St. Joan Of Arc

by Caroline D. from Fort Worth


"One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying." St. Joan of Arc always lived out her words, especially these. She never once changed her beliefs or what she stood for, even faced with the choice of life or death. St. Joan of Arc was truly brave and courageous, ready to face any obstacles because God was at her side.

St. Joan of Arc was born in Domrey, France on January 6, 1412. She was a French peasant who loved and cared for the poor. When she turned 13 she began to hear voices of the saints and angels speaking to her; they revealed a mission of God for her to carry out. She went to speak to the commander of King Charles VII army, asking him to let her command in battle. She was turned down many times but her persuasion and persistence earned her a chance to prove herself. She, with the help of the heavenly voices, saved France.

St. Joan of Arc faced many struggles and hardships throughout her life. As a young 13 year old, she started hearing voices of the saints and angels revealing a mission for her to carry out. She courageously convinced the commander to let her lead in battle after being turned down and laughed at many times. She finally succeeded, commanded in battle, and led France to victory. She was shot twice but survived knowing this was not the worst to come, and she had to get up and fight for God. She never denied him or her faith even if it meant a horrible death.

St. Joan of Arc's life and deeds demonstrated heroism. Even though she was a young girl, she carried the heavy weight of France on her shoulders; nothing and no one could get in her way, let alone stop her. She was unstoppable and courageous. She fought for France even though the country didn't care for her or her survival. She was captured and accused of being a witch. She looked at death in the face and decided she would rather die herself and stand up for her beliefs than to sacrifice them and die as someone else. She remained brave even as they torched her.


St. Joan of Arc is my hero because she was strong mentally and physically. She never gave up and had courage to do what God told her even if it meant risking her life in combat, leading an army and saving France at a young age. Although she was captured and no one came to rescue her, she didn't need to be rescued. She knew how to stand on her own two feet and stand up for God. She was burned at the stake and died a martyr. We can all learn to be brave and courageous in tough times from her story and words. "I am not afraid; I was born to do this." -St. Joan of Arc

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