Immortal Technique

by KC from Old Lyme

Immortal Technique  ( (Crackmaussi))
Immortal Technique ( (Crackmaussi))

Immortal Technique is my hero for many reasons. Not only does he express his feelings through the un-respected art form of hip-hop, but unlike so many other "rap artists" Tech actually stands behind what he is saying. Tech does not talk about the typical hip-hop topics of drugs, sex and violence being a good thing, but rather just the opposite. Tech chooses to spread his message of unjust actions using real events and situations that government organizations orchestrates. Tech does not hate America, just the way our government treats its people and the people of other countries. "I won't trade humanity for patriotism" Immortal Technique says in his song titled "the 4th branch" about corporate manipulation of news media or the 4th branch of the government as he calls it. There is no malicious intent behind his music. Tech has been a big donator to several groups in need, donating $300,000 for cancer at his most recent show. Immortal Technique has and continues to give back to the community, not just his community, but communities that are suffering around the world. Tech took his profits from his mix tape "The 3rd World" along with money made from benefit concerts, to build an orphanage, school and medical facility in Afghanistan. Tech was born in Peru escaping poverty and civil war by coming to America living and growing up in Harlem New York. Oppression is no stranger to Tech who continues to use his music to out injustice done around the world.

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