Literary Heroes

Indiana Jones

by Alex from Laguna Beach

My hero is Indiana Jones because he is funny, skilled, and smart. Indiana Jones is very funny!! There are a couple of examples in the movies of Indy being funny. One example is when he shot the sword guy in Lost Ark. Another example is in The Last Crusade when Indy and his dad were tied up and Indy was telling dad to head for the fireplace. The final example is the fear in the Chronicles. Indy hates snakes, his partner in Temple of Doom hates bugs, and his dad is scared of rats. In conclusion, Indy is very, very, very funny.

Indy is full of skill. There are 1,000,000,000 examples of him being skilled but I`ll only name four. The first example is in Lost Ark when the trap door closes and he escapes just in time. Another example is when he was in the desert trying to get the ark. The third example is when he stopped the mine cart in Temple of Doom. The last example is when Indy got past the booby traps in The Last Crusade. Finally, he is amazingly skilled.

He is very, very, very smart. There are many examples. The first example is when they reached the idol room and Indy knew something was wrong. The second example is how he knew Jehovah`s name. The third example is how he knows archeology very well. In conclusion, this guy is smart and Indiana Jones is amazing.

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