The Humane Society

by Brenna from Wisconsin

The Humane Society, a dedicated animal association, affects the world's animals, teenagers and adults. The society has collected donations for animals that are all over the world and in need. The Humane society has also just received 1.2 million donations for the Animal Survivors fund of 2010.

The Humane Society's bravery saves animals of all kinds from oil spills and abusive homes that are all over the world. Adults and teenagers of all ages work together to help the animals survive after being harshly treated and teach them how not all people are like their past owners. The society has also many brave volunteers who work hard with any animal, sweet or vicious. When there are oil spills in any oceans, lakes and even rivers, the humane society will be right there dealing and caring for the animals that were caught in it.

The Humane Society has shown dedication by being around for over 200 years. The society has never forgotten an animal and treats each animal with kindness and respect. A side benefit is that volunteers are often helped as much as the animals. Even now this animal association is gathering new volunteers of all ages.

This organization is a hero to many people and animals.

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