Hayley Wickenheiser

by Mackenzie from Calgary

"I never thought I would ever have a chance to win a gold medal.
Things like that can really happen to a girl from a small town."
- Hayley Wickenheiser
Haley Wickenheiser web (I did it (inspiration) (I did))
Haley Wickenheiser web (I did it (inspiration) (I did))

I chose Hayley Wickenheiser for my hero because she always encourages girls to play hockey. When I started playing hockey I looked up to Hayley. I also picked Hayley because I was being told that girls aren't supposed to play hockey. So when I found out that there was a girls' hockey team, I knew I wasn't the only girl that plays hockey.

Hayley Wickenheiser (I did it (I drew it))
Hayley Wickenheiser (I did it (I drew it))

Hayley Wickenheiser was born on August 12, 1978 in Shaunavon Saskatchewan. Her current height is 5ft. 10in and her weight is 170lbs. Her dad Tom was a phys-ed teacher. Hayley's mom is Marilyn and her two siblings are a brother named Ross and a sister named Jane. Hayley now lives in Calgary, Alberta with her boyfriend Tomas and her son Noah. Hayley is now studying for a degree in kinesiology and has expressed a desire to attend medical school after she is finished playing hockey. Hayley is also the author of Gold Medal Diary.

Haley Wickenheiser in action (I drew it (I did))
Haley Wickenheiser in action (I drew it (I did))

Hayley Wickenheiser has accomplished many things.  One of the biggest ones is when she was captain for the Canadian Woman's National Hockey Team and they won a gold medal in the 2002 Olympics. In 2003 Hayley became the first woman to score a goal playing in a men's professional league. Hayley was Most Valuable Player at the 2007 Esso Canadian Women's Nationals. She received the 2007 Bobbie Rosenfeld Award. In 2007 Hayley received the Canadian Press Female Athlete of the Year. (she was the first woman's hockey player to receive the honour.) She gave the athlete's Olympic Oath at the 2010 Olympic Games. There were a lot of accomplishments that happened in 2011; Hayley was Canada West Player of the Year, she was on the Woman's World Championship All-Star team, she was named an Officer of the Order of Canada by Governor General David Johnston and her home town of Shaunavon Saskatchewan named a recreation complex, the Crescent Point Wickenheiser Center, after her. In March of 2012 Hayley scored two goals and added two assists as the University of Calgary Dinos won their first ever CIS women's hockey championship with a 5-1 victory over the Universite de Montreal Carabins. Another example of her athleticism, Hayley was on the Canadian Woman's National Softball team in the 2000 summer Olympics.

In conclusion Hayley Wickenheiser is one of the greatest women's hockey players in history. Hayley has accomplished lots. for example, she is a mother and a 4 time Olympian. Hayley has won 3 gold medals and 1 silver medal. She is a great role model especially for young woman because she has proven her ability to excel through determination and pride. For these reasons Hayley Wickenheiser is my hero.

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