Jon Couchenour

by Shane Reed

The Civil War begins! Corruption is everywhere, fortunately our 16th President, was not corrupt, and in fact it was vice versa, in his case. In all senses he set a grand example for the nation to except those who oppose you, a quality all should admire, and put into effect. This is crucially important, because it showed the entire nation that even though someone opposes you, if you can achieve something for God, the Nation, or the well being of humanity, through an enemy, do it, so showed as how Lincoln's whole cabinet hated him (Salmon P. Chase was one). Also President Lincoln never discouraged his children, often he played with them, a visitor once found Willie and Tad (and two of their friends) pinning the President of the United States to the floor. But our President didn't yell at them to get off, in fact Lincoln continued wrestling even though it was not considered good behavior for a President.

My Lincoln hero is Jon Couchenour, a Caucasian Male, 5'9 tall, born in a place close to Springfield, Beardstown. Mr. Couchenour often works with enemies to achieve the greater good, (as President Lincoln did, as mentioned above) as well as encouraging many people (considered social outcasts) even though doing so would be embarrassing for him. In fact I am considered by some to be a "nerd." However when I asked Mr. Couchenour if doing a play (the one at Pine Street School, the famous one, yeah that one) would be a good idea for a "nerd" he answered in front of many bullies, "You're not a nerd, so it must be an alright idea." I told him to pipe down so they would not hear us and insult BOTH of us. However he continued to be a good sport. Afterwards Mr. Couchenour worked with a bully, (who at one point gave Mr. Couchenour a black eye) to ensure that some of the children at Mel Trotter, (a homeless shelter) received clothes, food, and bedding. (The person there estimated that all the clothes and bedding, would keep them both happy and warm that cold Michigan winter,) furthermore President Lincoln realized the importance of reading to a child, so that one can learn. Mr. Couchenour spent three months working at Culver's Restaurant, to earn enough money to buy 32 schools in Kenya textbooks.

Being like Lincoln both ensures the world a better future, and you a better future, and if you work hard enough one can right the wrongs of the past, occasionally. President Lincoln did many good things. He set a role model for all, following it is a wise idea, because following shows others a role model to look up to, so they will try to act better, ensuring a chain reaction, eventually ensuring that nearly everybody in the world will follow that role model, which in turn improves the world's future. So if more people were like Mr. Couchenour the world would be a better place, nobody would be yelled at, only encouraged, nobody would go education-less, or that enemies are only opposition if you don't work with them, occasionally. So in conclusion, all should value books, the ability to work with enemies, and never to discourage unless thoroughly needed, and to not only value them, put them into effect. Then set a role model for others, so they can set a role model, which in turn improves the world, in a chain reaction, and better yet war can be avoided because enemies will work together, everyone will be educated, so the world will be rid of barbarians, and best of all people will oppose reacting negatively (discouraging) so those who need help, not opposition, will receive help, which all together will make the world a NEAR perfect place...

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