Justin Bieber

by Kandra from Franklin

Justin playin the guitar
Justin playin the guitar

What Is A hero to you? A hero has many different definitions, but i give the word hero what i feel defines it perfectly. A Hero to me is someone who is a Courageous and confident person. Someone who is a great inspiration to all ages. Not just by talent and what they can do, but by their the faith to achieve something different in life. That's why my hero is Justin Drew Bieber.

Justin and Usher
Justin and Usher

Justin Bieber has many aspects of not only being a hero, but also being an inspiration. Justin was born on March 1, 1994; it seems very hard to believe that he is a 16 year old teenager making this big of an affect nationwide. i think most of his inspiring ways comes from his past. Justin doesn't come from much of anything, his parents were broke when they had him. Little did they know that their little boy would grow to be a teen pop sensation.

Although Beebs has hit the jackpot with his career he's still a kid. That's one reason i look at him as my hero. He does plenty of hard work with his music, but that doesn't change who he really is underneath all the fame. In my opinion heroes do not change whatsoever, no matter the circumstance they stay who they are. Growing up Beebs was not popular with many people, but that never kept him from giving up on his dream.

A hero Never gives up. This sentence goes perfectly with Justin Bieber, everything he's been through he still has not given up. Justin has now moved to Atlanta, Georgia, with his mother, with all the support from his family he still moves forward. Many of the journalists and editors has been known to say that "Justin is not talented. Pretty soon with his voice changing he'll just be a washed out teen idol." Many people would give up after hearing the true life of the media, but Beebs shakes it off and keeps making more and more music. He's an outstanding artist, person, child, etc. In my eyes he's my hero and that will never change, not because of his drop dead gorgeous looks; but because of his heart and inspirational drive.

Just like every other teenage girl, i would love to meet him one day, to go on that magical date; we'll see where life takes us! Before knowing what he looked like and only reading his intense life story i still would have loved him just for who he is. Beebs Is one of the most brave and wise people i know. One day hopefully i will be capable of doing everything he did. Personally, no matter what anyone thinks, that's all the aspects of a true HERO.

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