Hannah Teter

by Tess from Eden Prairie

Hannah Teter Snowboarding (
Hannah Teter Snowboarding (

Hannah Teter was born on January 27, 1987, in Belmont, Vermont. Hannah is 23 years old. She is a snowboarder. Hannah started snowboarding when she was about 7 years old. She started off skiing and watching her four older brothers snowboard. She switched to snowboarding and took a lot of lessons.

Hannah Teter talking to the people in Africa. (
Hannah Teter talking to the people in Africa. (

Hannah is my hero because she founded a charity called HANNAH'S GOLD. The charity sells Vermont maple syrup. She used to make maple syrup with her family when she was younger. The money raised by the syrup goes to a village called Kirindon, in Kenya. Hannah started the foundation because she felt the world needed a lot of help. Her foundation provides clean water for the schools in Kirindon. It also helps pay for the fees at the schools. It gives the village farming tools, sustainable farmland and seeds. Hannah is also a spokesperson for BREAST CANCER awareness.

Hannah has impacted a lot of peoples' lives. She is very involved in her charity and really cares about the people in Kenya. She wants to keep working on her charity and keep being a spokesperson for breast cancer.

Hannah has been in the Olympics many times and even won gold medals before. A couple years ago Hannah had knee surgery, but that didn't stop her from snowboarding. Hannah is very thankful because she is going to the Olympics again!

I consider Hannah a hero because I like to snowboard and I like to help others by volunteering at Feed My Starving Children. Hannah has inspired many people, including the people in Africa. She lets them know that people really care about them. Her friends say she is like a hero. She is kind, nice, helpful and, most importantly, generous!

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