The horse

by Mia from Dayton, Ohio

The horse is and amazing creature. Horses show a loving, kind nature to other horses and humans as well.
Can anyone explain this bond? Anyone?
Can anyone explain this bond? Anyone?

Horses have long been a part of humanity. Why do we have such a need to be around such a animal that is called Unpredictable, Crazy, Wild or to expensive to care for? Is it their shape? Is it their attitude towards us or how they carry us into a sunset across a pasture of wild flowers? What makes us love them so much? Well, in my stories you will find out.

Kind eyes. Do we always have them?
Kind eyes. Do we always have them?

The horse is graceful, it is trusting and it is loving but some people say what's the point of having a horse if you can't ride it? Well, I have a good reason for having a horse you can't ride. It is a living breathing animal with feelings just like us. It may never be understood why the horse is so caring. They carry us upon their backs, they listen when no one else will, they even keep secrets better than our human friends, so why are there so many unwanted horses that are left to die or sold to those who are not so much horse lovers? Do we ask too much of our horses sometimes? If only people had the nature of a horse, always loving and gentle, never to betray our friends and family. The horse is truly an animal we should respect, don't you think?

Don't be afrad to show your horse  you love it!
Don't be afrad to show your horse you love it!

My animal hero is all the horses that have ever given joy to someone. They should be yours too.

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I love horses and I want to get this message out. There are horses that are heroes to so many people. They make a difference in so many lives. Why are we so careless about these everyday heroes?