Hayley Wickenheiser

by Nicole from Calgary

Hayley Wickenheiser (I made it with Inpsiration (Me))
Hayley Wickenheiser (I made it with Inpsiration (Me))

The reason I choose Hayley Wickenheiser for my hero is because Hayley has always been a role model to me because of her love and passion for hockey. When I was in Tim Bits my friend Sarah and I had the chance of a lifetime to meet Hayley Wickenheiser. Her smile and enthusiasm made me encouraged to play hockey, and I still play today, and ever since then Hayley Wickenheiser has been my hero.

Hayley Wickenheiser Portrait (i drew it (Me))
Hayley Wickenheiser Portrait (i drew it (Me))

Hayley Wickenheiser was born on August12,1978.  She is a woman's ice hockey player from Canada. Hayley's parents are Tom, a phys-ed teacher and her mom, Marilyn. She has a brother named Ross and a sister named Jane. Hayley lives in Calgary with her boyfriend Tomas and their son Noah. Hayley's cousin, Doug Wickenheiser was the first overall pick in the 1980 NHL Draft, unfortunately he died of cancer in 1999. Hayley is studying for a degree in kinesiology.

Haily_Wickenheiser (i drew it (me))
Haily_Wickenheiser (i drew it (me))

Hayley Wickenheiser was the first woman to play fulltime professional hockey in a position other than goalie . Hayley wickenheiser is a member of Canada's Woman's National Hockey Team. She represented Canada at the Winter Olympics four times, winning three gold and one silver medal and has been named tournament MVP twice. She also was in the summer Olympics once doing softball. Hayley Wickenheiser is also one of the first females to play in the NHL video game. Hayley has been playing on team Canada since she was 15. Also,  Hayley likes spending most of her time evaluating womans hockey.

Hayley is known for her love and skill at hockey. People say that she is considered the best female woman's ice hockey player in the world. She is also considered a great person to be around. And that's why I chose her to be my hero.

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