. Every market or supermarket was supervised and under control by the government.

In 1979 Harry escaped the country by boat, crossing the Atlantic Ocean with 40 people, on boats 40 feet in length, looking for freedom. He came to Canada. He worked very hard every day, so he could own a car, house and many other things. He gave me the chance of a new life. Living in this great country, I have had the chance of a new life and a great future.

Harry is courageous because he escaped Vietnam. Harry is caring because he is my new stepdad. When he escaped on the boat he showed courage because there was no food to eat. Harry shows he is caring every day when he helps me with homework, English practice, or picks me and Khang up from school.

Harry has influenced me in many ways. Harry is nice and caring and that makes me want to be nice and caring. Harry learned English and he showed me that I can do it too.

This is why Harry is my hero. Harry gave me a chance in my life and makes me believe I can do anything. Harry is the nicest person and shows true kindness.

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