The Humane Society

by Katie from Tomball

Celebrating Animals, Confronting Cruelty.
The Humane Society lets dogs like these live ( (highflyer3))
The Humane Society lets dogs like these live ( (highflyer3))

Everyone always notices things, bad or good, but to me a hero is someone who does something about those things. That is why I am writing about "The Humane Society." This organization aids many animals who are abused, hoarded and/or left to die. They give these poor animals another chance at life. The Humane society was established in 1954 and has been fighting animal cruelty ever since. The Humane Society has help from 11 million people. They stand together in the hope to end animal cruelty.

For years species have become endangered and soon after that extinct. 99.9% of all species that have ever lived on earth are extinct. Most from us. This is one way the Humane society is a hero. They help save many species of animals who have become endangered or threatened. The Humane Society set laws to stop people from mistreating these animals and create sanctuaries  to keep animals in a safe environment while letting them stay wild, including the white rhinoceros. People in China were killing off these poor animals to have the rhino horn for medicine. The Humane Society is helping to fight against trade. They set up laws to stop it but people still buy and sell the horn illegally. 

Everywhere animals are abused by their owners, put into dog fights, or left out on the street. The Humane Society helps stop these animal's pain. They send people out to the site of the abuse and collect the pets. They send lawyers out to testify against these people and give the owners what they deserve. The Humane Society brings the animals to their shelters and retrains them so they can be put up for adoption to have a second chance at life.   

These are puppy mills which supply pet stores ( (acadmeic))
These are puppy mills which supply pet stores ( (acadmeic))

Every single day some sort of severe storm hits a town and rips it apart and all that's left is the dust are the pets. They roam around trying to find their owner. But their owner is dead. The Humane Society will go out to the aftermath of those storms and bring those animals to either a safe place in the town or to one of their many shelters. They help the owners find their pets and reunite them together. The Humane Society was there when the Japan tsunami happened. They were there when the Alabama tornadoes happened. They saved these animals' lives.

 The Humane Society is my hero because they noticed things big and small and they did something about it. I love animals and I cry every time I see an abused animal or even worse a dead one. It makes you think, how would you feel if that animal were you. The little things they have done have grown bigger and bigger. That's how they inspire me. They do little things but those little things become bigger and bigger and bigger yet. Those little thing are the things that make a difference

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