Iron Man

by Baptiste from Amiens

Iron Man
Iron Man

According to me, a hero is someone who is hardworking, brave and unselfish. A hero doesn't just think of themselves; but does things for others and stands up for their beliefs. Iron man is all of these things, making him a hero. Iron man is a superhero, who often saves the whole world. He has faced many life challenges and has overcome many life obstacles.

Iron man was created in 1963 by Stan Lee. He became a very rich businessman by getting his father's company which sold modern weapons to the United State Army.

When he travelled to Iran to show to the American army his new weapons, his car was exploded by the Taliban and he received a metal shard in the heart. He was captured and healed because the Taliban wanted him to make weapons for them. He didn't want to help the Taliban, so he made an armor to get out of his jail. He succeeded to get out thanks to the weapons on his armor such as missiles and machine guns.

After that, when he came back home, he upgraded his armor to make it more secure. He let his company to his girlfriend because he'd like to spend more time for his heroism.

People are inspired by Iron Man's heroism because of his dedication to his cause. I find him incredibly brave. Despite the threats from the Taliban, Iron Man continued to make his armor in the face of danger. He has encouraged me to never give up.

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