Jackie Chan

by Dana from San Diego

"When he kick high, I kick low. When he not smiling, always smiling. He can one punch break the wall; after I break the wall, I hurt. I do funny face." (qtd. In Chan, Jackie). Jackie Chan is a hero who gives other happiness and a chance in life. Jackie Chan, born on April 7, 1954 in Hong Kong, took 12 months instead of 9 months to be born. His family didn't have money to pay the hospital bill and was forced to sell Jackie. Fortunately, Chan's friends pitched in and helped pay the bill. Jackie Chan encourages those who thought dreams are impossible to reach. He helped those in need, hardships and much more; he is Jackie Chan, the hero.

Jackie Chan was not born with the talent of acting or martial arts; he worked for those talents. Although it took years of sweat and pain, he never once gave up. Due to his parent's work, they moved to Australia when Chan was 7. They decided to have Chan stay in Hong Kong to learn martial arts, singing, dancing, and acting in China Drama Academy. He moved out of school at age 17 to look for jobs. For years Chan worked as a stunt man until he met Willie Chan, who later became Chan's manager. Willie Chan works in Hong Kong movie industry and saw Chan's stunts; he then became interested in Chan. Jackie Chan starred in "New Fist of Fury" and became famous. After working so hard on being famous he also made fundraisers for kids and in need of help. Jackie Chan even made scholarships because he knew how hard life is with no education.

In China, Jackie knows lots of kids who could not go to school because of financial issues so he made The Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation. This foundation supports active people and also offers scholarships (Chan Charity work, Jackie). Jackie Chan is willing to help others get education so they can lead a good life. Chan wants to give the kids education even though no one did it for him. Another example is the Dragon's Heart Foundation; this foundation supports kids in need. Jackie Chan is currently working on building schools for these kids (Chan Charity work, Jackie). He is determined to have every poor kid get education and that education is what determines the future. Chan is encouraging others to live a carefree life without so many hardships. Therefore, Jackie Chan is a hero to many, due to his multiple charities for kids and those in need of education.

Not only does Jackie Chan do charities for kids but also for medical needs. Seeing how Chan's family needed to borrow money from friends to pay off his hospital bills, he created Medical Donation in Hong Kong (Chan Charity work, Jackie). Chan is fundraising money for the things he lacks when he was a child. He does not want people to work as hard as he did. Another example is the Medical Funding in Mainland China, where he fundraise money for better hospitals and equipment (Chan Charity work, Jackie). This shows how Jackie Chan cares for his people and his country. Due to overpopulation, Chan knows that not all of China is rich and how they sometimes can't support themselves. Doing all these charities, Jackie Chan is changing lives every day. Jackie Chan is a hero because he is thoughtful and does everything in his power to provide a better life for others

Not only did Jackie Chan help others but he also overcomes his lifelong challenge; to be recognized as Jackie Chan not as Bruce Lee 2. For example, "Chan needs Hollywood for American market as much as Hollywood wants Chan's unique skills and talents to maximize its own profits" (Chan, Jackie). Jackie Chan has worked hard to have people knowledge him. He kept on trying and never gave up his dream. Chan kept a positive attitude and has determination. Another example, "Chan can now call himself a true Hollywood superstar in a way that Bruce Lee never could" (Chan, Jackie). Chan has reached his lifelong dream, to be recognized by his skills. He took one step at a time and had patience. Chan never gave in and that is why he can make anything possible. Jackie Chan is a hero because he overcame his challenge through determination and positive attitude.


Jackie Chan is a pure and kind hearted man. He created so many charities to help mankind; he encourages education and a right to dream big. He, himself, is living proof that hard work does pay off. Jackie Chan is a hero. He is a hero that saved many lives and provided hope to those that lost it. He is my hero.



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