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Isadora Duncan

by Christina from Indonesia

Now we talk about my hero Isadora Duncan. Born on May 27, 1878 in San Francisco, California. Born as Dora Angela Duncan. Isadora was the second daughter and the youngest of four children to parents Joseph Charles and Dora Gray Duncan. Her father was a poet and her mother was a pianist and music teacher. Her father is got divorced and after that he married Isadora’s mother. Her father worked as a banker. But when the bank fell into financial run her parents got divorced.

She joined a ballet class because her mother wanted to. But in class Isadora always broke the rules, didn’t concentrate with the movements, just played around, and her teacher gave up on her. Then her mother took out Isadora from the ballet class. But Isadora really loved dancing. After leaving the ballet course, she started teaching other children in her neighborhood (same age, older, or younger) to dance the expression dance.

Isadora always saw that a marriage wasn’t a happy thing (because her parents divorced). She never believed in marriage, but she did have a love affair with a stage designer Gordon Graig and millionaire from Paris Eugene Singer and had a child by each. But her children, Deirdre and Patrick were tragically and accidentally drowned in 1913 while they are with their English governess. Later in her life she married Russian poet, Sergei Esenin in 1922 but separated shortly after.

She had moved to many different countries to show her dance to the entire world. When the first time she had a show in Europe, many people didn’t like it. But after she made sure that her dance was a dance that will bring them in to the next level and then many people joined her and then she made a dance school in Europe. Many things had happened in her dance school. But she can find the way out from all of those problems. One day her school got burned and she needed to find money for repairing her school and she did it.

She died in September 14, 1927 in Nice, Paris. Because of her fashion. On that day she used a long hand-painted silk scarf, which was a gift from Desti and was large enough to be wrapped around her body and neck and fluttered out of the car (the car was a Bugatti sports car). When the car started moving, the wheels are turning around, and Isadora Duncan died because her scarf became entangled around one of the vehicle's wheels and rear axle. That’s all about Isadora Duncan.

Who is Isadora Duncan from my eyes? She is of course my hero and she’s my inspiration. I want to be like her. Be someone that can change something. Maybe just small things but it’s changing something. And if you read stories about her or other historical stories you can find that: people in those stories never had a smooth story in their life to be remembered until this time. They always needed to struggle.

She’s the one that changed dance history. It’s because she can tell me that real beauty comes from your heart. You can really feel the beauty of you if it comes from your deepest heart. Maybe we don’t realize the most important things that really come from our heart. But I know someday we’ll know it because He will show it.

We all are God’s creation and we all are unique. No body is the same; everybody has their own life. That’s why I am really thankful to God because He always gives me the best thing in my life. Maybe I’m not as popular as Isadora Duncan, but one thing that I know is I am made by God and to God I give my life and I have my own history. Thank you for reading my stories."

"People don't live nowadays: they get about ten percent out of life." -Isadora Duncan (1878 - 1927)

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Author Info

I'm from Indonesia and I really love dancing. I joined the ballet class and have a modern dance group (we call it Pink Panther Squads). I had seen many dancing movies, videos, shows, and other performances. And I always think, "Why are there so many kinds of dances? Where do all those come from? What do people think about a free expression dance?" and many other questions. But a question that always bothers me is, "Who makes a dance out from the 'rules'?"

You know there are many kinds of dances in all over the world. But have you ever thought about a dance that can show your expression? I think many of you never think about that at lease you love dancing like me. If you think about a beautiful dance, maybe the one that crosses your mine is ballet, tango, cha-cha-cha, or other "high class dance."

However in your daily life you actually always do a dance and that dance is your expression from your feeling. You show off your feeling with dances. Maybe you just jump and turning around, but that's a dance.

And like I've told you that I joined the ballet class. But for the truth I didn't really enjoy that class. It's so stiff and boring. What I really like is a dance that can show what I'm feeling. And then I found someone that answered my question, "who makes a dance out of the 'rules'?" She is the one that inspire me in dancing. She's Isadora Duncan. I call her as my hero.

But what is a hero for me? A hero for me is someone that can bring us joy and happiness. Someone that has an extra point but he/she wants to share it to everybody. The one that never gives up and bring a good attitude to everybody.