James Harriot

by Kathleen from California

"Animals are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no right to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty.”
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James Herriot

Can you imagine not having vets to help our animals? I can't. Thanks to one of our famous vets, James Harriot, we now have treatments for our dogs. He worked hard for many years on trying to find a treatment for dogs. He became really popular and known for years. Many other vets and people came to be inspired by him. That's why I choose him to be my hero.

James Harriet was a very famous and well known vet surgeon for years who grew up in Glasgow, a very large city in Scotland. He started out as any one would to be a vet surgeon. He went to high school and college to live his dream. Since he was young he always dreamed to be a vet surgeon and help the animals. As you may know, everyone does their hard work for money and or for fame. But not James Harriot!!! James Harriot did all this hard work without having anything in return, at first. He did all this for our animals and to help them. He was very famous for all his work.

James Harriot is a vet that is recognized for his work. He was actually one of the vets who found a special treatment for dogs, out of the few number of vets. He received his first assignment in the Yorkshire countryside. Instead of working only with nice and lovable animals, he also ended up working with dangerous and wild horses and oxen. Those wild animals were so dangerous that when it kicked a well grown man it could send him off. In those days working with cats or even dogs was looked to what seemed to be "unmanly." All of his hard work paid off.

In conclusion, James Harriot is my hero because of everything he did to help animals. I greatly admire him and his hard work. Thanks to him we have treatments for our animals. If he were alive still I would tell him how much I look up to him. This is why I picked him as my hero. He will always be a person who inspires me.

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