Ishmael Beah

by Xavier from Pickerington

I think a hero is who shows great courage and helps people.

I think it is important to have a hero. I think it is good for everyone to have someone to look up to.

Ishmael Beah is a great hero because no matter how scared he was he carried on and showed great courage. "I walked for two days without sleeping." "Our job is a serious one and we have the most capable soldiers, who will do anything to defend this country." "We can be rehabilitated."

Ishmael Beah is a great person to induct into the Hero Hall of Fame. He left home at age twelve because of war that was overtaking his country. He would not see his parents ever again. He joined the army at thirteen. He fought very hard and very bravely. Then he was picked up by UNICEF and taken to a rehabilitation center. He went to New York City and spoke at a conference where through all of this he showed great courage.

-How scared were you when you first realized there was a war? -I was very scared because it was a whole new experience for me.

-What was it like when you realized you could not find your parents? -I was worried because I did not know if they were still alive or if the rebels captured them, I was just very worried.

-What kept motivating you and your friends to carry on? -We wanted to find our parents. Also, we did not want to get caught by the rebels.

-What was it like in your encounter and being captured by the rebels? -It was horrifying. We all were just preparing to die. Then we heard gunshots and the rebels became scared. At this moment we all ran and scattered into the forest.

-After you got separated from your brother and your friends why did you decide to leave the swamp and Kaloko and his family? -I was sick of waiting around to die. I figured if I was going to die I was going to die trying.

-What was it like roaming the forest by yourself? -It was very lonely. I just walked wrapped up in my thoughts.

-After you had reunited with some old friends what was your new challenge? -Our new challenge was trying to find food. Also, there had been a bad rumor about us and every village we went to the people tried to kill us.

-After you first killed someone what did you feel? -I felt this crazy rage come over me and I tried to kill as many rebels as I could.

-How did you feel about Esther? -At first I hated her, then I grew fond of her and I visited her every day. She became like my big sister.

-What was your visit to New York City like? -It was very cold. It was like a whole new world but it was nice because I got to meet lots of other kids from different countries. I also got to speak at a conference about my time as a child soldier.

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