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by Johnston from Calgary

Constellation of Hercules
Constellation of Hercules

Do you like a person that can slay a nine-headed hydra? Or wrestle a lion with unpierceable skin? If you do, Hercules would be your man. I chose him as my hero because he is not some chicken. Of course, you must be thinking that anyone can be as brave, but would you agree to capture some three-headed dog that guarded the gateway to the underworld? I know I wouldn't. It’s maybe because you do not possess immortality or great strength like Hercules. If you are interested in reading more this biography, I suggest you should keep on reading his story.

The King of the Gods, Zeus had an affair behind his wife Hera the Queen of the Gods. Zeus later had a baby with the woman. Hera soon found out. Angry, Hera sent two snakes to kill Hercules (still a baby). The following night, the snakes slithered into Hercules’ crib. With his enormous strength, Hercules strangled to two snakes to death. Outraged by the news that the snakes were found dead in Hercules crib, Hera made an effort to make Hercules’ life as miserable as possible. When Hercules got married, he had two children. Seeing this as an opportunity, Hera made Hercules go crazy and kill his family. After Hercules awoke from his "temporary insanity", he was outraged by what he has done. He prayed to the God Apollo for guidance. Hercules was told to complete 12 impossible tasks or labours to atone for his crime. The first labour was to kill the Nemean Lion. Hercules noticed that arrows were useless and then choked it to death. The second labour was to slay the Lernean Hydra. Hercules killed the Hydra by burning the heads off. These are just examples of his many heroic deeds.

Hercules captures Cerberus
Hercules captures Cerberus

Twelve years later, Hercules had completed his final labour, which was to capture Cerberus, the three–headed dog that guarded the gateway to the underworld. Still, Hercules wanted to continue to live an adventurous life. You may have forgotten about the Goddess Hera. She had made a special poison. Hera dipped a fur shirt into the poison and gave it to Hercules as a gift. Not suspecting anything, Hercules put on the shirt. Immediately, Hercules felt his skin begin to burn. Screaming in pain, Hercules begged to Zeus to stop this miserable pain. Hearing the screams, Zeus came down from Olympus and picked Hercules up and carried him into the stars. Hercules is now living with the gods.

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