Allen Iverson

by Steven from Selden, New York

My definition of a hero is a person that you can always look up to and see as a role model. I picked Allen Iverson as my hero. I chose him as my hero he is skilled, nice, and talented. He was courageous and believed in his team. Most basketball fans were calling out the Sixers and thought they had no chance at all. Allen believed that his team could be good if they tried. The team started winning games and doing better. They weren’t being called out anymore and they had more fans. They even had a really good game when they beat the Lakers. Because of Allen’s hard work at re-building the team, everything was going excellent for the Sixers. After the Sixers he was always doing excellent for Denver.

Allen Iverson was born in Hampton, Virginia. He grew up very poor with a struggling mother and father who deserted him. He began focusing on basketball because his mother really wanted him to. He proved to be a very good basketball player. At Bethel High School he began his basketball high school career. He developed a reputation of talking a lot and being the kid with the bad attitude. He had a rough childhood, which is understandable. Where he used to go he had to walk through knee-deep sewage every day to get home.

When Allen Iverson grew up he was very poor and had a very hard life until he made it big in the NBA. I really like Allen Iverson because he is mostly always positive and is helping people out a lot. While Allen was living over a sewer with his 15-year old mother, every time the sewer would burst, there floor would be flooded with it. This was an extremely hard life, especially because his mother was still a teenager. Allen’s father was in and out of prison all of his life. One day he got arrested for possession of drugs. His father said that he wasn’t buying diamond rings or cars he was paying bills so his family would be able to eat and get things working again. After Allen’s brawl with those other kids, he was sent to jail because the witnesses said that he was the main culprit.

Allen was very smart and instead of giving up he went to a school named Georgetown. The basketball team Georgetown had was always winning because of Allen. He wanted to get his family out of the projects before it was too late. Allen was one of the most amazing players to come out of college, which is also another reason why he is my hero. One of my dreams is to be a basketball player like him.

In conclusion, Allen has made life better for him and his whole family. He is an inspiration to me, and a great role model to look up to. When I’m older I want to be like him and join the NBA. Allen was very courageous and a very had worker. He started out with a hard life but now he has a life that people wish they had. This is why I chose Allen Iverson as my hero.

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