Iron Man

by Zion from Forest City

A man is more than a man on the inside. Iron Man epitomizes the hero concept because he is strong, brave, and focused on his objective. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Which is the step Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man, took for his life to turn out as amazing as it is now.

Iron Man is a hero to me because he is a strong warrior. For example, he lost his dad when he was a young boy. This mean Tony had to live with the fact that he has no family left, and no one to help guide him through his life journey. Additionally , Tony's dad was a multibillionaire. The shows Tony is not a lost cause, he took the money and made a change for good in the world. Without a doubt, Tony Stark is a strong hero in my eyes.

Tony Stark is a brave hero to me. For example, he would never back out of a fight, even if you knew he was outnumbered. Tony knew that he would most likely get caught by his enemy, but he wasn't scared of his future.He also showed the world he was brave, by giving away his secret identity to the public. This proves he is scared of no one. As I see it, braveness makes Tony a hero to me.

Tony is always focused on his objective. For instance, he never gets side tracked in the middle of a battle. Stark would never combine his personal life with being a hero. He also never took on two tasks at once, if he was trying to find a bad guy, he wouldn't try to build a new weapon at the same time. To me this shows that Iron Man is always focused on his objective during a battle.

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself", I think this defines the hero known as Iron Man very well. Once again you can see that Iron Man epitomizes the hero concept. He is strong, brave, and always 100% focused on his objective. I just wonder, what humanity would be like without Iron Man to save it from enemies.

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