Iron Man

by Nathaniel from Franklin

Iron Man
Iron Man

A hero could have very many different definitions, like it could be a role model of yours, or it could be a hero from ancestry. My definition of a hero would be someone that has super natural abilities and uses those abilities to help keep people from damage. There are many different heroes in the world and i chose to write about Iron Man because not only is he an awesome hero, but he is also a very successful person, being the owner of Starks Industry, and making it better by improving the weapons they make. At the same time that he is saving the world he is also a very hard working person.

My hero is Iron Man, not very many people consider him a hero because of the Iron Man suit. In case you don't know who Iron Man is, he is a man that runs a company called starks industry, which is very successful and he make weapons for the army, then he builds an iron suit to wear which becomes a disaster, but he fixes it. Iron Man lives in Malibu, CA. Iron Man was created on February 18, 1978 and he is still present and will always be known. My hero, Iron Man, made a difference by building an ultimate iron suit that had weapons attached to it, and also could fly. It was the perfect suit for the army, but Iron Man would not let them have the blue print, so he fought with it and he was unstoppable until another suit was created and successful.

Iron Man, many people know about him, some people have never heard of him, he is a hero. there are a couple of reasons people would consider a villain, but there are many reasons people would consider him a hero. Since he is my hero i will tell you the reasons why i think that he is a hero. First, he created weapons for our army, and they were superb weapons not just any weapon he created the best. Next, he made the Iron Man suit which is like the greatest weapon of all time, and he created like four of the suits and they were all usable. That is why i think of Iron Man as my hero.

Iron Man is a hero for many reasons, like i talked about in my last paragraph, those were just the little reasons. Now it's time for the major reasons why he is a hero. One would be because he saves many people by creating the guns that he creates for the U.S. Army. Then there is where he ends the manufacturing of Iron Man suits because they are causing nothing but trouble and he is left with just one for himself so that he can help our country, but at the same time all the chaos from all the Iron Man suits being made is ended. Then his actions he makes are all heroic; he makes good decisions on what to do when he is making his weapons and making the suits. In the imaginary real world he does good actions that are heroic.

Starting off with telling you my definition of a hero and the dictionary definitions of a hero, i think that you know now that Iron Man is a true hero. You basically know the legend of Iron Man now, i told you all that i could about him. He is just like every other hero, he has his pros and cons, but in the end he is someone's hero, not only mine but many more people's. Well to end it all off, thank you for taking your time to learn about my hero Iron Man.

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