James Bond

by Alban from Lyon

My hero is a young attractive man. He is in his late thirties or perhaps in his early forties. He is young, strong and he is the stereotype of the distinguished English man and has got all these qualities since the ‘60s. He has a lot of success with the most beautiful women in the world and fascinates all his entourage. He is courageous and travels all over the world fighting against the terrorists. But the most fascinating thing is his job: he is a secret agent, the best one. His qualities are numerous but the most famous are his intelligence, his bravery and his humour. He achieves all things that he plans.

However he is not perfect... not perfect at all. In fact his faults are much more numerous than his qualities: he is arrogant, a show off, rash, careless, violent, daring, rude... Nevertheless I think a hero can't be perfect. A hero is someone who is a model, someone whom you would like to be, someone who influences your mind. He is an ideal that you want to reach. But he can't be perfect. First, he is also someone with whom you can identify, and you want to progress in order to reach his qualities. You can't identify with someone perfect and you can't admire someone whom you don't identify with even just a little. Secondly, I think it is really important to keep a critical point of view on my hero. My hero is not perfect and I want to have his qualities without his faults. It can be a way to progress too. Without a critical point of view your hero would become an idol and your admiration would become fanatic. That's why as far as I'm concerned I can't identify with a perfect man and I think a hero must have his faults too.

You must have guessed that my hero is James Bond, also known as Agent 007, the famous British agent. And you will say: ' But he doesn't exist!' Does it matter? A hero is an ideal, a dream. It doesn't matter that he doesn't really exist because his image and his impact are real. It isn't because a man doesn't exist in concrete terms that he can't influence the mind of many people.

I would like to conclude by saying that it is true that my hero is not real, and moreover he is not perfect, but he is my hero. Goals don't have to be real. You can just dream and take a little bit of the qualities of your hero and it is already a progress made by your hero.

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