by Martina from Buenos Aires

My personal hero is my aunt. She is my mother's sister. My aunt was born with a defect called Spina Bifida. This affects her legs, and she needs to use a kind of orthopedic leg to be able to walk. I think my aunt is a courageous, brave, good-humoured, good-hearted, determined, perseverant, loving, easygoing and cooperative person. She is good-humoured, good-hearted, loving, easygoing and cooperative because she is a great person. She is never angry and she is a super volunteer. My aunt is courageous, brave, determined and perseverant because she doesn't give up and she never worries about anything.

My aunt is called Heather, and she was born in Bowling Green, Kentucky, U.S.A. My aunt has learnt to accept her way of being and keeps on with her life as any normal life. But what is really important is that she is a super volunteer because she helps kids in need in the U.S.A. Heather lives in Bowling Green with all the rest of my family that lives in United States. She participates in at least five community services: The American Cancer Society, Humane Society, Kids on the Block, March of Dimes and she collects money every year for kids in need.

This hero is so important to me because I feel she is a great and honorable person. She helps others all she can, even if she, herself, needs help. She is one of the last people on earth with such a great heart. She has made a difference to everyone in my family because now we all feel what she does. We always try to help her, when we can, and we are trying to be as good a person as she is.

I imagine my aunt as a sort of Mother Teresa, helping all the kids in need, only that my aunt is in the U.S.A. My aunt leaves everything to help others, just as Mother Teresa. Heather is a "Survivor Hero" and a "Hero to Others Near and Far". She is a "Survivor Hero" because she keeps on with her life even though she has a problem. She is also a "Hero to others Near and Far" because she does a lot of community service and she gives everything to help others.

To conclude, I can say Heather is a very good-hearted lady who is able to do many things without getting angry or frustrated. That is why I chose her as my personal hero, because all my family and I are very proud and grateful to have her in our family. We really LOVE her!

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