Young Heroes

Iqbal Masih

by Kailin from Guelph, Canada

Children Should Be Free!
Iqbal Masih <br>(
Iqbal Masih

Everyone is born equal, so why aren’t we treated the same?
Why are children forced to labor, not free to play and dream?

Every child should have the chance, to learn and to explore,
to flourish, be free and always have hope-
from today to forevermore.

No child should be forced to work against their will,
no child should ever writhe in pain,
chained to unjust labor until,
for a split second they see the light again.

Each day consists of back breaking work,
each day feels exactly the same,
all because of endless debts,
that will take eternity to pay.

Let us create a paradise on this place we call home,
a garden where no punishment can scar the soul,
where all can laugh, play and be free,
where forever all can be merry and sweet.

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Author Info

Kailin was inspired to write a poem in memory of Iqbal Masih,
who's life was cut short for his efforts for stop child slavery in Pakistan...