Allen Iverson

by Ty from Springfield, Pennsylvania

My Hero

My hero is an unlikely hero to others. Some people may say he is a bad influence but he isn’t. People say he is because he isn’t like a Jordan or a Babe Ruth. He isn’t the perfect example of what parents would like their kids to be like but he dresses and does things that he likes and enjoys. Just because he says what he believes and gets in a little trouble, people say he is a bad influence. I think that is nonsense. My hero is an excellent basketball player, he was the MVP of the league and during each and every game he puts his heart out on the court. He plays like every game is his last. My hero is Allen Iverson.

Allen was born in Hampton, Virginia. His mother gave birth to him when she was just 15 years old. Iverson always loved sports, especially football and baseball. He didn’t really like basketball until his mom made him play when he was 12. He liked it and was really good. In high school Iverson was the star QB on the football team and the star basketball player. He led both of those teams to the state championship in 1993. Later that year he was in a big incident at a local bowling alley when he and some friends got into a brawl with these other men. He and two of his friends were the only ones arrested. The charges were later dropped. This was very bad for AI’s image and made a lot of colleges that were planning to give him scholarships change their minds. The legendary coach from Georgetown, John Thompson gave him a chance, but said any incident like that again and he wouldn’t feel bad sending Allen back to the hood.

John Thompson’s chance was a good decision. Allen played hard every game and gave his all. Also he stayed out of trouble. But Iverson’s family issues worsened and they needed help which made him have to leave school early to enter the NBA draft. That was one of the best decisions Allen has ever made in his life. He was selected #1 overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1996 draft. He was an immediate starter and won the NBA rookie of the year. AI was a star and was the leader of the Sixers. His time as a Sixer ended in 2006 because it was just not working out and he demanded a trade. During this time he led them to the playoffs in 6 seasons. His greatest season was the 2001 season when Iverson led the sixers to the #1 seed in the East, scoring title, steals title, All-Star MVP (which he repeated in 2005), MVP of the league and the NBA finals which the Sixers lost to the L.A Lakers. Iverson left the Sixers in his trade to Denver as one of the biggest, hard working players in Philly history. Now he is playing for the Nuggets with Carmelo Anthony, another NBA star and led them to the playoffs for the second straight season. Iverson also was one of the leaders on the USA team in 2004. Another thing I didn’t talk about was how Allen is a family man. He’s been married to his wife now for 7 years and they have 5 children together.

Relating to the book a Hero’s Trail. Iverson is a survival hero, and also hero near and far. He is a survival because he survived growing up in the hood with no money and the hardships he faced. Also he is a hero near and far because he is a sports hero to people all over the world. Those are just two of the types of hero he is. There are probably more things that would make him a hero in another category that nobody knows about.

Allen Iverson is my hero. He might not be too many other people but I don’t care. He was a kid with a rough life who followed his dream and made it big time. Now he is rich and an NBA superstar. He is a good example to kids to follow your dream and set goals for yourself. That’s why he is my hero.

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