John Bunyan

by Jordan from North Carolina

John Bunyan (Wikipedia)
John Bunyan (Wikipedia)

Born in Harrowden, England on November 28, 1628, John Bunyan is known as a famous writer and preacher. His most well-known work of all time is his book titled The Pilgrim’s Progress. This book portrays a dream about a man named Christian and his long journey, as explained by Bunyan, from Christian’s hometown, the “City of Destruction,” to the “Celestial City.” Depicting a pilgrim’s journey from this world of destruction to Heaven (the “Celestial City”), John Bunyan’s book reflects his theological perspectives. These perspectives, as mirrored in the character Christian, come alive for the encouragement and education of all believers. Bunyan’s own life included many hardships but he never lost hope. He found himself in jail several times throughout his life and eventually imprisoned for his preaching. It was during his imprisonment when Bunyan actually wrote The Pilgrim’s Progress and his faith and hope demonstrate the workings of grace upon another calloused heart.

In John Bunyan’s early life, his character bore fruit of a man living in the flesh. He “could out-swear any man alive” and considered himself to be “as holy as most men and holier than many.” “Jesus” was simply a word to swear with for young Bunyan. Even so, God seemed to have a purpose for his life. In the 1650’s, while in the army, he and a friend traded places of patrol in which his friend experienced what would have been Bunyan’s death. In time, he finally believed about Jesus but found his life more miserable than ever trying to correct his wrong habits. Then one day, as Bunyan traveled home from his tinkering job, he passed by two ladies talking about the love of Jesus. This led to the revelation that he could not earn his salvation, and came to believe in Jesus – afterward he ran home and rejoiced with his wife and later became a powerful preacher!

John Bunyan is a hero to me because of his trust in the Lord during the testing of his faith. Christian came close to death more than one time during his journey but he never gave up! He kept his eyes on the Lord and prayed constantly. Bunyan’s book shows all believers how everything in your life will not seem perfect but we must keep our faith and never lose hope. John Bunyan shows these characteristics in his own life. Though he suffered persecution for his preaching, he continued to share the Gospel and the love of God with everyone he knew. Even when he was imprisoned, he continued to trust in the Lord and wrote his encouraging book The Pilgrim’s Progress. Over 300 years later, it still ranks as one of the most popular books of all times. Looking at John Bunyan’s life and writings, he is a man who believed in the Lord with all his heart and remains heroic in my eyes.

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