James Herriot

by Rosemary

james herriot in a suit<br>
james herriot in a suit

James Herriot better known as James Alfred Wight inspires me by his compassion, determination, willingness, knowledge of animals, and he had an ability to accept anything that came his way no matter if it was good or bad.

James was born on October 3rd 1916 in Sunderland, England and died on Feb. 23 1995 at the age of 78. He was a very accomplished large animal veterinarian and a qualified veterinarian surgeon from Glasgow University. He started writing at the age of 50 he wrote many best-sellers such as:

• Let Sleeping Vets Lie (published in 1973)
• Vet in Harness(published in 1974)
• Vets Might Fly (published in 1976)

These are just a few of his books and my favorites. In every book he spreads his knowledge and compassion for his job. He brought into perspective that animals really do matter and that they shouldn’t be taken for granted. He was a role model for veterinarians and animal behaviorists.

People made two movies about him, Christopher Timothy played James and Robert Harley Played Sinclair but in the movies and in James’ books his name was Siegfried Faron. The Movies informed many people outside of England about a great person that should get recognition.

james herriot with a docshund<br>
james herriot with a docshund

James Herriot started to work for Donald Sinclair’s practice in Thirsk, England in 1938. Where he continued to work with Donald until he passed away.

He was inspired to write books early on in his life but when his wife told him that he was never going to write a book this made him more determined than ever. She said “James you have been talking about writing a book for the past 20 years!” And the more people that told him he wouldn’t write a book the harder he tried.

My parents both work with animals and we have many. Since I was 4 years old I have heard about James Herriot and by the time I am 14 I want to have finished all of his books. I hope to be a large animal veterinarian when I am older and I James Herriot will always be a hero.

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