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James M. Barrie

by Michelle from Peterborough

Sir James Matthew Barrie (
Sir James Matthew Barrie
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Sir James Matthew Barrie was a Scottish novelist and dramatist. He is best remembered for the creation of the well known play "Peter Pan," the boy who refused to grow up, whom he created with the inspiration of his young friends, the Llewelyn Davies' boys. J.M. Barrie was made a baronet in 1913, although it was not inherited. He was also made a member of the Order of Merit in 1922.

The first appearance of 'Peter Pan' came from Barrie's first novel, "The Little White Bird," a story published in 1901. With the inspiration of childhood happenings and his new young friends, he created "Peter Pan." Seeing as this play quickly became very popular, the kind hearted J.M. Barrie donated the profit made to the Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London.

This creative and imaginative man has spread a smile on so many peoples' faces with his clever creations and his innocent outlook on things. He inspired those around him to do great things, and has inspired me since I was young. J.M. Barrie is a hero in my eyes.

My own drawing of Peter Pan
My own drawing of Peter Pan

Being both inspired and fascinated by J.M. Barrie and his works, I have created many drawings and pictures of my favourite story book character, Peter Pan- the drawing on the right being one of them. From a young age, I guess I just fell in love with the whole spirited ideas of never having to grow up and, of course, the ability to fly. What child wouldn't want to battle dreadful pirates, dance with the Indian Brave, chat with the island mermaids, or live among mischievous faeries? I admire and envy the imagination he must have had to create such a wonderful fantasy.

Though such a naturally kind and soft-spoken man, I was surprized to find out that J.M had a troubling childhood. James' older brother David passed away on his fourteenth birthday by falling through the ice while skating. David being the more favoured son, J.M's mother took the blow especially hard and refused to come out of her room until David returned to her. During this time, J.M imagined a secret place where everything was wonderful and perfect. He had said that when David had died, he went to a place he called Neverland; an island later presented to the world in J.M's play, Peter Pan.

Barrie's marriage wasn't a successful one, and he and his wife divorced after he learnt of his wife's affair. However, even after all of this, he befriended a widow and her children, whom he based the characters of Peter Pan.

I wonder if J.M. Barrie ever realized how much he has impacted others through his spirited works and thoughtful deeds. If I could go back in time about one hundred years, I would make sure he knew how much he has inspired me and how I think his accomplishments brightened a dark time in London and spread a smile on many people's faces. I believe anyone who can give happiness to adults and children alike through their enlightening performances like J.M. Barrie deserves the place of "Hero," in my eyes.

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