Pearl-Cohn’s Music Video Wins 1st Place in International Film Festival

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The MY HERO Project
The MY HERO Project

Pearl-Cohn’s Music Video Wins 1st Place in International Film Festival

Two Pearl-Cohn high school students and their teacher are on their way to Santa Monica, California this morning to accept an award from an international film festival.

The video for the song “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” won 1st place in the Student/Mentor Music Video category of the 2014 MY HERO International Film Festival. The song already received lots of national and international attention when it was released and the video for it went viral.

The video was created by Aneia Cody from Pearl Cohn’s Academy of Entertainment Communication along with the song writer Queen McElrath from Pearl-Cohn’s Academy of Entertainment Management. Anthony Young is their teacher for Media Concepts in the Academy of Entertainment Communication. All three left for California this morning to accept their award.


Queen and Aniea at the airport on their way to LA to accept their international award for

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