Ishmael Beah

by Malcom from Pickerington

"We must strive to be like the moon."

My definition of a hero is someone who saves someone else in trouble.

It is important to have a hero because they help people in trouble not just physically but mentally and other people look up to them.

I think the main character Ishmael Beah portrays the characteristics of a hero. Also my three quotes are "We must strive to be like the moon." "This one of the consequences of the civil war. People stop trusting each other, and every stranger becomes an enemy." "They had run so far away from the war, only to be caught back in it. There is nowhere to go from here."

I think Ishmael Beah is a hero because he was only a boy when the rebels took over his village and he was split from his family. Also, Ishmael got picked up by the rebels and was forced to kill innocent people and this went on for about three to four years. Finally he was removed from fighting with the rebels and with the help from the staff of his rehabilitation center he learned how to forgive himself, regain his humanity and finally go to college.

What is your definition of a hero? My definition of a hero is someone who saves someone in need. Would you call yourself a hero? Yes to some people. Who is your hero? My mother because she helped me get through a lot and I wouldn't be the person I am today without her. Do you like the person you are now? Yes, very much. What inspired you to write your book? I wanted to show kids that even if they don't start off good that things can change if you really put your mind to it.

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