Bethany Hamilton

by Sara from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

Bethany Hamilton surfing<br>(I drew it.)
Bethany Hamilton surfing
(I drew it.)

My hero is Bethany Hamilton. She was born in North Shore, Kauai on February 8, 1990. Bethany is 18 now and still lives in Hawaii.

One morning at 7:30 am, on October 31, 2003, she and her best friend decided to go surfing. Bethany caught a huge wave and out of nowhere a 14 ft. tiger shark came out of the wave and bit her left arm 6 inches below her shoulder! That morning Bethany lost 60% of her blood. If the shark would have bit 2 inches higher, she might not have survived.

Bethany Hamilton is my hero because it takes a lot of courage to even surf, but to lose your arm to a 14 ft tiger shark, and still surf, now that takes a lot of guts. She also inspired me to surf, and to not give up if something bad happens.

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